Center for African Leadership Development (CALD)

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Center for African Leadership Development (CALD)

Center for African Leadership Development (CALD) is a center, in Ethiopia, in operation for more than 10 years. We have the experience of working with hundreds of organizations in the government, NGO and business sectors. Our services are delivered by resource persons with a wealth of experience in their respective felds of expertise.

Drawing from various researched and cutting-edge approaches, CALD provides human capital development and organizational development solutions in the forms of training, consultancy, research and publications. Leadership capacity development constitutes the centerpiece of our work.
We at CALD underscore that enhanced and well-developed human capital at all levels makes all the difference in all sectors. Especially, investing on increasing leadership capacity across institutions has a promise of guaranteeing extraordinary results. When we make the human element work well in systems, then, everything else works well!

There is enough evidence from around the world and from our own hands-on experience that human capital, especially leadership capital, can be developed through accelerated and dynamic learning systems that yield breakthrough results.
Our programs target at generating inspiration for self-examination, re-programing thinking patterns, and cultivating new habits and behaviors that will be responsible for creating new realities – significantly enhanced relationships, work place harmony, productivity, innovativeness, professional excellence, customer satisfaction, proftability, sustainability and more.

We are committed to making the human element work in organizations across Africa and beyond so that teams and institutions mobilize their massive potential to do the remarkable and the extraordinary.

CALD’s Philosophy

Our programs and interventions facilitate for shift in thinking and practice informed by cutting edge models such as:

  • Transformational leadership a model that empowers people into leaders who possess integrity, set good example and communicate high goals to inspire others to look beyond their personal interests and contribute for the transformation of social systems.
  • Emotional Intelligence a form of learned intelligence in which reasoning with emotions is made possible to manage oneself and galvanize and in?uence relationships for personal and collective success. “It is part of the enigma of human nature that the ‘typical’ person – immature, stumbling, inept, lazy - is capable of great dedication and heroism, if well led.” Robert Greenleaf
  • Systems Thinking a framework of seeing interrelationships rather than things, patterns of change rather than static snapshots to shift how people think, communicate and act for managing change, effective problem solving and decision making.
  • Appreciative Inquiry an inquiry into human systems’ strength, possibility and success and connecting to them in ways that heighten energy, sharpen vision and inspire action for change.
  • Learning Organization Model an organization where people continually expand their capacity to reate the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning how to learn together.


To see enhanced leadership capacity that generates breakthrough results leading to transformational changes in Africa and beyond


To provide innovative and strategic human capital and organizational development solutions


Revering human dignity and potential

Human beings, regardless of sex, race, and creed, are immeasurably valuable and carry immense capacity to transform their own lives and their circumstances. Our world will be a much better place by recognizing this fact and revering human dignity and potential.
Recognizing, investing on and harnessing the human potential is the linchpin of everything we do at CALD.

Integrity and reliability

We mean what we say and we say what we mean. If we make a promise, we do our level best to make it good, even at great cost/ loss. Our primary satisfaction as a company comes from ascertaining that our clients trust our promise and rely on the solutions we provide. We strive to model integrity in all our endeavors

Excellent service and client satisfaction

We know that we can continue to exist as a company as long as we add value to ourclients. But, we carry the aspiration that we work to add signifcant value to our clients’through excellent and dedicated services. Our clients’ satisfaction is the litmus test of oursuccess and the guarantee for our continued existence.

Never ending learning and innovative solutions

We relentlessly work to push the frontiers of human capacity development in Africa. We continuously commit to learn more about what works best for our company, clients andcommunities. We make it our duty to strive to co-create solutions that generate breakthrough results for our clients. Helping our clients score breakthrough results and makequantum leaps is our ultimate objective - making the impossible possible.

Long-term relationships and collaboration

We recognize that relationship is the foundation of all sustainable accomplishments. We work towards building strong and long-term relationships among and across staff, management, clients and partners that is based on trust and mutual beneft. We envision that our collective harmony and collaboration will translate into benefting our larger communities, and the natural ecosystem around us.



