Tilahun Chala Import and Export

Phone +251 11 8959732
Fax +251 11 2134625
Mobile +251 930 01 34 58
Mobile 2 +251 930 54 05 32
LocationBole, Dembel City Center, 12th Floor, Office #1228, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryOil seeds (sesame, etc)
Tilahun Chala Import and Export

Tilahun Chala Import and Export is a company registered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as per the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regulations, and named after the founder and General Manager, Mr. Tilahun Chala. It was established in 2010. 


To provide standard quality and customer choice products in all our export and import goods for a fair and reasonable price, along with an outstanding service that is above and beyond customers’ expectations.


Becoming customers’ company of choice.


  • To meet and satisfy the demand of both domestic and international markets.
  • To keep focused on offering standard quality products, efficient and reliable services, at a competitive price.
  • To create a superior level of integrity in interactions with business partners and associates.
  • To create job opportunities for local skills and give women equal opportunity, if not higher, to join our company.
  • To provide a pleasant and nurturing surrounding that encourages employees to be productive, and create a conducive and growth-oriented environment for them to prosper.

Keys to Success

  • Establishing and maintaining work relationships and contractual agreements with our international and local customers and provide reliable service to them.
  • Increased productivity obtained through our dedicated, diligent, committed, skilled, and professional team comprised of experts who go beyond their comfort zones to make a good first impression and leave a lasting one. The company employs a diverse workforce comprised mostly of women.
  • Loyal customers.

Why Choose Us?

  • We import stationeries that are at ease to handle for our end customers.
  • We care about the safety of the public, which is why we choose the best quality tire directly from reputable tire manufacturing companies to avoid accidents caused by low-quality tires.
  • We import well-packed industrial and agricultural chemicals and store them in a separate warehouse far away from where people can be harmed from their effects.
  • We are ready to deliver your orders in a short period.
  • We are trustworthy and reliable in our work and can be held accountable to any problem encountered by our customers.
  • We are consistent and efficient in our work throughout our years in business.