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LocationAddis Ababa Stadium, Next to Ethiopian Red Cross Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryClearing/ Packing/ Transit & Forwarding
Packtra PLC

Established in 1991, Packtra PLC is a pioneer logistics company specializing in professional Packing, Moving, Warehousing, Heavy-Lifting, Sea and Air freight, Land transportation, Clearing, and transiting. Packtra has built up its visibility in the business community as “The Careful movers”.

Our services


Packing and moving

Packtra PLC has developed a professional packing, unpacking and crating services for customers who need it.
We recommend that you consider our professional packing service for your fragile items and items requiring special care. We have the expertise and experience to make sure that customers who choose our packing service find their items packed properly and in a well-organized manner.

  • Warehousing & heavy-lifting

Packtra PLC has large storage areas for transit goods. We have 3000m2 wall to wall concrete warehouses for cargo.
Packtra PLC also provides temporary storage service for incoming and outgoing air & sea shipment to facilitate delivery or shipment.
Our warehouse is equipped to accommodate various types of cargo and has special compartments for storing cargo of different kinds in full compliance with storage requirements.
We recommend you to store your goods at our warehouse which is under constant 24/7 surveillance.
We own different capacity forklifts and cranes for loading and unloading of heavy items.

  • Air & Sea Freight

Packtra PLC specializes in handling Sea and Air Freight Cargos. We operate through all ports like Djibouti, Bole International Airport and all Dry ports of Ethiopia. Packtra being IATA Cargo Agent, issues Airway Bill for different airlines.

  • Land Transport

We own and operate our own fleet of trucks which includes 25 trucks of 18 wheelers and special trucks up to 90 ton trailer capacity.We recommend you to use our transportation service for your goods safe and fast transit.

  • Clearing & Forwarding

Packtra PLC covers both international and domestic freight forwarding. Due to our long years of service in the business our staff have gained significant experience in transporting cargoes on affirmed routes, and are well prepared to meet the challenges in handling each individual shipment.
PACKTRA PLC is also licensed to transit cargo through customs,completing all local formalities. All our offices ae interconnected through the internet; customs declarations are made online.

  • We conduct custom clearance in all Ethiopian Customoffices;( Dry Ports ICD / CFS, Bonded warehouse )
      1.  Import and export customs clearance (air and ocean)
      2. Representation and liaison with the Customs
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation

Packtra PLC provides consolidation and deconsolidation service with professionals who satisfy the need of our customers with special care for your staff without any damage.

Small producers who have interest in exporting their products by sea or air may use our consolidation service.

  •  Merit and capacity details:-

    •  International memberships,
    •  IATA/ accredited cargo Agent
    •  WCA member with access to local Agents worldwide
    •  IAM member with access to moving Agents, worldwide.
    •  ISO certified
  •  We self-own:-

    •  2 strategically located warehouses
    •  25 trucks for your container export and import
    •  Mini vans & boxed vehicles for your ex- factory export and import through airport
    •  Forklift and crane of different capacity

 Our offices

  • Head quarter at center of Addis Ababa
  •  Airport office at Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Terminal
  • Comet office inside the major customs depot
  • Djibouti branch office

Our notable customers

  • Ethiopian airlines
  • Hilton Addis hotel
  • Embassies
  • Guli food PLC
  • C & H garment
  • Diasporas & returnees
  • MOFA
  • AU
  • African development bank
  • Kajima road construction project

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