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BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC

BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC is a locally registered independent consulting firm in Ethiopia offering a broad range of technical services specializing in civil engineering, architecture, project management, and related works. It was established in 2002 to render a comprehensive range of consulting services for government, international agencies, the private sector, as well as public enterprises in the fields of architecture and civil infrastructures. These services cover activities of project identification or formulation, feasibility studies, detailed design appraisal of projects, and design supervision. We have so far undertaken a number of projects and gained the confidence and appreciation of various satisfied customers.

BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC is registered with the Ministry of Urban Works and Development CAT-1 and is licensed to carry out consultancy services in the field of architecture and civil engineering works.

BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC’s approach towards architecture and related projects is driven by a continuous process of design methodologies. This approach is holistic in nature and includes stakeholders like the architect, client, engineers, and site contractors in producing sound functional, spatial, and aesthetical planning.

Our technical team had the benefit of working on high-profile projects such as the Sunshine Realestate projects, OAU residential villa, and other luxury apartments. It is our belief that we can enhance both the functional and aesthetical requirements of a project, securing genuine value for investments. We render comprehensive consulting services in the public and private sectors as it relates to urban building design and supervision.

  • Architectural design
  • Urban planning
  • Interior design
  • Structural design
  • Cost estimate
  • Contract administration
  • Design supervision and related services
  • Landscape design
  • Sanitary, mechanical design, and electrical design
  • Fire and security system design
  • Quantity surveying

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Our mission is to provide systematic and organized design services in every aspect of quality and excellence, and timely completion to the satisfaction of clients' needs supported by our dynamic leadership, skilled and committed teamwork, incorporating the latest technological approaches and innovative design solutions.


In line with the government policy on national developments, our vision is to be successful and establish an enlightened design firm supported by committed management, skilled professionals and modern technologies participating in the design industry internationally.


We strongly believe that a piece of work of architecture should be functionally efficient, aesthetically pleasant, structurally intact, and economically sound responding to the geo-climatic variation and cultural context of certain locality tailored from the continuum of space and time.


BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC is organized so as to enable it to perform all requirements of an engineering project in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The firm is capable of furnishing well-coordinated design disciplines of skeleton, finishing works, electrical and sanitary installation services by utilizing its in-house staff as well as its sub contractors.

BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC undertakes large and small projects with the lowest overhead costs thus providing the best value to the client. 

Our firm consists of permanent employed, experienced professional engineers, architects, and sub-professionals.

A total of more than 42 employed staff exist in our firm. Some of these include:

  • Professional architects
  • Civil engineers
  • Professional sanitary engineers
  • Professional structural engineers
  • Professional electrical engineers
  • Professional geo-technical/material engineers
  • Professional quantity surveyors
  • CAD specialists and other support staff


BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC has a well-furnished office in the central part of Addis Ababa, Bole Sub City, located on New Bright Tower first floor. It has a well-equipped design office where it is sectioned as Architectural, Structural, Sanitary, Mechanical Electrical and Contract Administration Departments.

Our firm has more than 8 Laptops and Desktops equipped with various engineering software that enable us to handle technical data and undertake analysis in simple ways.

Our computers are equipped with software such as ArchiCad, 3D Max, SAP 200, ETABS, AutoCAD 2017, ASSE Integrated Designer, etc. Our firm has full licenses which protect our clients from legal liabilities that could arise from using pirated software. Drafting and printing facilities such as plotters, printers, scanners, etc. are also well equipped.


BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC appreciates successful commercial developments that often balance conflicting market, environmental statutory and wider contextual considerations. We advocate that thoroughly considered and well-designed buildings cost no more to build but yield long-term benefits to building owners and users through increased functionality, amenities, and returns.


Our residential projects are strongly individual and express the unique characteristics of their sites as well as the aims and ambitions of our clients.

Our design approach differs for every project and is governed by budget, physical and cultural context, client needs and desires, environmental considerations, and the relevant council development plan requirements.


This includes apartments and cooperative housings which can support many numbers of residents in a single-meter square, considering economic use for the owners and the functional quality of living spaces of the individual apartments.


Over the past years, our office has helped build numerous health care facilities and educational projects that are functioning or built to function effectively for the users of the site.


Our approach towards recreational spaces is mainly concerned with the experience it gives to the specific target group in the project area as a place of joy.


The healthy, safety and welfare of employees are of prime importance to the company and essential to the efficient operation of its undertakings. The responsibility for safe work rests upon all sectors of management and the company ensures that this policy is pursued throughout the organization. The company takes all responsibility and practical precautions to ensure the health, safety, and welfare at work of its employees by providing:

  • Safe working environment in delivery, design, operation, and maintenance of all plants, equipment, and facilities.
  • Safe systems of work, as set out in the technical extensions of the policy
  • Adequate instruction, information training, and supervision
  • Control of all situations likely to cause damage to property and equipment, as set out in the technical extension of the policy
  • Effective facilities for the treatment of injuries, which may occur at work
  • Effective free prevention and free control procedure as set out in the technical extensions of this policy.
  • Adequate facilities for design between management and employee representatives
  • The making of tests, examinations, samples, and records as are necessary to monitor the working environment


On its road to achieving its mission statement of delivering quality services, BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers has realized that it needs a strong internal system that is responsive to its operational needs and ultimately delivers customers satisfaction. Our firm believes in, and is committed to, sustaining this internal system.


The company has the qualified personnel to innovate, create systems and, produce concrete ideas in the construction and engineering of any building structure.


The company has a group of well-trained managers and engineers with outstanding leadership that can handle and hand over projects on time at a reasonable cost. Our management includes site management, quality assurance and control, safety, procurement, equipment and logistics, budget control, human resources, planning and monitoring, and engineering.


Having enough experience in various fields and available competent technical employees who can multi-task in any given discipline, the company has served several clients especially in providing information, management, safety, quality, and direction for several residential, commercial building construction, and general engineering.


BELETE BIRHANU Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC has designed and supervised the construction of over 200 buildings and ancillary projects since its establishment. These include:

      • High Rise Buildings
      • Neighborhood Design, Urban Development and Real Estates
      • Warehouses, Stores and Factories
      • Special Projects

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