Short - term training courses (1- 5 days)

We have developed over 50 training topics under Leadership (Thematic), Leadership (Strategic), Leadership (Cross Cutting), Managerial Effectiveness and Soft Skills bundles.

The list includes:

      • Leadership Skills and Practices,
      • Effective Communication Skills,
      • Team Work and Team Building,
      • Customer Service Excellence,
      • Employee Engagement and Productivity,
      • Work Ethics and Professional Excellence,
      • Presentation and Facilitations skills,
      • Decision Making and Problem Solving,
      • Creativity and Innovation at the Work Place and many more

Mid - term training programs (1 to 6 months long)

I-LEAD, I-LEAP, MDP, and YPAP (please see Flagship Programs after next page) Long - term training programs (more than 6 months)
Organization wide programs that help install learning systems that develop leadership capacity over many months. This includes executive/ management team learning systems coupled with coaching, general staff development programs, installing in-house capacity development systems and more.

Target groups

• Top leadership

      •  Presidents,
      • CEOs,
      • General Managers,
      • Managing Directors

• Senior leadership and management team members
• Mid-level managers and supervisors
• General staff members
• Community members and stakeholders


We have customized our trainings for the Banking and NGO (Health, Climate, Capacity building and other concentrations) sector and Corporations that operate in multiple sectors.

We can also further customize our trainings for all sectors and meet the unique needs of our clients

Sample training services

    • Leadership Skills and Practices
    • Leadership Development Training
    • Excellence In Customer Service
    • Sales and Marketing Communications
    • Assertive Communications
    • Time Management
    • Women Leadership
    • Organizational Leadership/Management Development Program
    • Integrity with Excellence
    • Strategic Management
    • Self-Esteem and Confdence Building
    • Effective Communication
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Emotional Intelligence and Team Building
    • Personal Development
    • Life Skills
    • Confict Management and Peer Mediation

 Level of Participants

    • Board Members,
    • Executive and Senior Level Managemen Members,
    • Middle Management,
    • Junior Levels Including Frontline Staff


    • Coaching Services
    • Installing In-house Capacity Development Programs
    • Human Resources Development Strategy (HRDS)
    • Organizational Development Solutions (ODS)
    • Management Systems Development (MSD)
    • Retreat and Meetings Design, Facilitation and Reporting
    • Inspirational Talks
    • Facilitating Oversees Trainings and Professional Certifcations


    • Leader’s Digest - quarterly leadership magazine (e-publication and hard copy)
    • Series of books on collection of leadership stories and tales, under the title “????? ???”
    • Series of books on African Local Wisdoms
    • Audio-visual capacity development programs


I-LEAD is an intensive three-months long leadership development program. It brings together personal development, leadership development and triggering and sustaining transformational change courses.
Comprised of trainings, book reviews, feld visits, assessments and a BREAKTHROUGH project, it sets out to bring a groundbreaking change in both personal and organizational fronts.
Currently, the program has run for more than 8 rounds serving hundreds of business and NGO leaders. Participants include company owner/ founders, directors of different banks, managing directors and program managers of NGOs, and other senior managers.


In response to a recurring request from both organizational and individual clients we have worked with so far, we developed I-LEAP, a onemonth management and leadership fundamentals course for personal growth and initiating change.
It boosts one’s energy for transforming individual leadership and management practices. The program focuses on bringing about critical mindset shifts, new habits formation, and changes in behavior and practices.

Management Development Program (MDP)

MDP is a leadership and management program that is designed for middle level managers and supervisors working in different organizations.
The program is offered to a team of managers working within the same organization. While developing their leadership and management skills, it also helps them grow as a team of leaders who nurture a culture of high performance and excellence within the organization. The program is highly customizable. So far, it has been offered to Zemen Bank and Awash Wine.

Young Professionals Accelerator Program (YPAP)

Based on our extensive experience working with the new generation of workforce, CALD designed a program dubbed Young Professionals
Accelerator Program. The program focuses on key soft skills that are needed to excel in the work place. It is an on-the-job program that engages participants only a few hours a week, in a way that demonstrates what can be achieved through wellcrafted transformational action-learning process in three to six months time.
It will take participants through transformative learning processes focused on strategically selected cross-section of employees who will be supported to fuel their aspirations, hone their attitude and obtain inspiration for excellent service provision and superior performance with a longrange view of their professional development .


