Hiwot Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agency PLC

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LocationOn the road from Gotera to Kera, Next to Pepsi, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryTransportation/Freight Transport
Hiwot Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agency PLC

Hiwot Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agency PLC is a well instituted transit and forwarding company in Ethiopia. Our staff members, who have excellent knowledge and long experience in the field of transiting both export and import cargoes and as well shipping and transport activities.

Hiwot Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agency PLC was established the month of April 2010 with fully paid capital of 1,500,000 (One million Five Hundred Birr only). The company clears goods from the port of Djibouti through Addis Ababa customs office and other customs branch offices and for goods originated from Ethiopia to various destination.

Our Services

  • Customs clearing
  • Freight forwarding
  • Shipping
  • Transporting
  • Packing
  • Warehousing
  • Renting of mobile crane and forklift

Our business activities

  • Forwarding and clearing goods arrived by UNI MODAL in Djibouti by doing all facilities that import cargo may require.
  • Forwarding and clearing goods arrived by MELTI MODAL at Mojo dry port and other ports.
  • We also have our sister transport company, Djibouti Freight Transport Owners Association, under full supervision our general manger providing a freight transport service from Djibouti port and other respective dry ports.

Let us work together you will benefit the following

  • Fast and safe delivery of your goods in most efficient way
  • Accurate and timely information on daily basis
  • Clear picture of your goods as if you are on the spot


Our vision is to be a reliable Clearing & Forwarding agency of respective importers and exporters in Ethiopia.


Our mission is to benefit the strategies position of our service and to develop and promote our Forwarding Agency in the field of transiting and shipping.

Company History and Staff

The Co- founder, Ato Fekadu Berhanu Ayele, who is currently the general manager of the company has worked in Iland Transport Association Organization for almost 40 years in different positions.  Ato Fekadu was the founder of Hiwot Forwarding Agency PLC.

The second founder, Ato Hailu Engidawork, has worked in one of a foreign shipping and transit company from clerk to branch executive manager positions for almost 13 years. Ato Hailu then joined Maritime Transit and Shipping Service Corporation in the year 1972 E.C and served for almost 15 years as Division Manager and Assistant Deputy General Manager of Import Department of Hiwot Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agency PLC. He also has worked at ASSAB port as Manager both in Shipping and Transiting for a year and half. Ato Hailu is currently the operation manager of Hiwot Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agency PLC.

The Deputy General Manager of Hiwot Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agency PLC, Ato Senay Fekadu Berhanu, has over 4 years of experience in inland transportation haulage.

Other staff member, Ato Abebe Zewdie W/tsaddik, has also very good knowledge of document processing and assessment both in Import and Export cargoes as well as Shipping documents. He has got certificate from Ethiopia revenue and Customs Authority since 1990 E.C.  and has a long experience in document processing and customs duty and Taxation. He has taken also a refreshment course in 2002 E.C. and he has got also certificate of Forwarding Agency form Maritime Transit Service Enterprise.

Our office is well equipped with all necessary office requirements, furniture and other equipment.

Cross Border Level 3-B Freight Transport Owners is an Association established before ten years. According to the rules and regulations of the road transport authority, with system studies of the concerned professionals in the country, it is reestablished again. Mostly, we transport Oil seeds, coffee, containers and some others to and from Djibouti Port to Addis Ababa and from Addis Ababa to Sudan and Kenya.

The organizational structure has general assembly, board members, one General Manager with structural frame work supported with well-educated and experienced staff such as operation, Marketing, etc ...
The Organization has more than one hundred trucks with different loading capacity and different models registered by road transport authority; the Manger Ato -Fekadu Birhanu has long year experience; as a Manager in freight transporting" operation, finance and Insurance in government and private organizations.

Exchange Rates

USD 37.2763  36.5454 
GBP 46.1397  45.2350 
EUR 44.2247  43.3575 
CHF 39.2663  38.4964 
CAD 25.6092  25.1071 
AED 9.1834  9.0033