L and H Building Materials PLC

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L and H Building Materials PLC

Nantong Y.T. International Company is a well know fashion designed iron security door factory in JiangSu, China, however, the company shareholders have been in African building material industry for decade.

We use this company as a trading bridge to establish a factory in Ethiopia named L&H Building Materials PLC, which is located in Eastern Industry Zone Dukem. We have invested around 6 million U.S. dollars to build the factory and will employ more than 200 local people by Sep 2017.

The main product are the different kinds of fashion designed iron security doors, we plan to manufacture 300 doors daily, which will help to improve the living standard of Ethiopian, and also make other building materials more affordable.

Factory Building Plan

We bought 30,000 square meters land in Eastern Industry Zone Dukem.

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Effect drawing for L.H. Building Materials PLC

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Inside and outside pictures L&H Company will install the international leading equipment and hire experienced Chinese engineers to train the local staffs in Ethiopia. We expect the factory will function well in September 2017, the normalization of production is set at 300 pieces daily in the beginning.

Product Line Pictures

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Marketing plan

In the beginning, we will focus on Addis Ababa. Within a short period, we will find agents to penetrate to the densely populated city like Amhara Region, Oromiya Region and Southern Region. Meanwhile, we have the confidence to expand the sales covering the whole territory of Ethiopia by the end of 2019. In the near future, we will take Ethiopia as the radiated center, and export to other East African countries.

According to the market demand, our product will be divided into three levels-high, medium and low grade. The low-grade security door has the advantage of safe, beautiful and inexpensive which will occupy a large market share of household wooden door. To some extent, it eases the demand for wood in Ethiopia, and also plays a certain role on the aspect of the environment protection. The medium and high standard doors such as fire resistant and bullet proof ones are also in the company production plan. The establishment of L&H will greatly reduce customers' purchasing processes, and the procurement costs. More over, customers can build a direct relationship with the manufacturer. Near Kore Condominium Nifas Silk Subcity, Woreda 02

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