ATM Security and Human Resource Service PLC

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LocationA.A, Bole Sub City, Legesse Feleke Building, 5th Floor, Office #07, Megenagna Next to Panorama Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySecurity/Guard Services
ATM Security and Human Resource Service PLC

ATM Security and Human Resource Service PLC provide security/guard service, conducts security risk assessment and supply technologies in Ethiopia. The company also provides safety & security training to the third party by its veteran and experienced professionals.In addition, it also provides cleaning service to the clients.

The ATMis established by a group of professionals who have an MA and above on securityand safety management. The founders have experience of working in the national and continental organizations directly related with safety and security issues. Besides, the founders have earlier working experience with different public security institutions. Moreover, they have more than ten years of working experience with different private security service providing companies.

The company has well developed and reliable security management system. Itsservice incudes supplyingsecurity personnel, technologies and security risk assessment. These services are highly demandable by different clients. The ATM is delivering its reliable services for various GOs, NGOs, international and regional institutions, public and private organizations from the smallest to a complex one.
The ATM Head Office is located at the Eastern part of Addis Ababa: Bole sub city, around Megenegna, next to Panorama hotel, LegesseFeleke Building, 5th floor, room number #7 .It is providing its service to different clients and now operating in Addis Ababa and Some Special Zone of Oromiya regional states surrounding Addis Ababa. Currently, its capacity is increasingly developing and providing service for various companies.

Human being or an institution operates in uncertain situation. This uncertainty may affect safety and security of human being, business and property. This uncertainty requires us to conduct security risk as system and security risk assessment is one of our quality. The ATM believes security risk assessment is an essential instrument to identify the strength and weakness of the existing security system of a company and to improve its securitymanagement system. Thus, assessment is very crucial instrument for any business company and we have well developed system.


Our vision is “In 2021 to be the best professional and reliable private Security and cleaning Service   providing company in Ethiopia”.


Our mission is to provide standard security/guarding, safety andcleaning  services that boost customer’s satisfaction, and contribute our share in realizing industrial peace through safeguarding clients’, employees, property, Valuable documents and working environment against any nature of adversaries. And also make clean working environment.


ATM will be governed by the following guiding principles and values:
Loyal to customer: We render quality security and safety and cleaning service to the level of our customers’ expectations.
High quality service: We strive to provide efficient and effective professional protection and cleaning services.
Reliance on our human capital: We value our human capital much because we believed that the critical success factor of our company is based on the human element.

  • Integrity: We provide professional, principled, and disciplined service.
  • Commitment: We are committed   to the professional ethics and customer needs.
  • Respect: We respect our land’s rules and regulations, and customers’ expectation.
  • Reliability: We are committed to the development of the security and cleaning sector.

Business Goals & Objectives

The ATM has set goals and specific objectives that enhance the contribution of its role to the development & of job creation in the Safety, Security and cleaning sector in the country.

Business strategy

The ATM uses an integrated strategy as its major policy. It integrates security & safety solution and employs proactive strategy  service. We depend onresearch and assessment, training, VIP protection and supply of safety technologies. It trains its personnel in customers own training center as required with a collaboration of investors. Supplies safety technological equipment and also consults companies and individuals related to safety and security and cleaning services.

Business Competencies

  • The competitive advantage of the ATM has summarized as follows:

Intelligence and research based security and well-disciplined cleaning service delivery. All our security activities and designs are based on data gathered and analyzed through various techniques.

  • Customer- oriented service delivery:

We strived to provide services that satisfy and add values to our customers. The needs and expectations of our customers are thoroughly assessed and considered during risk assessment and inspection of protected sites. We excel our service on the basis of customers’ feedback and satisfaction. We are also delivering safety and security consultancy service that is exclusive to the specific situation of the organizations, investment activities of a company or firm.  

  • Competent, Experienced and Qualified Personnel:

We made a difference through our qualified and experienced human resources. Our personnel have an experience in policies & procedures preparation, and, have also knowledge of intelligence, surveillance, fire safety.  Our cleaners are disciplined and professional. These make us distinct from our competitors.

  • Flexibility:

Because of the dynamic environment we are living in our company is flexible to cope up with the prevailing situation. The techniques and technologies our company uses are flexible to any change that happens.

  • Collaboration with Public Safety and Security Agencies:

The ATM has established a working relationship withpublic Security agencies at all level. We have good partnership with Public Security organization, local administration, and other safety and security agencies in gaining safety updated information and working together with them when appropriate for better protection of our customers.

Function of our Business Company

Our service is based on customer needs. The administration and human resource development performances measured on continuously need assessment. We use both centralized and decentralized approach with field work or operational dominancy. This approach is adopted to make our service compatible and convenient to the local sites. Moreover, to keep standards and uniformity, human resource development is performed in a centralized manner.

Our staff also constitutes individuals who have gathered experience in government, public and private security service provisions successfully passed the stringent recruitment and selection process.

Corporate Policies and Procedure

The ATM has developed and implemented various operational and administrative policies and procedures for its security &safety and cleaning services.

Training Material and Methodology

We use simulation and demonstration to train staff members. Knowledge of the device’s make-up enables insight into how to deal with it, and this module addresses various tools and techniques for detecting explosive devices and mitigating risk in the event of detection of a potential explosion.


  • Vehicle Body Search Mirror
  • Walkie-TalkieCommunication
  • Security Officers Stick
  • Security Officers Whistle
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Metal Detector
  • CCTV Camera for central control
  • Night duty officers Flood Light
  • Pre-Hospital Care First-Aid Kit
  • Far Distant observation device/Binocular/
  • X-Ray Machine to Detect Explosives and Metals and Weapons
  • Night Reflective Jacket


Our service delivery process is designed by taking in to account the view rendering better safety and security  services in different investment sites & buildings ,at working areas and as well as at residential and apartments. Our cleaning services also take into account all important consideration during their duty.


As per the agreement entered into with our clients we make a surprise and regular visits to sites with the purpose of ensuring that staffs on protection duty are discharging their responsibilities. Security staffs monitoring task is done in a disciplined manner. We also follow similar procedure for cleaning services.

  • Supervision

The company supervises its activities through making control in person from the HQ, to the sites of its customers. Supervise remotest areas by Car patrol and by sending its representative inspectors to protected sites. Or by making Regular and surprise patrolling and controlling by Inspectors and /or by other professional   personnel assigned on each site. Based on the supervision, the Inspector takes any appropriate measure that improves the quality of service given to our customers.

Communications system

We have a 24/7 reporting system.  The report is comprised of day and night operations in place tailored to serve all levels of the ATM management and its Clients, provides written report monthly. It also briefs daily about the safety and security issues as necessary based on the risk of the site. When there is an emergency situation, ATM reports to clients and responsible public authorities promptly.

Communication and Site Supervision Tools

Based on the type of the site the following communication tools are used to monitor and supervise sites we are protecting:

  • By receiving reports 24/7 days
  • By physical patrol regular and accidental visits
  • Security Personnel and cleaning Uniform

The ATM security and cleaning personnel is identified by its high standard uniforms (Field Cape, Shirt, Trouser, Belt, Shoe, over coat) Jacket, and stick. We provide all important uniforms and other tools to the staff we deploys to protect sites. The quality of uniform materials we supply to our staff have received due recognition by clients based on the site we are protecting.


The ATM believes that the safe and responsible service delivery is vital for success and customers’ satisfactions.  Thus, we have established an attractive benefits scheme for our human resources.

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