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Business Type Private
LocationDebrezeyit Rd, between Saris and Kality Roundabout, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryWeighing/Scales

FAFFA Food SC is a factory in Ethiopia that produces various products such as Baby foods, Breakfast cereals, Snack foods, Fortified foods and Powder Milk. We have a plan to produce Hayat Milk Powder, Bread improver and Yeast, both of which are produced under license from Lessafre Group.  We also provide services such as weigh bridge service, physical and chemical lab testing, roasting and milling service.

FAFFA Food Sh.Co is a pioneer of food processing industry in Ethiopia.It was established in 1962 as an Ethio-Swedish joint venture with the objective of reducing the risk of malnutrition among children in Ethiopia by producing low-cost and high protein weaning food.


   1. Baby FoodsFaffa 2

    • Faffa
    • Cerifam
    • Famix

   2. Breakfast Cereals

    • Cornflakes

   3. Snack Foods

    • Ball Snack
    • Fish Snack

      Faffa 5

    • Flip Snack

   4. Fortified Foods

    • Dube Duket


    • Favena Oat
    • Barley Mix

   5. Powder MilkFaffa 7

    • Edget Can
    • Edget Sata

Faffa Coming Soon Products:

   1.Powder Milk

    • Hayat Milk powder

   2. Bread Improver 

    • under license from Lessafre Group

    3. Yeast

    • under license from Lessafre Group


  1. The prompt and convenient weighbridge service of capacity 80 metric tons at a very suitable site of the compound
  2. Physical and chemical laboratory testing service
  3. Roasting and milling service

Faffa 4

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