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DH Geda Trade and Industry PLC

Duguma Hunde Geda, the founder of DH Geda, started his career in 1970 as a tailor with a mere capital of 85 birr (USD 8) and built his empire into a fortune.

GHG TOwerDH Geda Trade and Industry has become one of the leading establishments in Ethiopia involved in a broad spectrum of industries. DH Geda is involved in the production and marketing of paints, minerals, blankets, wheat flour, acrylic yarn, galvanized sheets. It also runs its commercial center, DH Geda Tower, where its headquarters is stationed. The marketing and sales division operates out of the headquarters with its ten shops in Merkato, Nekemte, and Wolayita as its sales distribution outlets. DH Geda strives to better serve its clients by implementing backward and forward integration, such as; chemicals to paints, farming to flour, warp to blankets, and galvanization to sheets. By strengthening its R&D, DH Geda aspires to maintain its competitive advantage in all of the sectors it is involved in. The company aims to provide quality products at affordable prices with short delivery time.

Vision Statement

DH Geda aims to create a global presence by becoming one of the leading competitively dynamic companies in the Horn of Africa in producing and supplying construction materials such as roofing, paints, steel reinforcements, cementation products, and construction chemicals.

Mission Statement

DH Geda’s management is dedicated to producing customer-driven products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner with total quality management as its emphasis. DH Geda believes that valued customers are the sole purpose of its existence and will make every effort to satisfy them through its commitment to quality, technology, and service. DH Geda believes that its associates are the most valuable resources; therefore it provides a work environment where employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence. DH Geda strives to be the industry standard in service to customers while maintaining a superior level of integrity in interactions with business partners and associates. DH Geda appreciates its achieved success and conducts its business to realize reasonable returns for shareholders with the use of improved management practices through a committed team of managers and staff.


DH Geda Wheat Flour Factory


DH Geda Four Factory, established in 1997 with an initial capital of 11 million Birr and 66 employees, is engaged in the production and supply of high-quality wheat flour. DH Geda Flour Factory aims to satisfy its customers as well as the country’s overall demand. The factory is located in the sub-city of Bole and produces 375,000 quintals annually with different types of flour used for bread, biscuits, macaroni, and pasta.

Product Types

  • “0” flour
  • “00” flour
  • “000” flour by order and by-products for animal feed

DH Geda G.I.S. Factory

 GHG Blanket

Established in 1997 with an initial capital of 18 million Birr and 46 employees, DH Geda G.I.S. Factory aims to meet the iron sheets demand for roofing purposes. DH Geda G.I.S. Factory has started producing Stepped Tile and Egga Steel Roofing mostly for commercial buildings and urban housing developments. It also produces four different gauge assortments as well as supplying in accordance with the customer’s request.

DH Geda G.I.S. Factory produces 20,000 metric tonnes per annum and is known for its superior quality, all achieved by using the latest in Japanese technology. The factory currently produces at its full capacity. In the near future, the company plans on expanding its program with hopes of offering a wider variety of steel products with better quality at competitive prices.

Product Classifications

Stepped Tile and Egga with 0.32, 0.40 and 0.50mm thickness galvanized and colored.

  • CIS 0.20mm X 875mm X 2000mm
  • CIS 0.25mm X 875mm X 2000mm
  • CIS 0.32mm X 875mm X 2000mm
  • CIS 0.40mm X 875mm X 2000mm

DH Geda Zemilli Paint Factory


Founded in 1998 at a total estimated cost of about 20 million Birr, Zemilli Paint Factory is strategically located in the sub-city of Bole in the capital city Addis Ababa. Since its establishment, the factory has been committed to producing quality paints that are high in demand. Zemilli produces a wide variety of paints and glues that have been developed by a team of research and development professionals. Zemilli Paint Factory is the only paint factory in the country to be ISO certified. It has a workforce of around 200 employees, operates 24 hours a day, and uses the latest in production and quality control equipment. Zemilli has expanded its production capacity in the year 2012 and is currently adhering to its customers’ requirements by broadening its product base.

  • The factory has an annual capacity to produce approximately 15 million liters of over 150 different colors for various purposes that include:
  • Mega Super Plastic Paints for Interior and Exterior Walls
  • Mega Synthetic Paints for Metal and Wood Structures
  • Mega Quartz and Mineral Paints for Interior and Exterior Wall Applications
  • Mega Anti-Rust for Anti Corrosive Premier Paints
  • Mega Alkyd and Polyurethane Varnish
  • High strength quick setting Mega adhesive for wood and bookbinding
  • Mega Printing Inks for printing press

DH Geda Blanket Factory

 GHGE Blanket

DH Geda Blanket Factory, established in 2002 in the town of Akaki some 20 km east of Addis Ababa with an initial capital of 21 million Birr and 180 employees, produces over 2,000 pieces of quality blankets daily. DH Geda Blanket has been providing comfort and warmth for over 6 years. Specializing in warm and high-quality yarn blankets in Ethiopia, DH Geda Blanket Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of institution blankets, military, and relief blankets.

