SMN Textile plc

Mobile +251 929 90 15 85
Mobile 2 +251 929 90 14 94
Business Type Private
LocationHead Office: Lebu Industry Zone, Nazo Building; Factory Location: Oromia Zone (Dukem), 45km from Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryTextile Fabrics /Clothings/
SMN Textile plc

SMN Textile PLC is a textile production company in Ethiopia engaged in producing card sliver, cotton yarn on cone, and hank reeled cotton yarn.

SMN Textile PLC was established in the year 2014/2015 and as of now, we have created a job opportunity for more than 100 Ethiopians. The factory is equipped with modern Blowing, Carding, Drawing Frame, OPEN END and Hank reeling machinery which are equipped with 1440 Rotors with a production capacity of 10 tons per day.

We produce high-quality 100% cotton yarn products sold at affordable prices. Our production process is free from any environmental pollution.

Major products

  •     Card Sliver
  •     Cotton yarn on cone
  •     Hank reeled cotton yarn

Product End users

  •     Local Spinners
  •     Local Weavers
  •     Weaving and Knitting Factories.

Product Range

  •     6s to24s Ne.


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