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Mulu and Mizan Trading PLC

Mulu & Mizan Trading PLC is an importer and assembler of vehicle spare parts and manufacturer of rivets, bolts and nuts in Ethiopia. In our export business sector, we export Sesame, Cereals, Horse-Bean, and pulses and oilseeds to East Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The company is registered under Ethiopian Laws and Procedures for import and export businesses.

The company was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 1.3 million ETB (equivalent to 60,000 USD) and an annual turnover of over 30 Million ETB (equivalent to 1.2 million USD). The company has its head office at 403/404 Sofia Mall, Nifas Silk-Lafto Sub-City, with two outlets and display shops located in the Kera-Goffa area, as well as three warehouses.

Our main import item is spare parts for vehicles with an average annual import value of 600,000-800,000 USD. Our many years of experience in our main import business, vehicle spare part, revealed that most of the items imported can either be manufactured or at least assembled locally. Taking into consideration the apparent advantage of locally manufacturing & assembling vehicle spare parts in Ethiopia, our company decided to invest in the manufacturing sector for manufacturing and assembling of vehicle spare parts and registered investment capital of 27,000,000.00 ETB at the Addis Ababa Government Investment Agency with an investment permit  No. AAIP99268/08 issued on 08/10/2008.

The entry point our company chose for our grand objective, establishing a plant for the manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, is the production of rivets, bolts & nuts. There are many reasons for this decision. First, the demand for rivets is entirely met through import. There is no single manufacturing plant in Ethiopia that produces rivets for use in the automotive industry & other manufacturing industries that require fasteners. This gives a competitive edge for the promoters as they will be the first to introduce to the Ethiopian market locally manufactured rivets. Second, import substitution. Setting up this plant will substitute imported rivets by locally manufactured rivets saving foreign currency that is in dire shortage in Ethiopia.      

Rivets, bolts and nuts are used in several applications, with a primary function to hold things or components together. Rivets, bolts and nuts serve as the fundamental components in several industries, of which the automotive industry is one, as they provide strong bonds that do not break even under great amounts of pressure. Rivets, bolts and nuts can have several different styles and types, each suited to match the needs of a particular application or the needs of the job.

A bolt features a thread on a cylindrical shape and the nut features an internal thread that binds with the thread on the bolt. By running the bolt through the nut, it forms a very strong bond that has the ability to withstand great amounts of stress.

A Rivet is a permanent fastener manufactured according to the principle of cold striking. Rivets take various styles and shapes, the most common of which are tubular and blind rivets.

Blind rivets are utilized in applications where one side of the desired connection point is not easily accessed. Blind rivets contain a mandrel that is pulled towards the rivet head in order to set the rivet. The base of the mandrel bulges the end of the rivet as it is pulled inside the rivet, providing a secure grip against the underside or "blind" side of the application. The mandrel is then sheared off flush with the rivet head and ejected leaving behind the low profile visible head of the rivet. Blind rivets come in a variety of types including open-end rivets, closed-end rivets, tri-fold rivets, split rivets, and multi-grip rivets.

Unlike blind rivets, tubular, semi-tubular rivets, & solid rivets are set with dies rather than mandrels and require access to both sides of the application. Tubular rivets are hollow throughout the length of the rivet while semi-tubular rivets are partly hollow and Solid rivets are solid throughout their length.

1.    IMPORT

    1.  Spare Parts for Sinotruck and Genlyon-Hongyan
    2.  Dump Truck, Tractor Trucks, & Light Cargo Trucks

2.    EXPORT

    1. Sesame, Cereals, Pulses, and Oil Seeds


    1. Bolts and Nuts
    2. Rivets

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