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Mal Stone Trading & Industry

Mal Stone Trading & Industry is engaged in the production and processing of marble, adhesive (MALFIXTILE ADHESIVE) and tile grout (MALFIX  TILE JOINT GROUT) in Ethiopia. The company also imports marble factory tools and accessories. The company currently supplies marble for contractors and different sites in Ethiopia, in addition, our second factory also supplies, tile adhesive and tile grout. The company is owned by Mr. Yonannes Getachew.


Company products

  •     White marble
  •     Tile adhesive
  •     Tile grout
  •     Import for marble factory tools and accessories


  •     Slabs, 2cm & 3cm thickness
  •     Treads, 3cm thickness
  •     Riser, 2cm thickness
  •     Window sill, 3cm thickness
  •     Door threshold, 2cm thickness
  •     Copping &border 3cm thickness
  •     Skirting, 2cm thickness
  •     Chips


  •     Frankfurt polishing stone
  •     Cassani polishing stone
  •     Fiber disc
  •     Jolly mastic
  •     Diamond segment
  •     Polishing wax
  •     Oxide pigment
  •     Grinding cup wheel
  •     Marble cutting disc


The production of  MALFIX TILE ADHESIVES is carried out in dry-mix mortar plants which basically consist of storage silos for the individual components, batching and dosing facilities, a high-speed blending unit, an automatic packing unit and storage.


Polymer modified high-quality component and chemical additives, rubber-based and water-resistant tile adhesive used for bonding, ceramic tiles, swimming pool tiles, decorative stones, marbles and granites tiles.


  • Tiling for large and small sized tiles
  • Interior and exterior wall and floor tiling on renders, cement mortar and concrete.
  • Tiling on gypsum board, cement board.


  • Formulated to comply with European norm and Chinese standard
  • Extra adhesion under exterior weather condition, especially for exterior conditions
  • Single component: Fixed mixing proportions ensure the quality of work
  • Resistant to water and humidity

Substance Preparation

Clean the surface and remove any dust unsound or contaminated material


Malfix tile adhesive into the clean water with the ratio of 3:1 & mix thoroughly until a smooth even consistency is obtained.


    •     The mixed material should be placed within 30 minutes in order to gain the full benefit of fluidity.
    •     Apply the mortar with the use of a notched trowel on both the wall & floor.
    •     Now fix the tile on the surface & press it with the use of a rubber hammer to ensure that the tile is in full contact with the mortar.


    •     Non-Slip And Water Resistant
    •     Interiors And Exteriors
    •     Ceramic Tiles
    •     Porcelain And Stone Tiles
    •     Swimming Pool Tiles
    •     Walls And Floors


The substitute must be free from grease mould oil rust, rusty metal, wood peels, paints, plastics contamination on any traces of foreign materials affection the adhesion of MALFIX TILE ADHESIVE.

  • Before application, dampen the surface with clean water and allow excess water to drain away.
  • Mix a bag of dry mix powder (20-25kg) with appropriate amount of water by using an electric mixer.
  • For MALFIX TILE ADHESIVE grey or white, add approx (27-30%) of water.
  • Apply  MALFIX TILE ADHESIVE by using a notched trowel directly onto substitute, over which tiling can be achieved within 30 minutes under normal temperature and humidity condition.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions such as strong sunshine, low humidity, high wind speed, or highly water-absorbed substitute reduce the open time oftile adhesive.
  • When the surface of tile adhesive is dried, do not uses water to wet the surface, it will from a very weak and non-adhesive layer.
  • It is recommended to use MALFIX GROUT for grouting 1 day after tiling.


  •  Natural air curing is enough
  •  Storage life is 12 months if the product is kept in a dry place

Technical specifications

    • Appearance: Gray and white
    • Consumption: 4-5 kg/m2


A polymer modified water-resistant tile grouts are thought to be used for all types of tiles including swimming pool tiles, ceramics, decorative stones, marbles and granites, to fill the joints between tiles for aesthetics purpose only.


  •    Used as a material to fill the joints between tiles for aesthetic purposes only.
  •     Cement based unsanded grout designed for routing all type of tiles includding swimming pool tiles,decorative stones and marbles.
  •     Available in different colors.


  • MIALFIX TILE GROUT, in fact, is a fairly important to reduce the stress within the whole tiling wall upon thermal movement tiles and structural movement of the structure.
  • It must also have the ability to prevent the water from penetrating in to the backside of the tile to create harmful stress and weaken the tile bond.
  • At though, the cost of the tile grout and consumption quantity within a project is insignificant, correct choice of good quality one will surely add benefit to overall durability and appearance of the building facade.


  • Depends size of tiles, includes a 10% wastage allowance and is given as an estimate.
  • 1kg will grout up to 5m2 at 3 mm in 5 mm joints.


Mix by clean water at the ratio of 3:1 leave to stand for 5-10 Minutes then stir. Don’t add excessive water in the mixture.


The grout should apply with a smooth face grout float into the joints & press it firmly to ensure that the joints are fill completely. After filling the joints wipe out the excess grout with the use of squeege with soft hands.


Available in different colors


  • To be stored in a shaded dry place
  • Storage life is 12 months if the product is kept in a dry place

Office address

    Beza Building ,4th floor, Room No 409In front of bole medhanialem church
    Tel :- +251-11-6392979
    Mobile :- +251-911251713 /+251-911251714
    E-mail:- malstoneindustey@gmail.Com

Factory location

Marble processing factory:- Oromia Region, Bishoftu City.

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