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Zion Interior Design PLC

Zion Interior Design PLC was established in 2009 E.C in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The firm began its operations in 2009 E.C as a provider of architectural consultancy services to render a valuable service in the construction industry of the country. With this objective, Zion Interior Design PLC has been participating in the design of different buildings that have various functions, especially involved in the finishing phase of construction. The firm has since widened its scope of services.

Zion Interior Design PLC is working in a specialization office of both interior design and finishing works. The office is equipped with computer-based equipment that facilitates design work and contract administration. Its professionals are from diverse disciplines like architecture, engineering, management, and other relevant supporting fields. Most of the professionals in the firm have a proven technical and intellectual capacity to perform various assignments for many clients.

Though the company is working in a competitive environment, it has been successful in winning projects by presenting impressive designs to potential clients.

Through strong effort and commitment, Zion Interior Design PLC is in the line of progress and has an expansion plan. Since establishment, we have designed and supervised the design and construction of many apartments, commercial facilities, office spaces, financial institutions, residential spaces, hotel projects, stage designs for events, and company brandings. Through it all, we have managed to get a good reputation from our clients for our best performance and client-oriented services.

Zion Interior Design PLC now provides total building solutions from Initial design to interior architecture, finishing works, and project management.

In general, Zion provides the following services:

  1. Architectural design services
  2. Planning and interior design
  3. Landscape design
  4. Finishing works
  5. Project management

We are committed to creating suitable, modern, and aesthetically pleasing spaces for our clients.


  • To engage in design works
  • To supervise the compliance of any construction works to their design
  • To render consultancy services in construction supervision and contract administrations
  • To provide specifications required for construction
  • To finish constructions based on clients' needs within deadline
  • To minimize construction wastes and promote affordable and available construction materials

Zion Interior Design staff are familiar with prevailing international standards and local regulatory codes. The multi-disciplinary academic background they have and the professional skills they acquired from experience have provided the company with an integrated and diversified resource, enabling it to adapt to clients' project requirements from the start, analyzing and developing solutions to those requirements efficiently.

The company policy for quality management is to provide services that continually meet the requirements of clients and facilitate the achievement of the firm’s mission.


Zion Interior Design PLC aims to become an innovative and leading interior design and finishing works firm in Ethiopia and beyond by satisfying its customers and extending its services to foreign markets.

We strive to always be capable of producing professional design, as well as render professional services that are up to the international level of quality without compromising time and cost. We strive to be a center of excellence in interior design, finishing works and supervision of interior works.


We aim to give worldwide competent professional service, strive to achieve and deliver the best service in terms of professional consultancy and customer handling. We work to increase the competency level of our firm in the world of interior design and finishing works with the passion and devotion of qualified professional staff members.


The services rendered are, but not limited to, those outlined below.

Pre-Design Stage Services

This stage is a point of project inception and formation. The services at this stage include:

  • Assist clients in the task of project identification and formulation
  • Assist clients in the preparation of the design program

Design Stage Services

The services rendered at this stage include:

  • Preparation of preliminary and final design in accordance with the project design program and site conditions, and in due consideration of the function of the building
  • Coordinate the works of other technical professionals and compile specifications, quantities, and contract document

Construction Stage Services

Following the bid award and signing of the contract document, our firm undertakes formal supervision works either on a periodic or permanent basis, whichever is the requirement of the project. The supervision work is essential to the completion of works in compliance with the given drawings and specifications.

Staffing Level

In addition to regular staff, the services of other experts can also be incorporated as required on a temporary basis to perform specialized duties.

Areas of Specialization

  • Architectural designs 
  • Site supervision
  • Interior design
  • Feasibility study 
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Tendering and evaluations
  • Landscaping

Design Methodology

The Design stages of the assignment will be handled in three stages. These are:

  1. Pre-design/Scheme
  2. Preliminary Design
  3. Final Design

1. Pre-Design/Scheme Stage

Before starting the design, the designer collects all basic information by visiting the site. The identity and character of the client will be greatly dealt with to materialize the cultural demand and reach a suitable architectural response.

The building program provided by the client will be properly studied and the consultant will present possible suggestions, if present.

2. Preliminary Design Stage

The scheme design, which is a single-lined, dimensioned and labeled floor plan, shows major sections and is envisaged with volumetric composition and discussion. This is prepared based on the collected data and data given by the client. After this proper drawing, well-furnished floor plans will be submitted for discussion to our engineering team.

As per the comment and suggestions given by the engineering team, the preliminary design will be prepared and checked by the members before it is sent to the client.

The preliminary design includes all the requirements set by the client. Floor plans, elevations and sections in appropriate scale showing building shape, dimensions and room sizes, openings, locations, size and access to buildings, room occupancy and furnishing and building materials for structure and architecture shall be presented.

It also includes a design report including a provisional cost estimate and electrical and sanitary draft drawings. A three-dimensional perspective rendering presentation of the major volumes will accompany the preliminary design. Model of the building can also be constructed with additional agreement as per the client’s further requirements

3. Final Design

The final design work will continue and serve as basis for construction. After the approval of the preliminary design by the client considering the necessary comments (If any) the final working drawing will be prepared in scale.

Based on the final architectural design and other engineering designs, structural, electrical, sanitary designs and all necessary construction detail drawings will be started. Using the detailed design and working drawings, specifications and bills of quantity will be prepared. Based on the unit rate for different items of works, the construction cost will be analyzed and worked out for the project.

All the design activities will be handled using high-tech computers equipped with the latest software.

Overall Experience

Zion has a large and diverse portfolio of projects that includes:

  • Design studies, building analysis, feasibility studies, planning reports
  • New construction
  • Commercial, residential, health care, recreational, financial, retail, shopping center, cultural, and educational facilities
  • Infrastructure and heavy industrial projects
  • Interior design for all these building types

Our Clients

Our client list is extensive and includes private corporations as well as public institutions at federal, regional, and municipal governments, and private individuals.

  • Awash Bank
  • Oromia International Bank
  • Addis Ababa Cinema Houses Administration Enterprise
  • UN-ECA - Economic Comission for Africa
  • Testima Trading
  • Edomias International PLC
  • Digital Time Trading PLC
  • NIB Insurance SC
  • Impress Trading PLC
  • Midea Brand Show Room
  • MACCFA Freight Logistics
  • Daldhis Trading
  • DKT Ethiopia

On the road from 22 Mazoriya to Bole, In front of Hollywood Hotel, Colonel Desta Eshete Building, 3rd Floor
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+251 911 84 39 28
+251 983 88 83 76