Yoab Cleaning Services

Phone +251 11 8296555
Mobile +251 911 492444
Mobile 2 +251 911 236388
Mobile 3 +251 911 492915
Business Type Private
LocationBehind Bole High school, Nest to Bemnet Restaurant, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryGas Station/Car Washing
Yoab Cleaning Services

Yoab Cleaning Services is a top commercial cleaning service provider in Ethiopia. The company was founded in 2011 and in 2014 by three individuals with vast experience in cleaning industry and management skills.

Although it was started with a modest amount of capital but today YOAB Cleaning Services is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing Industry. We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant technical experience. We at YOAB Cleaning Services believe that a good health is conducive to the productivity and the quality of our surrounding; we strive to provide excellent cleaning services to satisfy the challenging need of our Customers. Our customers are an evidence for Our Achievement.


  • Our customers can relax in perfectly cleaned surroundings.
  • We guarantee all our works to our all respected customers.
  • We provide superior services without compromises.
  • We pay close attention to every detail
  • No job too large or too small.


To meet the growing demand of maintenance & cleaning Industry with the latest art of technology in order to satisfy our customer requirement.


To ensure that our customer gets the best service available in the maintenance & Cleaning Industry in order to provide customer satisfaction.


  • Cleaning materials supply
  • Factory, complex, office & building contract cleaning
  • Detail cleaning
  • Clean room cleaning
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning & shampooing
  • Waste disposal & Sewerage
  • Cleaning consolation on cleaning
  • management
  • Manpower Supply Grass cutting Maintenance
  • Landscape work - Soft Landscape

Quality service at reasonable price! Give us a try!

 የምንሰጣቸው የፅዳት አገልግሎቶች:

  • የፅዳት እቃዎች ማቅረብ
  • የመኖሪያ ቤቶች የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የምንጣፍ የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የሶፋ የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የሶፋ ልብስ የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የመጋረጃ የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የቢሮ ወንበሮች የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የመኪና ወንበሮች የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የመኪና የወንበር ልብስ የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • የሆቴል ወንበሮች የፅዳት አገልግሎት
  • ጠቅላላ የቢሮ ዕዳት
  • ጠቅላላ የህንፃ ፅዳት
  • ጠቅላላ የሆስፒታል ፅዳት
  • ጠቅላላ የፋብሪካ ፅዳት
  • ጠቅላላ እስቶሮች(የግምጃ ቤት) ፅዳት
  • ልዩ ልዩ ፅዳቶች በደንበኞቻችን ጥያቄ መሠረት


ንፁህ ሥፍራ የዓይን ምግብ ነው!

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