The factory employs hi-tech machinery and committed personnel to meet the demand promptly. Using only theGHGBLANKET1 finest raw material, DH Geda Blanket Factory is capable of turning out quality products every time. DH Geda serves its social responsibility by producing a variety of blankets to meet the demand of a broader population. DH Geda Blanket Factory offers a variety of products in a wide range of colors, sizes and other specifications.

Product Types

  • Jacquard – 1.60m X 2.20m, 1,80m X 2.20m, 2.00m X 2.20m, 2.20m X 2.40m
  • P1 – 1. 60m X 2.20m, 1,80m X 2.20m, 2.00m X 2.20m, 2.20m X 2.40m
  • P3 – 1.60m X 2.20m, 1,80m X 2.20m
  • P6 – 1. 60m X 2.20m

DH Geda Dyeing and Bleaching Factory


Located in Dukem, some 40km east of Addis Ababa, DH Geda Dyeing and Bleaching Factory was set up inGHGYarn 2006 with a total estimated cost of about 27 million Birr. Acrylic yarns are acquired from authentic suppliers around the world to assure superior quality. Over the years, the factory has been successfully engaged in the dyeing of quality acrylics and bleaching of pure cotton. At DH Geda Dyeing and Bleaching Factory, the manufacturing process is fully monitored by a team of quality inspectors who ensure that each product is on par with international quality standards. Keeping in mind various factors such as fiber diameter, twist, and count, all raw materials are sorted out into different grades before proceeding with the dyeing process. DH Geda Dyeing and Bleaching Factory believes in effective teamwork, with the objective of bringing greater customer satisfaction. The finished products are made available for purchase through its distribution networks. It also plans to open new channels in areas where yarn is high in demand.

DH Geda Construction Chemicals


Following the construction boom in Ethiopia, DH Geda is committed to playing a major role in providing a new construction chemical technology. In 2009, DH Geda completed market feasibility and product testing phase for several construction chemicals that will have a significant contribution to aiding the local construction industry. The assessment phase of the project enabled DH Geda to draw useful experience in producing and marketing construction chemicals into the construction industry. The project also offered DH Geda an opportunity to scale-up the pilot project to a full-scale production plant. DH Geda is now in a position to offer a wide range of PRE-PACKED and MODIFIED DRY MIX construction chemicals such as:

  • Tile adhesive,
  • Grouts,
  • Self-leveling compounds,
  • Waterproofing products, etc.

As its main product, DH Geda is currently producing and supplying Pre-Packed Tile Adhesive, STIKMIX, to the local market. STIKMIX has been in the market since 2007 and is widely accepted for its superior quality. The plant at the current stage has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tonnes.

DH Geda Minerals


DH Geda Trade and Industry PLC has embarked on yet another endeavor to curb imports of products that can be locally sourced and processed to meet the ever-growing demand nationwide. Ethiopia is well known for having an abundant supply of minerals such as limestone and marble deposits around rift valleys. DH Geda has taken a great initiative to retain the country’s hard-earned foreign currency by locally producing mineral inputs for various industries.

The main focus of this business that has been operational since 2011 is Calcium Carbonate Processing Plant located in Gelan City, Kality, some 20km from Addis Ababa. DH Geda Minerals are used as industrial inputs in paints, soap, plastics, rubber, glass, steel, construction chemicals, paper, etc. They also serve as inputs in agricultural/pharmaceutical industries. The plant has a capacity of 30,000 tones with products offering a wide range of micronized particle sizes and shapes.

Product Types

  • Micronized Calcium Carbonate powder packed in 25kg
  • Micronized Dolomite powder packed in 25kg
  • Micronized Marble powder packed in 25kg

DH Geda Real Estate and Construction PLC


Conscious of the importance of real estate in the bustling capital city Addis Ababa, DH Geda Real Estate and Construction PLC was established with an initial capital of 30 million Birr in 2006 and has now completed its first high rise building at a vantage area in the city. The sixteen story building at Bole which houses many international organizations, local businesses, and offices adds value to the rapidly developing city.

DH Geda Group Coffeee, Oil Seeds, Pulses & Spices

DH Geda Export, licensed under DH Geda Flour Factory Plc., was established in 2013 in hopes of venturing into agro commodities export in Ethiopia. DH Geda Export is run by DH Geda Family, who own several local factories involved in construction, textile and food industries. DH Geda Export is engaged in exporting the best quality Coffee, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Spices by sourcing from the most reliable vendors of the domain. We efficiently procure clean, process, pack and ship to any location in the world.

DH Geda Nationwide Distribution Channels

  • Addis Ababa Shopping Center, Merkato, Addis Ababa
  • Tekle Haimanot, Merkato, Addis Ababa
  • Tewekel Bldg, Merkato, Addis Ababa
  • Shashemene
  • Hawassa
  • Wolayita
  • Nekemte
  • Jimma
  • Dessie
  • Debre Markos
  • Bahir Dar
  • Gonder
  • Mekelle
  • Harrar
  • Dire Dawa
  • Nazreth


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