Tsion Industrial Engineering and Metal Works Enterprise

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Sub City Yeka
LocationMegenagna, Marathon Building, 3rd Floor, Room 306, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryManufacturing Machineries
Tsion Industrial Engineering and Metal Works Enterprise

Tsion Industrial Engineering and Metal Works Enterprise is a company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that produces home appliances, construction materials, metal works, and machinery by adopting and transferring new technologies. The enterprise has been awarded for its accomplishment by the government, and now runs with a capital of six million birr.

The enterprise was established in 2007 by Ato Yohannes Girma with 5,000ETB capital, with the support of the government's small and micro enterprises support program. When it started, the main businesses of the enterprise were metal doors and windows, “injera” baking stoves and fences with four workers and a small workshop resting on 240m2. Via serious devotion and need analysis, it has greatly improved its products and increased its capital. It has now reached a medium enterprise level. Most importantly, the enterprise has a patent right from the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office in 2009 in locally made onion milling and juice maker.


  • To see imported industrial and mechanical machinery, home appliances, metal works, building materials, and agro machinery are being substituted through technology transfer, and available at a fair and reasonable price in the market


  • Quality and durable "Made in Ethiopia" industrial and mechanical products
  • To compete in the Ethiopian and East African market by producing durable and high-quality industrial and building materials, food processing machinery, prefabricated building materials, home appliance, agro-machinery, and metal works through technology transfer and new technology adoption


  • Support Ethiopian transformation in engineering and technology
  • Adopting new technology and involve in technology transfer by producing mechanical and building materials and machinery, and locally by adopting imported machinery
  • Supplying durable appliances and machinery, as well as creating new products and making them easily accessible and affordable in Ethiopia and the Horn in general
  • Contribute to Ethiopia's transformation by transforming traditional home appliances and building materials using machinery and technology


  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Technology Adoption
  • Target Technology Transfer
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Fairness


1. Home Appliances/ Food Processors

  • Onion milling machine
  • Juice processor
  • Bread and “injera” processor
  • Dough mixer
  • Fruits and vegetables grinder

2. Agro Machinery

  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee roaster (electrical and gas)


3. Building Materials

  • Metalworks
  • Prefabricated house

4. Building and Industrial Machineries

  • Bricks molding and producing machine
  • Crane and others
  • Marble grinder and cutter

5. Metalworks

  • Fences
  • Church fence, cross, and other appliances
  • Artistic doors and windows


  • Restaurants, Universities, Coffee Exporters
  • Government Universities Cafeterias: Bread and injera processors, onion grinders, dough mixer
  • Restaurants and Hotels: Bread and injera processors, onion grinders
  • Real Estates and Government Housing Agencies: Metalworks, metal windows and doors, stairs, prefabricated house
  • Construction Companies
  • Churches: Church appliances
  • Coffee Exporters: Coffee roaster and grinder
  • Individuals


Our enterprise has been graduated from small and micro-business level to the level of developing medium level enterprise with its current capital of six million birr, and patent right of onion grinder as a pioneer in technology transfer.

Our onion milling machine and dough mixer are among our main products, with a capacity of producing 2,184 of onion milling machines and 52 dough mixers per year.

Tsion Industrial Engineering and Metal Works Enterprise

Head Office

Contact : Ato Nafekot Girma
Mobile + 251 -911-689-847
Office +251 -116-631-973
E-mail tsionindustry@gmail.com
P.O. Box 111/1035 A.A.

Yeka Sub City, Megenagna, Maraton Building, 3rd Floor , Room 306
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Contact : Ato Yohannes Girma
Mobile + 251 -911-618-217
Office +251 -118-612-587 

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