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GATEPRO Metal Engineering PLC

GATEPRO Metal Engineering PLC. is a structural engineering company specialized in design, fabrication, and installation services founded in 1982 as an Ethiopian steel manufacturing company. It was founded with an initial capital of Birr 45,000.00. Today, the registered capital has grown to over Birr 400,000,000. Gatepro is a pioneer in the flat & structural steel industry in Ethiopia, and has contributed significantly to infrastructure development in Ethiopia over the last 35 years.

Girma Afework, Managing Director of GATEPRO PLC, founded the company. He is a Structural and Industrial Engineer by profession. Other company staffs are highly dependent structural, mechanical and electrical engineers with minimum qualification of BSC from USA and Ethiopian Universities. The family-owned company employs over 50 permanent and contracted employees, and places strong values in human resource management and employee retention.

At GATEPRO Engineering PLC we are convinced that there is a great future for building work using industrially pre-engineered components with potential to be an inevitable solution for ever growing population of the world. We wish to provide to our customers maximum value with our products and first class services. The aspiration and requirements of our customers shall determine our thinking and creativities.

Our corporate culture is marked by partnership and team spirit. We cultivate our employees to be knowledgeable, vigilant; costumer focused and identifies themselves with their job and company objectives. 

To reach these goals and to secure them sustainably, our strategy shall remain:

  • Continuous innovation and generation of original ideas and their skillful execution
  • Customer orientation interpreted into value creation
  • Employee motivation
  • Care for the environment
  • Economic independence based on profitability, efficiency, effectiveness and mutual benefit


Under the guidance of the Managing Director, the rest of the management staff is guided by three directors in different sectors of the company. The Directors have top level university education & experience from overseas, and provide added leadership & motivation to our employees.


Our mission is committed to providing quality design, detailing, production, manufacturing and erections as well as installation services in a variety of structural engineering disciplines that call the use of both cold-formed and hot rolled steel components. 


To become the leading, innovative, and reliable steel company, creating premium value to our customers in East Africa & the surrounding.


We value the concepts of trust and integrity. 

  • We value our employees; respect the diversity of their ideas.
  • We treasure our clients .
  • We deliver high quality solutions; strive for the highest standards of performance and committed to continuous improvement.
  • We value environmental stewardship.
  • We respect the quality needs of our clients / customers
  • We are dedicated to their preferences.
  • Quality is customer satisfaction
  • We ensure standard material quality practices
  • Quality is meeting minimum standards of measurement we build quality into the system.
  • We employ rule-based / oriented measurement of quality design, fabrication, erection and management - as it evolves.
  • We adhere to international standards, code of practices and procedures in the industry.
  • We keep of records and strive to eliminate shortcomings – Develop the culture!

Our Activities 

Design and Detailing

  • Professional structural and electro mechanical engineers and committed staff of support personnel.
  • Superb office atmosphere with well organized library.
  • Complete sets of hardware, software and standards across our range of services.


  • Warehouse & airport terminals
  • Corrugated iron sheets
  • Color-coated steel roof tiles
  • Trapezoidal style roof
  • Above ground & under ground tanks
  • Steel bridges
  • Transmission towers
  • Sub stations

GATEPRO PLC has a wide range of customers in various industries. Gatepro provides structural steel for Transmission Towers, substations, and accessories for the power sector. Additionally, we provide structural steel for pre-engineered steel buildings, and for free-span steel bridges. We provide structural and roof cladding for Real Estate, Hangars, Gas station, Depots, Fuel Tankers, and Silos etc.

Nearly three decades, GATEPRO ENGINEERING has served clients country wide whether its public works, commercial development or private construction projects, we’re proud of the jobs we’ve been doing. Gatepro’s portfolio includes some of the most notable structures in the country. This is a sampling of our projects. For more information on any of them please contact us via our contact addresses. Some of our clients served for design, manufacturing & installation are listed below.

  1. Total Oil Company above and underground tank work.
  2. Agip Oil Company located at Adey Abeba
  3. Mobil Oil Company located at Bole
  4. Shell Oil Company
  5. Ethiopian Airlines laundry and maintenance hangers, internal partitions etc…
  6. Hilton Hotel boiler system and 100000liters fuel storage tanks
  7. Sheraton Addis fixing roofing system, boilers, and fuel storage tanks
  8. HDPO (Housing Development Project Office) around 120 bolcks at Gofa site and around 43 blocks at Gotera site and in total above 20 blocks in different sites
  9. Our standard product corrugated sheet metal and G-823 R-system with required length up to 9mts with color and galvanized material
  10. Steeping tiles for villa house with different types of colors and required length, and its own roof ridge
  11. EEpco pole treatment plant at Gotera
  12. Betel Hospital verandah with light structural roof work and parapet.
  13. DH GEDA complete roof structure work with glass and louvered windows
  14. 30meter by 120meter complete roofing structure design manufacture & installation on site for water bottling company at Akaki.
  15. Curved Eve and American seamless gutter
  16. Turn key design foundation super structure fabrication installation on site for pp bag factory located at Alem Gena
  17. 50000lit tanks fabrication at our kality workshop
  18. Complete roofing design fabrication and installation for Meserete Kirestos Church at Bole
  19. Complete roofing system design manufacture & installed at sight Gergi
  20. C-portal roof structure
  21. Gilgel Gibe I project
  22. Welding electrodes in different diameters
  23. American seamless gutter with required length

Near-Future Products

  1. Steel Bridges
  2. Electrical power transmission tower
  3. High-rise buildings

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