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LocationYeka Sub-City,Woreda 05 House No. 360, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryRecruitment
Fountain International Trading

Fountain International Trading private Employment Agency is the new vision in Human Resource provision and administration solution provider in Ethiopia organized with the mission of providing up-to-date technical support to the development of the human element in the country. Fountain International Trading private limited company established in 2009 G.C. by three educated and experienced persons who have different academic education, skills and experience. The organization contains different kinds of talented and experienced employees which contribute its own work to reduce poverty and unemployment to the country.


  1. Provision of skilled and unskilled manpower and administration
  2. Security service
  3. General cleaning service
  4. Landscaping/Gardening/service
  5. Construction works
  6. Property administration
  7. Agent


Legal status: the organization has legal working certificate in federal government as well as regional state. (Main working license from Addis Ababa trade and industry office). 

Fountain International Trading private limited company file number 020/2/7264/2002, commercial (Principal) registration certificate number MT/AA/2/0011397/2004, Tax Identification number (TIN) 0005509836 and Value Added Tax number is 1334290010.

Official address: Addis Ababa, Yeka Sub-city, Woreda 5, House no 360.
Branch office: Nazreth, Bahir-Dar, Dessie, Mekelle and Gambella and Somalie.

Purpose of the Company: to satisfy the ultimate needs of the customers in human resource supply and administration as well as service needs.
Goals of the organization: expansion of projects by providing quality human resource supply and administration service.
Mission: To be number one in human resource supply and administration in Ethiopia.

ABOUT FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL – Human resource administration

ABOUT FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL PLC is the new vision in Human Resource Information System (HRIS) solution provider in Ethiopia. Organized with mission of providing up-to date technical support to the development of the human element in the country; FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL PLC has played a vital role in reducing the management work which would be spent in recruitment activity, hiring, conflict resolution and benefit package. It assisted the organization by takeover of the non-core business activities. It played significant role in supplying and administer professional, semi-professional and skilled manpower to different sector organization.

Fountain International has ply great role for the provision of cleaning service, security service and gardening service for government organizations, private sectors, international NGO`s and UN-agencies.
It also gives advisory service in matters related to Human resource management and labor relations. With regard to the provision of human resource supply and administration, Fountain International Trading has got 10 solid years ample experience.


Since its establishment Fountain International has been building a strong management team to guide its growth. The general Manager has BA degree with an experience over 10 years in Private sector and which has exposed him a lot for managing workforce.

Operation manager has more experience in managing projects of client`s different service. Legal Advisor has LLB in law with extensive experience in dealing with labour courts.

Area supervisor has got ample experience in Security, cleaning, human resource and landscaping service.


We have been doing the manpower supply and administration business with the special skills and educational background required. We aspire to be the most conducive place to work in. We have pension contribution fund, insurance and medical coverage to all staffs.

Our payment strategy is very fast and all employees would get their pay from the bank and branch office available to them.
We have a very intensive training scheme which would help staffs to cope up with new system, skills, experience and threat.
We have close linkage with government office employees especially police force and we are dedicated in supervision.


Fountain International Trading believes that the most valuable resource of the company is the human resource currently we have 34 permanent staffs and more than 2000 contract employees. We have rented a main office at own premise at Yeka sub city, Woreda 5, House number 360 which does have all facility. Branch office in Gambella, Nazreth, Dessie, Combolcha, Bahir-Dar and Mekelle and Somalie.

We have 5 different vehicles which is very important to supervise and control all activities of the organization.


  • United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
  • United Nations World Food Programme
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture organization(FAO)
  • Catholic relief service (CRS)
  • Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Ethio Telecom
  • National Bank of Ethiopia
  • Agricultural inputs and supply enterprise
  • Ethiopian Youth sports Academy
  • Green Ethiopia
  • International Relief development( USAID International NGO)
  • Avon Industry PLC
  • Ministry of Transport & Communications Transport Authority
  • Agency for Government Houses
  • Harot drivers and mechanics Training P.L.C
  • PSI Ethiopia( USAID International NGO)
  • Ethiopian press agency
  • ABAY Bank S.C
  • Repi Soap & Detergent S.C
  • Ethiopian Academy of Sciences
  • Commercial nominees P.L.C.
  • Ethiopian Electric Utility
  • Dashen Bank S.C.

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