Safe Tracking & Electro Mechanical Services (SaTEMS PLC)

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Primary CategoryFleet management and vehicle tracking system
Safe Tracking & Electro Mechanical Services (SaTEMS PLC)

Safe Tracking & Electro Mechanical Services (SaTEMS PLC) is a company established in Ethiopia to engage in the installation, maintenance and management of Tracking Equipment & Electro Mechanical Equipment in General, Logistical Activities, Maintenance Management and SPEED LIMITER WITH GPS system. The company has an experience of more than 10 years on the fleet management specifically on tracking OBC management, road safety, drivers management, drivers & transporters training.  SaTEMS handles online tracking and fleet management using GPS, GIS and performs a day to day follow up of the fleet management using customized KPI s that makes us unique and particular is the fact that; not only we adapt the products of our partners to our environment, but we offer domain specific solutions to satisfy the specific needs of our clients.

Products and Services spectrum

SaTEMS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems let you track your vehicles real-time on the digital maps and obtain actual information regarding their existing locations, fuel levels, speeds, stopping locations and durations, out of route and idling status from your computer and /or your mobile device wherever and whenever you have the internet access.

You can also receive instant violation alarms regarding various previously set standards for speed, out of route and area and so on.

SaTEMS software allow you to have very detailed reports about daily usage of your vehicles as well as their case histories.

These detailed reports would provide you with better and more effective managing. In addition, with the huge power of real-time controlling, you will be saving time, manpower and various operation costs.

How the system works


Our Services

  • Asset & personal tracking systems
  • SPEED LIMITER with GPS systems
  • Fleet management systems
  • Eco Drive & Safe driving scoring systems
  • Private/ Business Trip logs
  • Emergency Dispatching systems
  • Cold Chain tracking system
  • Container tracking systems.
  • Construction Machinery monitoring systems
  • Taxi Dispatching System.
  • MOTOR cycles tracking .
  • Fuel Management systems
  • Maintenance management systems
  • Immobilizer (prevent vehicles theft systems )

Our products

Vehicle Tracker

Speed limiter devices


Web Based Software

After logging in with a password from web page, you can track all your vehicles on all computers with internet connection by means of the advanced Arvento software and maps on the web server
Tracking Software main page

  • A scene from a digital map
  • Route set up tool
  • Route History & Play back
  • Real Time Violation Alarms
  • General report main page
  • Detailed General Report (Can be exported on PDF & Excel Formats)
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Mobile application Software

Vehicles can be monitored in real time on the digital maps with Arvento’s mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with PDA, iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android based devices. Users can easily access reports, notifications and warning messages and monitor vehicles through the mobile applications.

Digital Maps

The Google Maps and other GIS will be provided as standard map with full computability to ESRI maps or any other GIS shape file format maps.


Advantages of the systems

  • Monitoring the vehicle’s location and address information instantly on digital maps
  • Monitoring the fuel level and the consumption of the truck’s fuel tank.
  • Monitoring the fuel level of the fuel trailer.
  • Tracking the vehicle on the map retrospectively, active animation and list reports in the excel format.
  • Instant tracking of the vehicle’s speed; the alarm function in violations of speed limits; ability to define separate speed limits for main roads, state roads, etc.
  • Tracking the total distance traveled by the car through GPS satellites
  • Monitoring the place and duration of stops made by the vehicle, the alarm function when defined durations are exceeded
  • Monitoring the places where the vehicle is in the idle position and the total duration of idle position, the alarm function when defined times are exceeded
  • The place and time, when the engine is firstly switched on in a day
  • The place and time, when the engine is lastly switched off in a day
  • Monitoring the daily working time
  • Definition of regions on the map and monitoring the time of vehicles’ entrance into and exit from these regions
  • Drawing a route on the map and alarm function, when the vehicle goes out of the route
  • Tracking sudden accelerations and decelerations
  • The alarm function in possible vehicle drifts and accidents
  • The alarm function, in case the vehicle is towed
  • The alarm function, when vehicles move outside defined hours
  • The memory with capacity of keeping 50.000 location and alarm information to be used when there is a lack of GPRS communication
  • Monitoring the vehicles in the form of a list, independently from the map
  • Feature of adding building and region on the map
  • Customizing special logos for firms on the program
  • Opening multiple vehicle tracking window and monitoring the selected vehicle or groups on separate windows
  • Identifying unlimited number of groups and sub-groups and tracking vehicles in accordance with these groups
  • Identifying in separate colors and groups, vehicles which have stopped, are in motion, towed and in idle mode, commit a violation and from which information couldn’t be received on the map
  • Use of programs in 5 different authorization levels
  • Identifying vehicles on the map through realistic symbols
  • Tracking vehicles in accordance with the plate, driver’s name, team number and device number
  • Measuring the air distance or route on the map
  • Vehicle maintenance and service software
  • The driver of each vehicle and the duration of driving can be monitored using Driver Identification Unit with LCD Screen.
  • Temperature levels and temperature variations of vehicles can be monitored,
  • Vehicles in emergency situations can send a warning message and alert,
  • When the vehicle’s door is opened or closed, instant information can be received,
  • Various remote interventions can be made to vehicles,
  • Driver information of each vehicle can be monitored,
  • Two-way communication, written and verbal, can be performed.
  • Monitoring the temperature on-line and alarm function, when defined values decrease or increase (Temperature Sensor)
  • Listening to the interior side the car remotely (Vehicle Listening Kit)
  • Making voice conversation with the vehicle via GSM (Voice Conversation Kit)
  • Performing written messaging with the vehicle (LCD Messaging Unit)
  • The navigation system within the vehicle (LCD Navigation)
  • Stopping the vehicle remotely or blocking a stopped vehicle (Vehicle Blockage)
  • In emergency situations, a driver’s ability to send an alarm of Emergency Situation through a button or pedal (Emergency Button / Pedal)
  • Sending a warning message from the vehicle for request of technical assistance (Technical Assistance Button)
  • Monitoring drivers of each vehicles and the duration of drive (Driver Identification Unit)
  • A special card unit for drivers, showing the firm’s logo and a passport-size photo (Driver Identification Card)
  • Receiving on-line information from the vehicle’s computer system. (engine cycle, oil level, etc.) (Can bus integration)
  • Monitoring the distance traveled by the vehicle using the km indicator
  • Monitoring the vehicle’s speed by using the km indicator
  • The alarm function, when the vehicle’s fuel lid is opened (Fuel Tank Lid Sensor)
  • Sending the accident information automatically, in case of a crash (Crash Sensor)
  • Warning the driver through a buzzer, when the vehicle exceeds the defined speed limit (Buzzer)

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