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Merry Chemicals

Merry Sanitation Chemicals Manufacturer (MSCM) was founded in 2013 in Ethiopia and is involved in the manufacturing and chemical supply sector. Wastewater treatment chemicals, drilling foam, detergents, degreaser, etc are our areas of specialization areas in the manufacturing part.

We cover various sectors in our chemical supply market. Mining Companies, Food Processing Complexes, Cosmetics and Detergent Manufacturers, Tannery Industries, Breweries, Soft Drink Factories, etc are some of the industries that we are currently working with. 

MSCM provides an extensive range of innovative products and services for Professional, Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic cleaning. We have successfully established strong service reputation to accommodate small to complex sized companies both on raw material and cleaning chemical supply.

Our success is primarily based on our struggle to satisfy our customers and the availability of diversified stock.

We always work on:

  • Reducing Client Procurement Costs
  • Reducing Client Transaction Costs
  • Improving Client Labor Productivity
  • Improving Client/End User Relationships

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a huge world of chemicals where customers never doubt product availability. We work on the perfection of our customer handling. Our customers are our priority; we care for their maximum comfort.

Our goal is to simplify the business of our customers. It is also our goal to create a clean and fresh environment for you, the customer, with excellent products at great prices to help you keep growing. We strive to open new distribution points around Ethiopia and become the largest independent cleaning chemical supplier in the country, as well as provide all the necessary raw materials for our customers at their doorsteps whenever needed.

Product Range

We hold stock of many items across plenty of distinct product groups mainly industrial chemicals and cleaning chemicals. We have supplied our industrial chemicals for many large manufacturing firms like Mining Companies, Food Processing Complexes, Cosmetics and Detergent Manufacturers, Tannery Industries, Breweries, Soft Drink Factories, etc.

Our cleaning chemicals are used by over a hundred star-rated hotels, in addition to giving cleaning solutions for all.

Support & Services 

MSCM boasts of the ability to deliver the full set of pre and post-sales support services required to make a true difference to your business and service delivery needs. We don’t just sell products, we support every sale with realistic advice and information aimed at improving labor productivity and reducing your overall cost base. Our staff will assist your staff in new innovations being released onto the market and provide information regarding these products.

Environmental Responsibility

It is our goal to provide services that are safe and environmentally sound, conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, and create health and safety practices and work environments that enable our employees and customers to work injury-free.

Our company works with employees, suppliers, and customers to protect and enhance the environment. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly with a variety of products that are biodegradable and carbon neutral. Moreover, we constantly strive to research and produce sweet-smelling and environmentally friendly products that bring no harm to the person that gets in contact with the cleaning chemicals.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our distribution network is extensive and covers all areas of Ethiopia. Distribution is facilitated through multiple warehousing and retail outlets. All products and chemicals can be arranged for delivery, if requested, and are guaranteed to arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Our entire firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of service that you, the customer, consider most appropriate for your needs. Please feel free to contact us and we would be only too pleased to arrange a site visit from one of our dedicated sales staff.

We look forward to the opportunity of working together and should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

List of Products 

  • Acetic Acid 99.7% Glacial
  • Air Freshener
  • Aluminum Sulphate
  • Ammonium Bicarbonate 99%
  • Ammonium Bicarbonate 99% Food Grade
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Anti-bacteria (raw vegetable and fruit cleaner)
  • Anti-foam
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Barium Sulphate
  • Basic Chrome sulphate
  • Bentonite (Sodium )
  • Boric Acid
  • Branded Bar Soap
  • Branded Shampoo
  • Calcium Carbonate (Treated)
  • Calcium Chloride 77% Food Grade
  • Calcium Hypochlorite 70%
  • Car Shampoo
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Caustic soda Flakes
  • Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearl/Solid 99%
  • Chlorinated PE WAX
  • Chrome Nickel
  • Chrome oxides
  • Chromic Acid
  • Citric Acid 99% Monohydrate/Anhydrous
  • CMC Food Grade
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Corn Starch
  • Deodorizer
  • De-scaler
  • Detergent/Wetting agent
  • Dispersing agent
  • Drain Opener
  • Drilling Foam
  • Dyestuffs (Direct, Reactive, VAT, Basic, Acid)
  • EDTA/Sequestrating Agent
  • Ethyl/Butyl/Propyl Glycol
  • Fabric Softener
  • Ferric Chloride
  • Flavor
  • Food color
  • Formic Acid 85%
  • Furniture Polish
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Hydrochloric acid 35%
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 50%
  • Iron Oxides
  • Laundry Gel
  • Lime (Quick/Hydrated)
  • Lubrexcel 500
  • Masterbatch
  • Metal cleaning powder
  • Mop and Towel Cleaner
  • NC thinner/Hexane/Methanol/Acetone
  • Nitric Acid 68%
  • Oxalic Acid 99%
  • Oxygen Bleach (Bleach which doesn’t affect fiber colors)
  • Paint Dries
  • Pectin
  • Phosphoric Acid 85%
  • Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade
  • Pigment Binder
  • Pigment Thickener
  • Pigments
  • Premium Powder
  • Preservative (Permatol A26N)
  • Printing Pigments
  • PVC Resin
  • PVC Stabilizer
  • Quebracho/Mimosa/Tara
  • Shampoo
  • Shower Gel
  • Skimmed/Whey Milk powder
  • Soda Ash 99.2% Light/Dense
  • Soda Ash Light
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate 99%
  • Sodium Bicarbonate 99% Food Grade
  • Sodium Chlorate
  • Sodium Formate 97%
  • Sodium Hydrosulphite 85%
  • Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)
  • Sodium Hypochlorite 10%
  • Sodium Metabisulphite 99%
  • Sodium metabisulphite 97% Food Grade
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Sodium Sulfohydrate 70%
  • Sodium Sulphide 60%
  • Sodium Tripoly Phosphate 94%
  • Softener/Stiffener
  • Soya Lecithin
  • Stain remover
  • Stearic Acid
  • STPP 94%, Sodium Formate
  • Sulphur Powder
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Sulphuric Acid 98%
  • Thickener (Tylose and Berimacol)
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Xanthan Gum/Arabic Gum

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