Minaye PLC

Phone +251 113 728667-69
Phone 2 +251 113 691007-09
Phone 3 +251 113 725657
Fax +251 113 3710627
Business Type Private
LocationOld Air Port, Minaye Building, 1st Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryFurniture
Minaye PLC

Deluxe Furniture a division of MINAYE PLC is an exclusive, top leading supplier in Ethiopia suppliying Office, Home, Meeting and cinema hall, Cafeteria, Bar and Restaurant furniture, Safe Box, Metal Cabinets, Vertical Blinds, Mattresses, carpets, porcelain tiles and many more.

Deluxe Furniture also manufactures Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes and different Office and Home Furniture on a total of 3000 m2 of manufacturing area with the aim of import substitution. Our state of the art Korean made machineries are 2015 models, built for mass production, with minimal human intervention, high speed, eco-friendly, and less power consuming, Today, we are the leader in the market with 7 branches in Addis Ababa and 1 in Hawassa, with more than 9000m2 of showroom area and over 7000 m2 of warehouse with a plan to expand into the other major towns of the country in the near future.

We also provide interior design consultation, free delivery, assembly and maintenance service, reasonably priced spare parts, and one-year warranty on all our products.

After being in business for 15 years, we have made ourselves experts in the business with many letters of recommendation from different organizations for providing quality goods at a reasonable price, excellent customer service, efficient delivery and assembly service, as well as excellent after sales service.

Our purpose is to provide home & Office furnishings and services that create a beautiful and comfortable home or Office for our customers.

As a family business, we are committed to creating long-term relationships with our customers by providing an outstanding environment to shop in with the best customer service possible.

With the above in mind, we are sole agents or exclusive distributors to all our suppliers who are recognized with many awards as well as many quality and standard certifications.

We carry a variety of Furniture - from secretarial chairs to presidential desks for your office and from children’s beds to luxurious sofa sets for your home, custom made vertical blinds for your windows, top quality porcelain tiles for your floors and our Korean made safes, fireproof cabinets and other security products decorated with many global quality, safety and assurance certifications are made by Diplomat Safe, one of the top leading suppliers of security products in the world.


To be the primary choice of Ethiopia’s furniture market and -become a one-stop shop for all interior needs by 2023.


  • To provide wide variety of quality furniture and other products & services for all interior needs at an affordable price, convenient location with outstanding environment to shop in and exceptional service that will exceed customers' expectations.
  • To be a preferred employer and continuously enhance employees’ knowledge skill and attitude.
  • To take innovative approach in manufacturing and selecting suppliers while creating exclusive relationship and become efficient and profitable.
  • To expand the business to support the countries development through creating employment opportunities, environmental sustainability and providing community service.


Deluxe Furniture has committed itself to promote the following values both at organizational level and among its staffs.

  • Quality
  • Ownership
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Leadership
  • Reliable partnership
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics
  • Commitment and loyalty
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Environmental and social sustainability

Work force:

Deluxe furniture is now a proud employer of above 280 full time employees.

Deluxe Furniture Showrooms

Head Office Branch

    • Address: Old Airport Minaye Bldg Next to the Golf Club
    • Tel: +251113728667-69/ +251113691007-09
    • Fax: +251113710627/ +251113727566

This showroom covers the full ground, first and second floor of the building. The total showroom area is 1100 m2

Deluxe Mall

    • Address: Behind Mega Building Meskel Flower road Next To Mulushewa Butchery
    • Tel: +251115580406/08/12
    • Fax: +251115580398

This building is built for the purpose of a furniture mall. It stands on 480 m2 of land. It has a basement and 7 floors of showroom areas.

Commerce Branch

    • Address: Opposite the Addis Ababa Commercial College
    • Tel: +251115505847

180 m2 of Showroom on an antic building at the Commercial district of Addis Ababa specially dedicated for office furniture.

Olympia Branch

    • Address: Bole Road, Olympia Round About in front of Dembel City Center.
    • Tel: +251115522269
    • Fax: +251115522272

Dedicated to office furniture 980m2 of show room, at the Olympia square.

Jemo Branch

    • Address: Jemo before the condominiums and just straight from Jemo St. Michael church before AllMart supermarket.
    • Tel: +251114-713380/+251114-713904

One of the newest busiest areas in town, residential for middle and upper middle class people. Our showroom is 614 m2 areas.

Bethel Branch

    • Address: Around betel In front of kaldis coffee.
    • Tel: +251113-697420-21

Residential for middle and upper middle class people. Our showroom is 400 m2 area.

CMC Branch

    • Address: In front of CMC Michael Next to Lomiyad Supermarket and before Setit Mall
    • Tel: +251116-675520-22

Highly Potential area of the town with more than 1000 sq.m showroom area. Ground + 5 Building.

Hawassa Branch

    • Address: At the center of Hawassa Town Arab Sefer Area.
    • Tel: +251462201663
    • Fax: +251462210532

The second famous city of Ethiopia, also the capital of the SNNP Regional Government, and nearest to three strategic towns mostly known for Coffee Production.


SMS Short code : 8662