Lina Gabion and Plastic Factory PLC

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LocationAmhara Regional State, South Wollo, Dessie, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryEthiopian Manufacturers
Lina Gabion and Plastic Factory PLC

Lina Gabion and Plastic Factory PLC is a private company in Ethiopia, engaged in the production and supply of different kinds of high-quality wires such as hot dipped galvanized wire, gabion wire box, fencing wire, barbed wire, gabion matters and razer wire. The company is also engaged in the production of plastic HDPE pipes and fittings, as well as PPR pipes. We also provide HDPE pipe welding service.

Lina Gabion and Plastic Factory PLC was established in 2008 E.C as per the Commercial Code of Ethiopia in Dessie Town, Amhara Regional State.


To be a leading socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer and reliable supplier of high-quality gabion box and plastic pipe products in Ethiopia and contribute to the economic growth of the country.


To be competitive in the production and supply of high-quality gabion box and plastic HDPE pipe products and substitute imported gabion wire and plastic products through our dynamic workforce and the use of the latest technology and environmentally friendly gabion machines, plastic extrusion machines and materials.


To produce and supply high quality gabion boxes and HDPE pipes in different sizes and PPR casing products based on national and international standards.

Technology and Manpower

Lina gabion and plastic factory PLC own high technology gabion machines and Plastic Extrusion Machinery. The company also has qualified manpower that can produce sustainable quality products that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Our product type

Wire Product

      1. Hot dipped galvanized wire
      2. Gabion wire box 2x1x1      2x1x05x1x1x1 etc.
      3. Fencing wire
      4. Barbed wire
      5. Gabion matters
      6. Razer wire

Plastic HDPE Product

      1. HDPE Pipe PN6 from 20mm -315mm
      2. HDPE Pipe PN10 from 20mm -315mm
      3. HDPE Pipe PN16 from 20mm -315mm
      4. PPR pipe
      5. HDPE Pipe fittings
      6. HDPE pipe welding service

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