Solomon Tsegaye General Import (STGI)

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LocationBole Road, Mega House Bldg, Ground Floor, #5., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryComputers & Accessories Sales & Maintenance
Solomon Tsegaye General Import (STGI)

Solomon Tsegaye General Import (STGI) is a professional business company in Ethiopia engaged in computer and IT-related areas since 2001. In addition to our experience in the market, the experts who are working with our company have engineering background with an intensive experience on computer hardware, software and system development in various United Nations and NGOs offices in various African countries.

In addition, Solomon Tsegaye General Import (STGI) has team of engineers in various field of expertise with proven knowledge and experience to keep the professional ethics of the IT business.


Excluding our in kind capital investment, the company paid capital is 1,000,000 Birr. Besides, the company has founded itself with a reliable contingency unpaid capital investment of 1,000,000 Birr that would provide a solid guarantee for its customer.So far, the company has no debt in any form with individuals/organization and money institutes.

Above all, our dependable investment is our professional expertise!

Our Visions/Objectives

Solomon Tsegaye General Import (STGI) is dedicated to providing fast, dependable, and accurate solutions to suit computing objectives. Our mission is to provide leading edge information technology to our customers; work closely with our customers to understand and share their business needs; and to provide the full range of services - from concept development to delivery and throughout the life of the project.

Our knowledgeable staff is able to handle all of your needs including hardware, software, networking, web hosting, and design. We pride ourselves in being a complete solution provider.
As an integrated solution provider our company has the following objectives / visions:

  • Provide professional, reliable and efficient services and solution on hardware, software and system implementation;
  • Reach/introduce individuals, companies and organization with the current hottest cutting-edge technology;
  • Import quality Computers and Computer Supplies and other HiTech commodities.

Major Activities

  • Computer Consultancy and Evaluation (Software and Hardware)
  • Development of Market Software Packages (Covering all Business Areas)
  • Hardware maintenance includes Desktop computers and all types of printers photocopiers fax machines hitch machines
  • IT Feasibility Studies
  • Tailored Made Software under Specific Clients Orders
  • Vertical Solutions Software and Hardware
  • Computer Systems Implementation
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Agents of Third Party Software and Computer Services
  • Turnkey Solutions (Software and Hardware)
  • Sales of various spectrum of Computer and IT devices
  • Web Pages Design

"We do not just sell … We Supply Superb Solutions"

Our Services

  • Software Design and Development

Creatively applying technology to improve systems in the workplace comes through software development. STGI takes pride in helping businesses realize their vision. As we continue to develop systems through technology, we become more creative in our efforts. We enjoy the creative process and the intellectual synergy that comes through teamwork.
Our help may come from simply introducing your business to a new way of looking at an ongoing hurdle. But given the chance, we can map out and execute a development plan that challenges existing methods employed throughout the industry. Give STGI a chance to discuss development options—today.

  • Database Reengineering and Design

As business continues to expand and diversify, the demands for dynamic creation, sharing, use and reporting of data increase. Databases provide business with the ability to examine, share, manage and report on information relevant to the work-at-hand. Databases can contain an assortment of information, such as patient records, material inventory, address lists, or an electronic record of anything contained in a catalog or library. Information in a database can then be sorted or analyzed in a multitude of ways. STGI can aid in the development, implementation, troubleshooting, operation and ongoing maintenance of databases and the systems that rely on them.

  • Hardware Maintenance and Support

SOLOMON TSEGAY GNERAL IMPORT (STGI) is your one stop source for all computing needs. Systems, terminals, upgrades, and repairs are all with product warranties, delivery, and installations.
Our technical team is categorized according to the expertise of individual abilities such as:-

  1. Computer hardware technicians
  2. Photocopier technicians
  3. Printer and Fax machine technicians
  4. Networking technicians
  • Computer Consultancy

Our professional team is dedicated to supplying state of the art computer solutions to optimize your business productivity. Call us and find out how to utilize the latest technology to increase your everyday efficiency.
Each consultant has an extensive hands-on computing background that lends itself to wide range of knowledge and expertise.
Currently our company has an annual maintenance agreement with French Embassy in Addis Ababa.

  • Network Design and Installation

We design networks to accommodate your communication needs in both Local and Wide Area Network systems. (LAN, WAN) The basis of the architecture allows both employees and customers to access information and applications in a centralized secure location. With the integration of Routers, HUBS, Switches, and Server based software we can generate a seamless networking environment.
Some of our services;

  • Network Planning & Installation
  • Network Administration (on-site and remote)
  • Installation, Support and Maintenance of Network Servers
  • Data backups
  • Maintenance & Upgrade of Hardware
  • Network Security
  • Anti-Virus Systems
  • Shared Internet Access
  • Data protection and Redundancy
  • Internet Access Improvements
  • Web Design

We will design your presence on the Internet to best reflect your business/service in an aesthetic and professional manner. We strive to make your gateway to today’s fast paced web community an asset to your company/organization.


STGI has a technology team of highly experienced developers, solution providers and network engineers. Team members are certified in many areas and work together to provide high quality, innovative, and cost effective solutions to a wide range of companies - small, medium and large.
We believe on combining skill and personality to provide customized IT service to meet our customer needs.
Currently we have two engineers working on full time basis to handle with the day-to-day hardware and software activities.Three more Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE) are working with us on part-time basis to support the System Development and Implementation. The work they do includes; System Analysis, System Design and System Development as well as Networking (LAN and WAN) design and installation.


Our company has entered rental agreement with Mega Corporation for the next two years. The office has standard business facilities (show room, Office and Maintenance). Since the office is located at the ground floor it is easily accessible for shopping and other business activities.

Moreover, our office is equipped with professional diagnostic equipment for service and maintenance. 

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