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Heart Ethiopia Tours

Heart Ethiopia tours is one of the leading professional tour operators in Ethiopia. HET is located at the city’s main business area, a walk of ten minutes from Bole international air port. Our tour company is equipped with a professional and experienced staff in the field of tourism.

We are equipped with one of the best tour packages available in the market with a wide range of services. Our professional tour guides are multi lingual who speaks English, German, French, Italian and several other languages.

Heart Ethiopia tours offers a variety of tailor made, custom designed and special needs of tours to all tourist destinations of Ethiopia. Furthermore, whenever you plan to travel to Ethiopia we will be at your side to take you all that way to see the entire site where you will be amazed by the varieties of exciting tourist attractions of Ethiopia.

Our cars are Luxurious as well as medium Field vehicles .Our organization is outfitted with all necessary tour utensils that can suit your interest to travel with us in the amazing land of Ethiopia.

We partner with one of the most diverse and capable car rental services in the country to provide you with tours that are flexible and will be able to cater to your every needs. For more information please contact Yoye Two7 Car Rent & Sales at www.yoyetwo7.com 

Please get in touch and let us enable you to change your perspective.

Heart Ethiopia Tours

Bole sub city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Office:   +251 118 502016

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We heart Ethiopia!


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