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LocationUrael, Alem Birhan Building, Office #304 and Gojjam Berenda, DRW Building, Office #G20, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryVeterinary Drugs & Equipments

Agro-Vet PLC is a private company in Ethiopia, established in 1997 E.C. Agro-Vet PLC is an importer and distributor of dairy products equipment, beekeeping equipment, veterinary and artificial insemination equipment, poultry equipment and laboratory equipment, chemicals and reagents, scientific and educational equipment.

Agro-Vet supplies incubators, poultry drinkers, feeders, milk processing equipment including butter churners, premixes, cream separators, small milk pasteurizer filling and packing machines, beekeeping and honey processing equipment like honey extractor and honey presser.


Our vision is to be Ethiopia's leading vender and manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, scientific laboratory and clinical laboratory chemicals as well as agricultural machinery and equipment, dairy equipment, beekeeping poultry and artificial insemination equipment, respected for the quality of its products and services and for the way it conducts its business.


To deliver strong returns to our shareholders by selling high-quality products at affordable prices, backed by excellent customer service.

Dairy Products Equipment /የወተት ተዋዕፆ መገልገያዎች/

  • Cream SeparatorAgroVet1
  • Butter churner
  • Milk can
  • Milk analyzer (lacto scan)
  • Milking machine
  • Lactometer


Beekeeping Equipment

  • Bee veil
  • Bee gloves
  • Casting mold
  • Queen excluder
  • Brush
  • Fork
  • Smoker
  • Honey Sieve
  • Honey Extractor


Poultry Equipment /የዶሮ እርባታ እቃዎች/

  • DebeakerAgroVet2
  • Incubator
  • Vaccine Siring
  • Chicken feeder
  • Drinker
  • Transportation Box
  • Egg tray


Veterinary Artificial Insemination Equipment

  • A.I.GunAgroVet3
  • A.I. Sheath
  • Thermo Flask
  • Applicator
  • Egg Tag
  • Nitrogen Container
  • Ear Tag


Laboratory Equipment /የላብራቶሪ መገልገያዎች/

  • CentrifugeAgroVet4
  • Hotplate
  • PH Meter
  • Microscope
  • Serializer
  • Refractometer
  • Magnetic Stirrer

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