Tebe Right Engineering Aluminum Works

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LocationSaris Total, Dawi Building, 1st Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryWood & Wood Products
Tebe Right Engineering Aluminum Works

Tebe Right Engineering and Aluminum Works is engaed in aluminum work, woodwork, and metalwork in Ethiopia. The company is owned by a well-experienced professional, and it is established to take part in a wide spectrum of engineering activities, mainly in aluminum, wood, metal, and finishing works in Ethiopia. 


Our vision is to be a leading and highly progressive engineering and construction company in Ethiopia. We aim to provide outstanding solutions for a wide range of civil engineering, aluminum, and electro-mechanical construction works with a specialization in civil work by applying the most updated professional skills, high-quality, and time-efficient standard procedural practices.

Scope and Services

  • Construction, aluminum, metal, and woodworks for civil structure construction
  • Aluminum, metal, and wood civil structure construction for various purposes such as social services, the banking sector, and others
  • Diversified civil structure services including maintenance for hospitals and others
  • Construction of high-rise building aluminum wall cladding, window, door, and internal wall partitions
  • Construction of wooden counters, furniture, and others
  • Construction of metalworks for various purposes

The company owns a well organize and modern private-owned workshop in Addis Ababa resting on 310m2 around Crown Hotel, Kality.

Facility and Equipment

  • Full set of woodwork machine
  • Full set of aluminum machine cutting and ambling
  • Full set of workshop equipment and tools

Saris Total, Dawi Building, 1st Floor
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


+251 911 481118