Sons Industry PLC

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LocationFrom Filwuha to Niged Matemia, Getas Building and Kality at back of Kafdem cinema, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryLab & Quality Control Equipment/Supplies
Sons Industry PLC

Sons Industry PLC is a distributor, exporter, importer, manufacturer and trader of laboratory supplies in Ethiopian and also involved in the manufacturing of purified water and paints.

Global Paints

Our eyes see over ten million colors. Color hue, intensity and luminosity. It makes a statement and demonstrates confidence and capability.

Since its establishment in 2017 Global Paints has developed a wide range of products in Ethiopia.

It has been producing architectural paints industrial paints, protective coating, wood coating’s and other paint and paint products. In Just a few years after inception Global become the major play in the paint industry (market).

Global continues to grow and our products have tremendous support and demand from a broad customer base.Customers loyalty and confidence in our products are the core foundations of our success.Our products are designed and developed through focused research and development processes. Global products have been distributed via a highly organized network of dealers and distribution centers throughout the country. As the major supplier of paint products to Ethiopian’s industrial users and end- users, we are aware of our responsibility. we have to contribute to the sustainable development of our nationwhile maintaining our commitment to safe guard the environment. Global has been participating earnestly in the nation building endeavors with our innovative products and services. We aim to gain customerdelight and to grow further in to the regional market.

Our products

  • Emulsion paint
  • Synthetic paint
  • Quartz paint
  • Epoxy floor coating
  • Pu 2K for metal finishing
  • Pu 2K sanding sealer
  • Mica paint
  • Antirust Red oxide
  • Industrial primer
  • Alkyd and poly varnish.
  • Wood Glue

Best water 

Best water provides naturally purified packed water for your drinking purposes. From the highland of sebetaDima, Its composition is favorable for all types of Age found in different society, we have different products like 2 liter pack, 1 liter pack, 600 ml, 300ml to meet your requirements. We deliver our product to different distributors, whole sales, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals etc…

Best purified water began its business operation as a food & beverage industry providing company in January 2019.

Son’s industries is focusing exclusively in high quality and cost-effective manufacturing systems, we are advancing on a tremendous pace and with involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve the reputation of a quality, high standard & reliable solution & service provider company in the ICT industry.

Our Viision

Our Vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services at an affordable cost. Our forward vision is to strive to become an entity in manufacturing of bottled water, capable of demanding unconditional response from the customers. We also believe that for our scope of improvisation – sky is the limit and we are always ready to take our achievements to the next level. We are growing and would always like to remain on the growing streak.


Our keys for development

  • Desire for excellence
  • Trust and confidence build – up
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork

We believe in

  • Motivation
  • Collective responsibility and leadership
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Adding values to our client needs

Best waterAddress

Corporate office

Around Flilwuha area

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Telephone: +251111557485/552747/566353

Factory Address

Special Oromia zone


Harojila, Fulasoo

Mobile: +251901444455,0908787878

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