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JEMAL Bajaj, Motorcycles and Spares

JEMAL Bajaj, Motorcycles and Spares is one of the largest importers and distributors of tri-wheeler and motorcycles in Ethiopia. We import and distribute Bajaj re compact, the new Quadricycle Qute, the powerful Maxima, the new cargo three wheeler Maxima-C, the famous Boxer, the beautiful pulsar and the adorable Discover.

Our many years of work experience make us one of the largest competitors in the three wheelers (tri wheelers) and motorcycles market in Ethiopia.

We are one of the largest distributors of Bajaj Re Compact, The New quadricycle Qute, The Powerful Maxima, The New Cargo Three Wheeler Maxima-C, The Famous Boxer, The Beautiful Pulsar and The Adorable Discover.
We have three other branches in the country located at Bahir dar, Dangila and Merawi in addition to our branches in Addis Ababa.

We at JEMAL BAJAJ, We believe in excellence and delivering quality products to our customers.

We are proud to serve you at any time, Come and Contact us at any of the locations we have.

Explore Our Two Wheelers named Pulsar, Boxer and Discover,
which are used for transportation and connecting many livelihoods in the country.

Our Powerful RE Three Wheelers are widely distributed throughout Ethiopia.
Our Three Wheelers are used to connect among and within different cities of the country.

Introducing the new four-wheel quadricycle "QUTE".
Bajaj Qute is an inexpensive, four-passenger and rear-engined vehicle.

JEMAL Bajaj, Motorcycles and Spares
Location Icon Location: Kirkos Shop center C-007 & C-009 or Bethel around CBE Bethel Mariam Branch, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone Icon Phone: kirkos - +251 911 22 35 80 / +251 924 87 87 87 Bethel - +251 911 22 35 92 / +251 931 87 87 87
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