Gilead Poly-Tech PLC (GIPOTECH)

Phone +251 118 677853
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryInstallation and Maintenance of Machinery
Gilead Poly-Tech PLC (GIPOTECH)

Gilead Poly-Tech PLC (GIPOTECH), was founded by a seasoned team with expertise in diverse industrial engineering solutions in Ethiopia. We provide a wide range of specialized solutions, products and equipments to a wide range of industries. We have executed various state and private owned projects in a turnkey basis and supply of equipments and machineries.


What We Do

We are engaged in the business lines of:

1. Projects on Turn-key basis

Our company has executed various kinds of government and private projects in turnkey basis. Some of the recent projects are, carrying out supply, installation, commissioning and training of Airport Facilities development projects, and other industrial projects stated below

Area of focus:

  • Food and agro processing lines
  • Plastic and Chemical processing line
  • Paper, Sanitary and packaging production lines
  • Scientific and Laboratory equipments
  • Textile and Garment Machineries
  • Transport and material handling solutions
  • Industrial workshop and Tools
  • Power and Energy

2. Electromechanical Solution

  • Study, Design and execute electromechanical Construction, Installation and maintenance works.
  • Steel structure and General Metal Works, Design & Fabrication
  • Contracting Electrical and Mechanical works
  • Supply and installation of power Generators and Transformers, Water pumps, Solar panels,
  • Electro-mechanical equipments, control Panels, Industrial cooling systems,
  • Air conditioning and HVAC Systems
  • Troubleshoot faults with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems in a wide variety of situations
  • Maintain and service of various type industrial machinery;
  • Including mechanical and electrical aspects.

3. Material Handling System (Complete Transport Equipment Solution)

  • Industrial Conveyor systems
  • Airport Baggage Handling systems
  • Telescopic Forklifts, Mobile Cranes and EOT Cranes

4. Industrial Supplies Business

  • Supply of industrial Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation systems for diverse industrial applications


  • We exclusively represent world renowned Manufacturers and suppliers from USA, EU countries, China and India.

Customer References

We have successfully executed plenty of state and private owned turnkey projects as well as supply of materials and Machineries.

Some of our recent customer lists are: State owned, Private and Public Companie

  • Ethiopian Airports Enterprise
  • National Metrology Institute
  • Ethiopian Conformity AssessmentEnterprise
  • Ethiopian Mineral Development Share Company, EMDC
  • Fincha Sugar Factory
  • Mugher Cement Factory
  • Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise
  • Sur Construction
  • Messebo Cement
  • Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction plc
  • Gaky Engineering and Automotive plc
  • Aemro Motor Workshop and Engineering, AMWE
  • Etamr General Trading
  • Ameth Business plc
  • Ambasel Trading House
  • Hast Enterprise
  • Tekrariwa Plastic Products Manufacturing plc
  • AG Plastic Fitting Technology

Contact Us
(+251) 118 677853
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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