Gilead Poly-Tech PLC (GIPOTECH)

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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryLifts/Elevators, Escalators Installation
Gilead Poly-Tech PLC (GIPOTECH)

Gilead Poly-Tech PLC (GIPOTECH) was founded by a seasoned team with expertise in diverse industrial engineering solutions in Ethiopia. We provide a wide range of specialized solutions, products, and equipment to a wide range of industries. We have executed various state and private-owned projects on a turnkey basis, as well as supplied equipment and machinery.


What We Do

We are engaged in the business lines of:

1. Projects on Turn-Key Basis

Our company has executed various kinds of government and private projects on a turnkey basis. Some of the recent projects we executed are carrying out supply, installation, commissioning, and training of Airport Facilities development projects, and other industrial projects.

Area of Focus

  • Food and agro-processing lines
  • Plastic and chemical processing line
  • Paper, sanitary and packaging production lines
  • Scientific and laboratory equipment
  • Textile and garment machinery
  • Transport and material handling solutions
  • Industrial workshop and tools
  • Power and energy

2. Electromechanical Solutions

  • Study, design and execute electromechanical construction, installation and maintenance works
  • Steel structure and general metal works, design and fabrication
  • Contracting electrical and mechanical works
  • Supply and installation of power generators and transformers, water pumps, and solar panels
  • Electro-mechanical equipment, control panels, and industrial cooling systems
  • Air conditioning and HVAC systems
  • Troubleshoot faults with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems in a wide variety of situations
  • Maintain and service of various types of industrial machinery including mechanical and electrical aspects

3. Material Handling System (Complete Transport Equipment Solution)

  • Industrial Conveyor systems
  • Airport Baggage Handling systems
  • Telescopic Forklifts, Mobile Cranes and EOT Cranes

4. Industrial Supplies Business

  • Supply of industrial Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation systems for diverse industrial applications


  • We exclusively represent world-renowned manufacturers and suppliers from the USA, EU countries, China and India.

Customer References

We have successfully executed plenty of state and private-owned turnkey projects as well as supply of materials and machinery.

Some of Our Recent Customers (State-Owned/Private/Public Companies)

  • Ethiopian Airports Enterprise
  • National Metrology Institute
  • Ethiopian Conformity AssessmentEnterprise
  • Ethiopian Mineral Development Share Company, EMDC
  • Fincha Sugar Factory
  • Mugher Cement Factory
  • Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise
  • Sur Construction
  • Messebo Cement
  • Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction plc
  • Gaky Engineering and Automotive plc
  • Aemro Motor Workshop and Engineering, AMWE
  • Etamr General Trading
  • Ameth Business plc
  • Ambasel Trading House
  • Hast Enterprise
  • Tekrariwa Plastic Products Manufacturing plc
  • AG Plastic Fitting Technology

Contact Us
(+251) 118 677853
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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