Teen-Lead is a program that focuses on teenagers between the ages of 11 and 18 years old aiming at initiating and sustaining a positive spiral of change in their lives.

Major Program Contents


  • Life purpose discovery and goal setting
  • Talent identifi cation and confi dence building
  • Value and character development
  • Self-discipline for forming success habits
  • Purpose oriented friendship and networking
  • Accelerated learning skills
  • Understanding and practicing the basics of leadership skills


  • Book Review and Reflection
  • Field Visits
  • Group Coaching
  • Breakthrough Certifi cation
  • Projects
  • Personal Talent and
  • Leadership Competency Tests

Expected Program Impact

The program is designed to bring practical impact on the following personal, talents, behavior and academics performance:

  • Critical Mind-set Shifts
  • Significant Performance Development
  • Crutial Habit Formation
  • Personal Breakthrough Project
  • Basic Behavioral Changes
  • Talent Identification

CALD’S Consultants

CALD utilizes a wide range of professionals who have developed exceptional expertise in various areas of personal enrichment, leadership/ management development, organizational capacity building, research, and training activities. 

List of some of our trainers and consultants:

Mr. Ahadu Gebreamlak

  • Academic Profle: MA in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, USA, LLB from Addis Ababa University Law School
  • Current Position: Managing Director of Center for African Leadership Development.

Lemma Degefa (Ph.D.)

  • Academic Profle: Ph.D. in Management and Leadership; MA in Development Management; BA in Public Administration
  • Current Position: Senior Management and Development Consultant

Girma Begashaw (Ph.D.)

  • Academic Profle: Ph.D. in Leadership Development from Life Long Learning in Los Angeles, MA in organizational Leadership from Eastern University and BSC in Engineering from Addis Ababa University
  • Current Position: Leadership Development Facilitator and Coach

Dr. Selam Aklilu

  • Academic Profle: BSC in Chiropractic and Medicine and specialized on Rehabilitation and Clinical Neutrition
  • Current Position: CEO of 1st Chiropractic Clinic, Founder and Chair of Wellness and Medical Services PLC., Senior Facilitator at CALD

Alk Zeryun (ED.D)

  • Academic Profle: Doctor of Education (ED.D) and MBA from Creighton University, Bellevue University, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, and Missouri Global University
  • Current Position: Senior Financial Consultant

Mr. Ededeya Assefa

  • Academic Profle: MBA in Business Administration from Edinburgh Business School; BA in Management and Public Administration from Addis Ababa University
  • Current Position: Founder and Director at Dalol Oil S.C. and Owner and Manager at Enrich Agro Industry Plc.

Mrs. Abigael Teklu

  • Academic Profle: MA in Developmental Studies (Development Evaluation and Management) from University of Antwerp, Belgium; BA in Management and Public Administration from Addis Ababa University
  • Current Position: Senior Consultant

Mrs. Pretty Mehata

  • Academic Profle: MA in Counseling Psychology (Pune University), MA in Positive Psychotherapy (AAU), and BA in Psychology (Pune University)
  • Current Position: Senior Consultant

Mr. Dagmawi Assefa

  • Academic Profle: MA in Leadership and Management from EGST; BEd in TEFL from Dilla University
  • Current Position: Senior Management Team member, and Leadership Development Programs Manager at Center for African Leadership Development

Mr. Zelalem Assefa

  • Academic Profle: MA in Educational Leadership from Addis Ababa University; BSC in Mathematics from Addis Ababa University
  • Current Position: Senior Consultant

Mr. Milkiyas Habtamu

  • Academic Profle: MA in Leadership and Management from EGST; BA in Management from Unity University
  • Current Position: Founder and CEO of Leadership Development and Hospitality Institute

Mr. Yabets Ashebir

  • Academic Profle: MBA from Rift Valley University; BA in Applied Biology from Gonder University
  • Current Position: Marketing and Operations Manager at CALD

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