United Construction PLC

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Sub City Bole
Woreda 7
Business Type Private
LocationGurdsholla Building, 1st Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryConstruction and Engineering
United Construction PLC

United Construction PLC is a Grade-1 construction company in Ethiopia. It is a private multi-sectored investment company established in 2003 (1995 E.C) by two brothers. With investment capital reaching 50,017,116.00 ETB (in 2010 EC), United Construction PLC has a vision of providing quality construction works. Ever since its establishment, the company has undertaken tremendous contracts throughout the country in the fields of Building, Water Supply, Road, and Irrigation Works.

By making use of our experienced professionals and technical staff, we have delivered quality services to various government organizations, NGOs and private investors.

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Our company, which started its work as a Grade-7 contractor in 1995 E.C, has now attained Water Works Contractor Grade-1 (WWC-1) and Building Contractor Grade-1 (BC-1). In our endeavors, we have faced various harsh conditions, and we have been awarded difficult sites, which we have all completed successfully. These have built our experience, strength and confidence for future undertakings. Moreover, in our sixteen years journey, we have acquired important lessons regarding the interest of various employers (clients) as to the quality of workmanship. In whatever case, our company has such a belief: “Quality first, money second.” That is, we do not compromise on quality whatever the profit margin might be. We believe that our work can speak for itself more than our proposals and more than our grade and status as a contractor.

1. Our Vision

  • Our Vision is to excel in providing quality services in all areas of our intervention, both as contractors and as investors.

2. Our Mission

  • Our mission is to invest our professional skills and financial resources within and outside the country while consistently achieving outstanding quality performances to the highest satisfaction of our clients and customers.

3. Our Values

    • We are honest.
    • We are committed.
    • We highly combat corruption and fraud.
    • We struggle to make poverty perish.
    • We feel a deep sense of responsibility.
    • We respect and act according to the civil code of Ethiopia.
    • We respect international labor laws.

4. Company History

    • Year of Establishment - 1995 E.C/2003 G.C
    • Legal Status - Private Limited Company
    • Initial Capital - 1.5 Million ET. Birr
    • Current Capital - 50,017,116.00ET. Birr
    • Grade (Category) - WWC-1 and BC-1

5. Company Area Of Interventions

    • Building construction works
    • Water supply and i irrigation work projects
    • Road construction and maintenance
    • Industry parks construction
    • Construction machinery rental
    • Well organized garage and workshop service


United Construction PLC
Sub-city: Bole Sub City

Wereda: 07 H.No 846/13
Tel:  +251 911 206675
Fax: +251 116 676521
Email: mengistuhailu6@gmail.comunicons.2003@gmail.com
General Manager: Eng.Mengistu Hailu, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia