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Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC

Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC is a professional tangible asset valuation and liquidation firm delivering solutions for plants, machinery, specialist property, and infrastructure asset valuation throughout Ethiopia. Our office is located on Ydhar Trading Building, 3rd floor, #303.

  • Qualification and Experience - Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC is professionally qualified in valuation, coupled with practical industry and asset valuation experience required to deliver accurate and accountable valuation advice.
  • Service - Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC is committed to understanding your business, assets, and the valuation requirements to ensure you receive the valuation solution you require.
  • Confidence - The foundation of our business success is client confidence – confidence that Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC will deliver independent, accurate and accountable valuation advice tailored to clients' requirements.

Our broad capabilities and significant experience make us the ideal valuation partner and ensure for our clients receive independent, accurate, and accountable valuation advice.


At Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC, we pride ourselves on the credentials, qualifications, and above all, experience of our people.

To ensure we deliver the right valuation advice and leverage our skill and experience base, our senior valuers are directly involved in all aspects of your project, including the definition of scope and approach, on-site inspections, all the way to research, data analysis, and reporting.

This assurance, supported by our service delivery model, distinguishes Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC and provides you with complete confidence in the project outcome.

Having professional accreditations and memberships, as well as being known for their strong work ethic and professionalism, our senior staff remain active in national and international professional bodies including the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEVA) as Certified Practicing Valuers (CPVs).

Asset Class Expertise

Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC has the resources to assign an asset-class expert to your project, without the need to delegate key project tasks to less experienced staff. This gives our clients the confidence that their project will receive the attention, experience, and judgment required to deliver an independent, accurate, and accountable valuation.

Our comprehensive asset valuation services cover the key asset classes of plants and machinery, specialist properties, and infrastructure. Our experience covers many types of tangible assets encountered within these broad classes as well as varied purposes of valuation, ensuring that the unique requirements of your valuation projects are understood and appreciated.

Asset Valuation Experience

The foundation of our service quality is experience. Our experience equips us with the knowledge and judgement necessary to understanding and adapting to the project process, considering the many and often complex factors at play in the valuation of your assets.

Our senior staff that will plan and manage your project each have more than 15 years of specialist experience in asset valuation, ensuring their ability to effectively manage and deliver on your requirements.

Our services are delivered by senior staff that possess comprehensive skills and experience to match your specific valuation requirements. When working with Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC, you will receive honest and detailed answers.


  • Insurance
  • Replacement
  • Reinstatement
  • Indemnity value
  • Loss assessment

Financial Reporting

  • Fair value for Ethiopia and the international market
  • International financial reporting standards (IFRS)
  • Impairment value
  • Investment property


  • Fixed or non-fixed assets
  • Valuation for compensation


  • Stamp duty
  • Rating and taxing
  • Tax consolidation
  • Market value assessment

Market Value

  • Valuation for loan collateral
  • Valuation for mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuation for sales and purchase
  • Valuation for strategic business needs
  • Valuation for taking up new business partners
  • Market value
  • Market rental value


At Ydhar Asset Valuation PLC, you can be confident that senior staff manage every stage of your project and that you will be kept informed through regular project updates.

Our services delivery model is outlined below and represents the key steps we take in every project we conduct.

  • Client Consultation: Initial consultation discussion is held to ensure we have a detailed understanding of the client's valuation objectives.
  • Project Design: An appropriate and efficient valuation rationale and process are prepared, with benefits and implications discussed with the client.
  • On-site Assignment: The defined project process is implemented, requiring detailed on-site assignment, quantification and data collection.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Senior and support staff conduct data research and analysis. Once complete, senior staff prepare the valuation report and any supporting documentation.
  • Delivery of Findings: Substantiated and accountable findings are delivered in a detailed and clear valuation report to the client.
  • Monitoring and Review: Many projects require proactive post-project follow-up with clients and the provision of ongoing revaluation advice.



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On the road from Ayer Tena to Alem Bank, Ydhar Trading Building, 3rd Floor, #303, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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