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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectric & Electro Mechanical Installation
Design Rigon

Design Rigon is a company from Italy supplying Industrial Plants and Engineering Solutions such as food plants, paper plants, steel industry plants, industrial ovens, medical equipments and recycling factory plants and so on. We are currently supplying these industrial and engineering solutions in Ethiopia.

It all started in the year 2004, after 15 years employed in different mechanic factories I decide it was the right time to move further and start my own engineering business.

At the begin I did find many expertise competitors but I did not give up and invested my financial resources to improve My skills and buy the last professional workstations, even thought the big 2009 World financial crisis was commenced.

The second step was straight forward due to all my tech past knowledge and education, my first clients projects was all Successfully complaint in a time effective manner.

At that period of time I was involved both with little and medium companies, direct to reverse engeneering, typical and a-tipical projects, my professional growth was huge and unique and clients were delight to see their products sold in many different countries around the world.

If you Thinking about that now, it looks so crazy, but it was the result of many differents client brands problems solutions I was able to achive regardless the many different working ways and thoughts.

Nowaday when a client engage Studio Rigon he gain many different engeneering services, direct or reverse, materials to processes selection for product-facilities improvment, tech drawings.

And I always work close to the client’s tech department persons and statements.

We enable worldwide clients to develop their ideas and objectives with our tech knowldge and creative capacities.
The portfolio is a pick list, a multi faceted experience of technology which will allow us to engage at the sweet spot where we can be most effective to help OEM (Original Equipment Manufacurer ), to solve problems, maximize production capabilities, increase quality, reduce costs.
The result of these objectives creates opportunities to Build Brands, Expand Markets and Grow Revenues.

  • Metal sheet manufactoring.
  • Home and industry fornitures.
  • Manufactoring facilities lay out plan design and tech, logistic relocation.
  • Step by step Food, packaging process machinery design.
  • Industrial design, project and process industrialization.
  • General mechanical, electronic industry automation consultancy; house automation, security access controll, control view systems, electronic remote control.
  • High-level outdoor forniture design for civil and residential houses.
  • Pro Solidworks training on site or remote service for industry, gov organizations, job agencies ( ATHENA, ENACLAB )


Food trasformation plant presented at Addis International Expo in 2015. We design all, from building to machinery inside; considering logistic, store magazine, control area, row material reception and storage and conservatio


Paper plant in Messico (Monterrey) for recycled paper, and preparation of paper pulp. 40/50 ton per hour. This plant is design to recycle paper and separate plastic from paper first; second step there is the deinking process to obtain paper fiber without ink..Work started at the end of october 2014, start-up of the plant is done in august 2016.


Steell industry in Vicenza. Specialized in pipe and bars machining machines. Complex machines and handling project. We develop only a part of all the plant.
Generally we design load platforms, stairs to machine access, roller conveyors, pneumatic devices, coveyoyrs and chamfering machines.


Industrial oven for general baking process of sheetmetal parts. Ten metres lenght and 250°C for continous cycle able to produce at least 10 ton/hour.


Some kitchen designed and produced for a client; his production is focused also on industrial kitchen for houses, restaurants, hotels, resorts and private villas. There are also economic line for house kitchen.
The possibility is to produce kitchen that works with wood or gas; with electronic control or manual control.

VARIOUS (toy-park and vertical simple storage system)

  • Wood external toys for parks, gardens and schools.
  • Other produts are designed for funny time for children.
  • Mix of wood and recycled plastic polimers.
  • Vertical and modular store with rotating boxes.
  • Realized for hardware stores or general store markets to reduce space and to automate the storage process.

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