Suzo Industry PLC

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LocationAdot Building, Bisrate Gabriel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Suzo Industry PLC

Suzo Industy PLC was founded on December 2008 in Ethiopia with the aim to recycling and manufacturing of paper raw materials and related products. We are producing  over 10,000 tones of jumbo roll tissue papers annually and supplying these raw materials to 16 paper converting companies in Ethiopia. Since the company recycles discarded paper materials such as old textbooks and magazines, it has saved millions of Forex that would otherwise be used to import raw materials and we believe that it has contributed a great deal to the Ethiopian economy.

The company is professionally managed by a well qualified, highly skilled, truly motivated and well experienced personnel and is the largest tissue-paper making company in East Africa. The company has 62 permanent and 35 temporary employees.

Since our company recycles discarded paper materials, we have benefited and created opportunities for many people who work as suppliers of these discarded paper materials.

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