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LocationBishoftu (Debrezeyt), Kebele 05, Bishoftu, Ethiopia
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FKT Hydraform

FKT Hydraform is one of the leading producers of interlocking block called Hydraform Blocks in Ethiopia; it’s an alternative building technology in developing countries. The product is soil-cement blocks with simple system that can be used by average person and it doesn’t required specialized skills.

Hydraform block is used in constructing churches, warehouses, schools, households etc. Hydraform Block is very popular in many African counties since it’s easy to construct with less manpower, less cost and it gives elegant finishes by itself.

The company is located in Bishoftu (Debrezeyt), Kebele 05, East Showa zone. FKT Hydraform is a committed company in ensuring customers satisfaction in delivering a quality product as much as needed.

Building the Affordable!!


Our vision is to bring the affordable housing technology that being used in most of Africa and other countries. And we are working our best to make the product well known in Ethiopia so that it would be an alternative production input to the society.


To provide quality Hydraform blocks that can be used as alternative to the hollow blocks.


Currently our main product is Hydraform Blocks with a size of

  • 220x140x115 mm (Length x width x height) &
  • 220x220x115mm (Length x width x height)

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