GIZO Ceramic Importer

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LocationGerji Mebrat Hail, Jacros Adebabay to Salitemihret, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryBuilding/Construction Materials
GIZO Ceramic Importer

GIZO is a company located in Jakros, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We import and commercialize ceramic products, sanitary ware, bath related products and finishing materials. The company was founded in 2004 E.C. having been one of the best, competent and quality importers in the country, in our early stage, we could satisfy, delight and nourish our customers with our quality ceramic products. We are passing through several evolutionary stages regarding our position in the market place and we are increasing our importing capacity in order to cope with the demands of marketplace.


Commitment with quality, because we know that the quality of a product is one of the main reasons why successful companies remain in the market place, we invest continually and significantly in continuous improvement of all our imported materials.


  1. Steam room
  2. Jacuzzi
  3. Mizers for WC, Angle valve, Flexible Siphon, Shataf
  4. Water Hitter
  5. Paper holder
  6. Sink
  7. WC and pedestal basin with rack, Golden Dragon, Aqua Marks
  8. Tiles for kitchen, bathroom
  9. Skirting
  10. Wall paper
  11. New and used vehicles, UD, Excavator and so on
  12. Anything fro Asia


We supply and provide good quality of tiles, sanitary equipment, vehicles and finishing materials for:

  1. Rgib School
  2. Safari School
  3. Leul Construction
  4. For al merchants in Jakros, Uraeel, Hawassa, Nazreth...

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Exchange Rates

USD 29.5687  28.9889 
GBP 35.2243  34.5336 
EUR 33.1436  32.4937 
CHF 28.5580  27.9980 
CAD 20.4929  20.0911 
AED 7.2845  7.1417