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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryConstruction and Engineering

MESELE ELECTRIC INSTALLATION PRIVATE ENTERPRISE privately owned electric firm with a reliable professional in their past careers and a bright prospect that matches its high aspiration.

The following volume is an attempt to profile that track record, the prospect and aspiration from its effective operating system springs.
This profile includes:
•    Mission statement and history of mesele electric installation pvt enterprise
•    Its legal status
•    Its organization structure and operation system
•    Its existing and experience

The inclusion of these elements in profile, will give the concerned reader an insight on the substance of mesele electric installation private enterprise.


Established as an electrical firm in 2013 using the name owner and manager as Mesele electric installation private enterprise with favorable prospects for a role of excellent in the newly booming construction industry.

Mission statement

We leaders and followers of this business entity as a team shall:
•    Ever survive as a business entity that is committed to the creation of excellent values that always strives to balance utility of customer, employees, manager and shareholders.
•    Create and sustain a combination of individual excellence (manifested in purposeful visionary and exemplary leadership of our management) and communal values (expressed as the creative, harmonious and motivated team spirit of our employees) that will ensure the vitality, strength and propagation of our business entity.
•    Uphold the maxim that (all things are changing and we are changing with them) since change is a universal and continuous phenomenon that positively affects our customers, employees, managers and shareholders. So as to always prepare and provide for change, however violent.


MESELES ELECTRIC INSTALLATION PRIVATE ENTERPRISE having professional through years of vast experience dealing with contact large electric work at city governmental of Addis Ababa saving house developing enterprise (2(2 B+G+ 13)) , kirkos sub city capacity building office, kaki tvet  collage and secondary network at ethio telecom (2 MSAG AT ALEMGENA AND FICHE (3100 CAPACITY)) and other and experience with managing electrical work ate YOTEK construction (AMBO UNIVERSITY WOLISON CAMPUS 4 dormitory, 2 class room and I administration)  

•    Office building complexes
•    Factories
•    Multipurpose building  

Description of Goods /services
   1. Electrical installation
   2. Power distribution
   3. Electrical maintenance
   4. Air conditioner
   5. Trenching work
   6. Secondary network installation
   7. Pole erection
   8. Fiber optic cable installation
   9. Electrical material supply
Supply goods/services
  * Kirkos sub-city capacity building office
  * Ethio telecom
  * Ethio telecom
  * Getachew atsbha building contractor
  * Habtamu international consultant architects and engineers plc


Exchange Rates

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AED 8.9278  8.7527 
CAD 24.6753  24.1915 
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