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Melhik Marketing and Communication P.L.C

Melhik Marketing and Communication PLC is a recruitment, payroll management, training, and HR consulting company based in Ethiopia. We have been operating originally specializing in providing recruitment and training services to multinational and national manufacturing companies, development organizations, local and international organizations, as well as business and commercial companies. We then expanded our range of services to cover payroll management, HR consulting and other soft skill trainings to companies of all sizes.

In its recruitment wing, Melhik (MyanchorJobs) is a well-staffed company with recruitment, IT, client and customer relations experts, all eager and passionate and ready to deliver works that meet and exceed client demands expectations. Our recruitment experience runs full-scale advanced placement and standardized talent assessment strategies.

MyanchorJobs is staffed with ten permanent and twelve part time recruitment specialists (Senior Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Manager, Account Manager, Client and Candidate Relations Officer), IT Consultants, Legal Advisor, and research team professionals providing turnkey employment solutions. The composition of the experts within the group reflects the diversity of disciplines involved in recruitment, conducting assessment, as well as client and candidate relations.

In a bid to achieve its vision, MyanchorJobs is currently working in a joint venture with three international companies who work on company assessment, recruitment, and salary survey. Thomas International UK ( is one of our business partners. MyanchorJobs is a representative in Ethiopia for Thomas International in order to access assessment software for its own clients and Thomas International companies which are located in Ethiopia. FICS ( is another corporate company found in South Africa that is in a joint venture with MyanchorJobs. MyanchorJobs is a representative of FICS in the East Africa region and can access assessment software in order to prepare profiles for companies’ employees in organizations located in East Africa.


“To be the recruitment company of your first choice”


• To be a world-class recruitment company in serving the best talents for client companies.
• To ensure being a recruitment company of choice to its client companies and candidates, employer of choice to its employees, and an investment of choice to its owners.


  • As a recruitment agent, quality and standard are our top priorities.
  • We are an equal opportunity recruitment company.
  • We act in an open fashion and are result-oriented, creative, and innovative.
  • We recognize employees’ integrity, performance, teamwork, and respect for others.
  • We encourage a sense of belongingness among all our employees.


Our company has four major services, namely:

    • MyanchorJobs has a job board ( in order to post vacancies
    • MyanchorJobs uses assessment tools from CV screening, preliminary interview, profiling, to delivering
  3. CONSULTANCY: Human Capital Development
  4. TRAINING: Personal-Professional Training (PPT)

Recruitment Service Units

  • Online Management Unit
  • Talent Search Unit

Online Management Unit

This includes:

  • Online account management for client companies and candidates
  • Candidate online registration
  • Post client companies' profile and logo on the job board (
  • Frequent update on the website

Talent Search Unit

This unit is responsible for:

  • Company and client account management
  • Build communication with client companies and candidates
  • Take orders from client companies
  • Recruit and select potential candidates for the right position
  • Hunt for candidates
  • Prepare assessment tools for candidates
  • Post job vacancies on the job board (
  • Make a contract agreement with client companies
  • Organize a career fair and other alike events with the Online Management unit
  • Deliver managerial and organizational advisory on human capital

Partner Company Sectors

These include:

  • Multinational and national manufacturing companies
  • International and national non-governmental organizations
  • Developmental organizations
  • Governmental organizations
  • Commercial and Business companies
  • Hotels

Recruitment Strategies

  • Job board ( Post on the website for 10 to 30 days
  • Existing database: Dedicated for immediate positions
  • Professional media (i.e., Linkedin): We have more than 18,000 in our networks
  • Social Media (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Referral: Using our network and candidates to get referrals
  • Head Hunting: In order to get potential candidates who don’t usually search for a job (passive candidates)

Assessment Tools

  • Preliminary/Screening Interview
  • Behavioral Competencies /Psychometric Tests/
  • STAR Results (Situations Task Action Result)
  • SHARE Model
  • Communication Skills
  • Other Skills

Other Assessments

  • Technical Skills (Written exam: to identify candidates' technical skills for a certain position and sector)
  • Cognitive Aptitude Test: Reasoning and verbal skills
  • Work Sample Test: Candidates’ ability to do the job
  • Predictive Index: assess behavior and attitude of candidates
  • Vocational Interest Tests: Is the candidate interested in a prospective client company?
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Test: To assess candidate’s awareness and understanding of his/her behavior and others
  • Personality Profiling: Profiling candidates to help them match with their employers and help them to understand their talent

Free Service for Mass Recruitment

  • Free training for ten and above (>10) selected candidates for a day on the organizational culture of a certain company, professionalism, work ethics, work discipline, attitude, dress code, etc.

Conduct Job Assessment

  • MyanchorJobs will conduct a job assessment three times for the candidates within three months using an evaluation assessment tool developed in collaboration with immediate supervisors for a certain position.

Service Payment

  • The service payment for recruitment is one month's gross salary of a hired candidate.
  • The payment shall be made by a client company. According to Ethiopian Labor Law, Proclamation No. 632/2001: Article 25: Sub Article 1, we are not subjected to receive a payment for our service from a candidate.
  • In case of a hired candidate leaving the company within three months, MyanchorJobs will replace the position with another fit candidate who went through the same selection process using the assessment tools, free of charge. 

International Partnerships

In a bid to achieve its vision, MyanchorJobs has made a platform of working in partnership to work jointly with international companies which work on assessment and recruitment that delivers a world-class service in more than 200 countries.

  • Thomas International ( which is headquartered in UK has entered an agreement with MyanchorJobs to access assessment software for Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Test, Behavioral Test, and Psychometric Tests. Besides, MyanchorJobs is an official representative for Thomas International in Ethiopia.
  • FICS Corporate ( is a South African company that has agreed with MyanchorJobs to work together in a joint venture. MyanchorJobs is an official representative for FICS Corporate in East Africa. In 2017, FICS's work location has been expanded to include North Africa.

In its training and development wing, MELHIK has a team of well experienced, senior-level trainers, and public speakers who develop winning personal empowerment and organizational development training manuals and deliver the trainings in the most professional, motivational, and andragogic ways so that they result in clear, measurable and recognizable outcomes.

The personnel responsible for training and development deal effectively with the learning differences presented by multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-age learner groups. Melhik’s training personnel have extensive experience in continuous improvement training for a sustainable solution.

MELHIK offers personalized and customized coaching as the platform for individual and organizational empowerment and development as opposed to merely facilitating training content. That being said, our packages are flexible to our clients’ unique requirements. An example of that is the offering of group training or individual and personalized coaching. In addition to delivering nationally recognized training qualifications as a registered training organization, we deliver a very wide range of impactful short courses for clients who require shorter, sharper, and specifically customized training programs.

Melhik Marketing and Communication PLC offers:

  • Annual Training Packages at Customers’ Premises
    • These are delivered to our customers at their respective premises on the topic/s of their respected choice from the annual training program.
  • Customized Trainings either at Melhik's Training Hall or at the Customers’ Premises
    • These trainings are organized based on the client’s training need in any operational, marketing, leadership, finance and other training and consultancy areas. The venue of the trainings can be either at the customers’ premises, or any other venue of the client's choice. The duration of the training depends on the course requirements and our initial need assessment as required.