Tebe Right Engineering Aluminum Works

Mobile +251 911 481118
LocationSaris Total, Dawi Building, 1st floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryWood & Wood Products
Tebe Right Engineering Aluminum Works

Tebe Right Engineering Aluminum Works engaed in Aluminum work, wood work and metal work in Ethiopia. The company is a very experienced employee owned company established to involve in great spectrum of engineering activities, mainly in aluminum wood metal and finishing works in Ethiopia. 


Our vision is to be a leading and most progressive engineering and construction company in the country to provide outstanding solution for a wide range of Civil, Aluminum and Electro mechanical construction works with specialization of civil work by applying the most updated professional skill and quality time efficient standard procedural practices.

Company scope of services

  • Construction Aluminum, metal and wood civil structure construction
  • Aluminum, metal and wood civil structure construction for different service such as social services, Bank sectors and others.
  • Diversified civil structures including maintenance, Hospitals and others
  • Construction of high rise building Aluminum wall cladding, window, window door and internal wall partitions.
  • Construction of wooden counter and furniture and others.
  • Construction of metal works to different purpose.

The company owned well organize & modernize private owned 310 m2 work shop around kality crown


  • Full wood work machine
  • Full set of Aluminum machine cutting and Ambling
  • Full set of work shop equipment & tools

Exchange Rates

USD 35.6248  34.9263 
EUR 39.9925  39.2083 
GBP 42.2175  41.3897 
CHF 35.9068  35.2027 
CAD 23.6332  23.1698 
AED 8.7765  8.6044