Tilla Water Proofing and Construction Chemicals

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Tilla Water Proofing and Construction Chemicals

Tilla Water Proofing and Construction Chemicals is an Ethiopian private company which has a professional diversified dynamic team with highly trained and experienced engineers in providing design, supply, installation, maintenance and after-sales services in all areas related to waterproofing and gradient paint works. The company was established by visionary young entrepreneurs. During the past 8 years, TILLA has been effective in executing its short and long term business plans. The firm has started to make a new and in some aspects a pioneer choice to its clients. The firm has served in various projects and has gained the trust of many private business enterprises, government bodies, non-government organizations.

The company believes that when we treat customers with respect and provide in their needs they will come back continuously and this will then help us to grow long term relationships with them. Adding creativity. invention and innovation. Will also give us that competitive edge over our competitors.
We integrate honesty. integrity and business ethics into all aspects of their business functioning. At TILLA we see our employees as a key asset to our business. not only to create wealth for the business. but also for the employees

Our Mission

  • To be the leading service provider in the field of waterproofing. granite paint and epoxy flooring ..
  • To create a strong domestic economy by introducing the modern trading cultures and practices to Ethiopian businesses using our professional and out box thinking.
  • To achieve fair and quality oriented services for customer satisfaction in providing integrated state-of-art innovative service .

Our Vision

  • To expand TILLA as world class contractor on waterproofing. Granite paint and epoxy flooring works by integrating eco-friendly solution.
  • To expand further into all of Ethiopia and beyond: and make Ethiopia a self-reliant country by creating a well-organized chain of service supply and demand.
  • By adopting state-of-the-art practice and commitment to quality through skilled human resources and become a leader contractor in the field.
  • Over all our vision is to become continental front liners in providing Supreme and refined services in our respective business engagements and enthrone with our partners with glory.

Water Proof

We offer cost-efficient and reliable solutions for effective structural waterproofing; treatment from foundation up to roof.

Granite Paint

Properly following the 9 step of high quality Chinese granite paint we make your building attractive and beautiful.

Epoxy Floor

The Epoxy floor we provide is completely customizable with a full range of color options as well as pattern and border choices.

Our Features


  • Professional Experts
  • 8+ Years Experience
  • 2 - 8 years Guarantee
  • We Deliver quality
  • Always On time

Our Achievements

  • 250 + Completed Projects
  • 100 % Satisfied Costumers
  • 8 + Year Of Experiance
  • 40 + Workers Employed

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