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Ranez Marketing

Ranez Marketing is an agency specializing in below-the-line marketing, activation, market research and retail solutions. We completely understand how to manage a market research project, and can plan and execute a marketing campaign that will enhance your brand’s equity.

Our company has worked on multiple projects for the last 8 years. We have undertaken projects in the areas of retail audit, consumer sampling, in and out of store promotions, merchandising and visibility survey in more than 44 towns across Ethiopia for a number of companies such as PVM( MENTOS chewing gum), WILMAR subsidiary (a detergent company here in Ethiopia), NESTLE EAR and INTERNEWS, a US government funded organization.

Our sister company, Harnael Integrated Commerce (HIC) runs a CLT house to house product test survey on NIDO sachets for TNS Global and Global Edge (a south African company) in 200 households across Addis Ababa. HIC later merged with Ranez Business PLC structured as part of the research department.


What We Do

We are an agency who seamlessly plan and execute marketing and media campaigns in Ethiopia which are guaranteed to achieve increased visibility for your product, brand or service.

Our extensive expertise and proven diligence set us apart from the competition as the go-to agency for all your below-the-line marketing needs and beyond.

Choose Ranez as your partner for marketing in Ethiopia to gain access to the grass roots consumer and boost your product’s image significantly.


In Ethiopia, the consumer market is a traditional one, crowded by thousands of retail kiosks with a handful of hyper and supermarkets. Our marketing services are designed to benefit global or local companies looking to win consumers’ hearts and minds, retail shelf spaces and greater visibility for brands. We will work with you to achieve desired results across all market channels.

How do you know that your brands and products are winning across channels? Do people prefer your brand to competitors? Our research team will help by running retail audits, house to house surveys and focus group discussions.

  • Brand activation

We believe that marketing should not just be for the sake of filling the gap.The campaigns we run for our customers’ brands are thoroughly thought out with our experienced team, making sure they catch the eyes and hearts of target groups. We work towards making your brands well known and prized.

  • Merchandising and Visibility Campaigns

We make sure that your brands are visible and achieve a picture of success in hyper markets and supermarkets. We will promote your products just as you would. We make sure they are available, in stock, merchandised and visible in modern retail stores.

  • In and out of store sampling

Ranez has its own team working at the taxi ranks, bus stations, beauty salons, retail shops and supermarkets and hypermarkets to make sure brands are advertized at the point of purchase. We plan special events to show samples to customers outside stores.

  • Brand-sponsored events

Companies always looks for events where brands meet target market groups. We excel in shortlisting events that fit your brand and product brief. We look for important events taking place in any part of the country and make sure your product gains the visibility it deserves and reaches your target groups.

  • Media Monitoring

One of the several ways to gauge the visibility and reach of your brand or product is to monitor all media outlets for relevant information, announcements and advertisements. We have dedicated professionals that will work round the clock to build a positive image for your products.

  • Trade promotion

We devise ways for brands and products to become increasingly demanded by retailers through a range of strategies.

  • Market Research and Retail Audit

Our onsite personnel constantly gather information on retailers. We possess an exhaustive database of wholesalers and modern retailers that operate across Addis Ababa. We don’t need to start from scratch to plan and run research projects across trade outlets. Our research team instantly determines and kicks off a research project. Our planning team has a strong qualitative and quantitative knowledge to run a survey and focus group discussion.

  • Open market activation

In a country where traditional markets constitute 98 % of the marketplace and modern retails are scant, our comprehensive marketing efforts are the sure way to activate brands and products across Ethiopia.

We know how to conduct flawless open market activation tasks that positively contribute to sales growth and positive consumer feedback, Ranez sees through every step of the process top to bottom to make sure that brands are active and dominant. We have performed activations in 21 open markets in Addis Ababa and 44 regional town across Ethiopia.

  • Social Media marketing

Social media is increasingly shaping consumers’ perception and attitudes, your brand and business can reach a wide consumer base in Ethiopia using these technological means. We develop and manage social media oriented strategies for your company and brands.

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