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Primary CategoryVehicle Maintenance
Abay Technical and Trading S.C

Abay Technical and Trading S.C is the largest Automotive Company in Ethiopia. In 2009 it has been privatized from the privatization and Public Enterprise. Abay Technical and Trading Share Company was a government owned company established in 1994 G.C /1986EC/ to give support technical support on vehicle maintenance, spare parts supply for different governmental organizations and public Transport sectors. The company was structured with both core and supportive departments and management systems to be lead by board of directors owned by the Ethiopian privatization Agency before it was acquired by the new owners.

The company has specialized in General automotive maintenance work, Bus body building and repairing, assembly and sales of vehicles, import and sales of heavy duty trucks & machineries The new owners of Abay Technical and Trading S.C. were converted some of acquired facilities in to more productive assets. Among the fixed assets acquired is a large warehouse, which was converted in to a car’s assembly plant. The plant has occupied with modern equipment and machineries required for the assembly work. The local assembly of different types of cars helps save costs and foreign currency, and creates jobs to additional workers. It is also a means of technology transfer that will benefit the country.

The Company’s core business is based on import and distribute Foton different model light vehicles, Construction Machinery, Trucks , spare parts, Assembling of different types of small vehicles (single and double pickup, minibus and station wagons) , providing Vehicle Maintenance Service from light to heavy vehicles for all models and year of production. Therefore the type of Maintenance Service is given for Customers listed below.

  1.  General mechanical maintenance service
  2.  General electrical maintenance services
  3.  Major- and Unit component overhauling
  4.  Diesel fuel system maintenance and testing
  5.  Reconditioning and manufacturing work
  6.  Body repairing and bus body building
  7.  Vehicle body painting and finishing
  8.  Vehicles upholstery tapestry work
  9.  Sheet metal shaping and cutting
  10.  Vehicle wheel alignment testing and maintenance
  11.  Vehicle head light testing
  12.  Vehicle Annual technical inspection
  13.  AC gas refilling and evacuating
  14.  Vehicle or machineries loading and unloading
  15.  Washing and greasing

Assembling Capacity, Products and Services

Currently in the compound of Abay Technical and Trading S.C, was established state of the art SKD-2 assembling facility for pickups and Minibus which are the technology of Foton from China. The company has the capacity to produce 5 units of vehicles per one shift. 

List of models assembled in the company 


  • Model- ISF2.8
  • Engine type- Cummins ISF2.8 gasoline engine


  • Model-VIEW C2
  • Engine type –FOTON 486 VVT1Petrol


  • Model- VIEW CS2
  • Engine type- 4G69 gasoline

After sales services, supply of spare parts and maintenance services are made available to the satisfaction of the customers.

Construction machinery and Services

Abay Technical and Trading S.C. has been a dealer of LONKING Machinery and China Sino Heavy Duty Truck Group Co. Construction Machineries including Loaders, Graders, Excavators, Rollers and Dumpers etc.
Heavy duty Trucks include Prime movers, Cargo Trucks, water and fuel trucks etc.
The construction industry is one of the sectors of the Ethiopian Economy, which is developing fast. The Ethiopian government has allocated a large sum for road, building, dam and other construction works.
In the Ethiopian five years growth and transformation plan the government has planned to construct about 2000km rail networks, more than 73000km secondary roads which can connect the small towns with villages, different capacities of Dams, irrigations and other activities which require a large number of construction machineries. The demand for the types of machinery, which our company is importing to the country, is quite high.

There are two sources of revenue:

  •  Sales of the equipment
  •  Maintenance of the equipment

Sales of spare parts

One of the major activities of the company is sales of spare parts. The Spare parts will imported from principal supplier as stated above Greatwall Motors. The company give’s importance for adequate stock of spare parts to satisfy customer demands. Abay Technical and Trading S.C. will be mainly involved in the whole sale of the spare parts. However, spare parts will be available to individual customers who will be using its maintenance services.
Spare parts will also be available for other vehicles which are imported by Abay Technical and Trading S.C. for our customers.

Vehicles Services

Vehicle maintenance services will be available to the customers of our company which have entered a contract and to the owners of the assembled cars. In addition to the maintenance, there are preventive maintenance activities that will be provided on schedules.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicles maintenance is a major activity of the company. This includes body, engines overhaul, and other maintenance works. Maintenance of vehicles will include previous customers of Abay Technical and Trading S.C. (Government organizations, City Administrations, Private Companies etc) and to owners of cars assembled by our company. However, the company always participates in maintenance tenders to attract more customers to increase maintenance revenue.


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