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Business Type Private
LocationKirkos Sub city, Woreda 06, H.No.215, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPetroleum Products

TAF Oil PLC is the third Ethiopian Private Limited Company, licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Government of Ethiopia on March 29, 2010 and entered into petroleum and petroleum products business in the month of February 2011. The company is resuming operation in a very appropriate time in contributing its part in the country’s economic development by being particularly during government initiative in Growth and Transformational Plan [GTP].

Based on the fact that assigning young and well-versed professionals is crucial to the business, each department of TAFTAF FS OIL PLC is equipped with professionals from various corners with diversified experience and educational background to be competent enough in the market. As an initial stage the company started operation with four stations- two around Addis Ababa, and two outside Addis Ababa with the depot.

For the first start, the company started operation with fuel [MGR, Kerosene, and ADO], and lubricants [Engine and Industrial],asphalt [Bitumen] and soon it will introduce LPG, Light Fuel Oil [LFO], Heavy Fuel Oil [HFO], Jet Fuel and related products on phase by phase basis.


The main product and services, which the company is marketing are:

  • MGR (Motor Gas Regular)
  • Kerosene
  • Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO)
  • Light Fuel Oil (LFO)
  • Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Jet Fuel (Aviation Fuel)
  • Bitumen (Asphalt)
  • Light Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Engine oils
  • Industrial Oils
  • Specialties [ATF, HBF, etc]


  • Shop
  • Car Wash
  • Tier & spare parts sales,
  • Cafeteria,
  • Super markets etc

Company “Vision, Mission, and Value” Statements


“To be the best oil company in the country in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and people. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping TAF’s values top of mind”


“The mission of the company is to supply and distribute petroleum products in the downstream oil and gas markets.”


      • Loyalty and reliability
      • Customer focused
      • Innovative culture
      • Sense of ownership and cost effectiveness
      • Growing with employees
      • Corporate social responsibility
      • Care for the environment
      • Compliance with Code of conduct


The principal objectives of the company are to:

    1. Provide product distribution services to our esteemed customers that are to the standards attained by well-rated companies to the downstream oil and gas market
    2. Be committed to do business responsibly and conducting ourselves in ways that we earn the trust and respect from our stakeholders
    3. Support the development and growth of the national economy through the establishment of efficient and responsible distribution network of petroleum products and providing job opportunity
    4. Generate a return on investment that will allow a reasonable dividend to the shareholders as well as ensure continual growth of the company.


    • Construction of retail sites in all regions of the country by the company and/or by dealers
    • Offer quality products and excellent service
    • Enlist professional management team
    • Supply of products from internationally renowned companies
    • Superior customer care and commitment


Our employees, who we call partners, are at the heart of the Oil Industry Experience. Our Company partners are committed to knowledge, product expertise and customer service. We believe in treating our partners with respect and dignity and growing together.
The company develops trust and strong business relationships with potential clients and can earn feelings of dependability.

Organizational Setup

  • Operation of the Company

The operation of the company is organized under five main departments reporting to the General Manager. The company has been employing qualified and experienced managerial and technical personnel to ensure the effectiveness and the efficiency of the company. The company has a full-fledged office with computer-aided management information system by which its offices are interconnected with a network.

  • Staff Strength

To be competent in the today’s market competition, assigning the right person for the right position at a right time is very crucial. Based on this fact, each department of TAF OIL PLC is equipped with professionals from various corners with diversified experience and educational background that makes them to be competent enough in the market. The following table shows profiles of some of the top level managers of the company.

Location of the company

Head Office

After analyzing the demand and qualifying the business prospect, Taf Oil Plc’s Head Office is in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia, located at Kirkos Sub city Worda 6H.No. 215 where our potential customers can access the location easily or in walking distance from main roads. This would add up time saving value to our customers in searching our service.

Fuel Stations

The stations are scattered throughout the country reasonably depending upon demand and market opportunities, and related construction cost. The main criteria in the selection of stations has taken into account the following factors:

  • Expected sales volume to be generated by the station
  • Existing competition activity/volume generated
  • Related acquiring and construction cost
  • Convenience of the station to vehicles
  • Visibility of the site to the motorist
  • Proximity to different economic activity
  • Distance from neighboring stations
  • Number of local and transient cars in the area
  • Personal and business background of the applicant, and etc

In the long run as well, TAF Oil Plc is very strict in selecting ideal location mainly to have ideal site and have high retail efficiency of each outlets.

Operational Fuel Stations


  • Adama TAF Station
  • Arisi Negelle TAF Station
  • Bako TAF Station
  • Bale Robe TAF Station
  • Begi TAF Station
  • Burayu TAF Station
  • Burayu 2 TAF Station
  • Dukem TAF Station
  • Gebre guracha TAF Station
  • Geda Ayana TAF Station
  • Gelan TAF Station
  • Jimma TAF Station
  • H/mariam TAF Station
  • Huruta TAF Station
  • Mojo TAF Station
  • Mojo 2 TAF Station
  • Moyale TAF Station
  • Shakiso TAF Station
  • Shashemene TAF Station
  • Welnchity TAF Station


  • Bonga TAF Station
  • Dilla TAF Station
  • Duramme TAF Station
  • Hadero TAF Station
  • Hawassa TAF Station
  • Mizan Aman TAF Station
  • Mizan Tepi TAF Station
  • Mearab Abaya TAF Station
  • Wolayta TAF Station
  • Abderafi TAF Station


  • Bahirdar TAF Station
  • Bati TAF Station
  • Debremarkos/Menkorer
  • Ebinat TAF Station
  • Fendeka TAF Station
  • Finote Selam TAF Station
  • Sekota TAF Station


  • Abaela TAF Station
  • Agula TAF Station
  • Axum TAF Station
  • Hewani TAF Station
  • Mekelle TAF Station

Addis Ababa

  • Akaki TAF Station
  • Akaki 2 TAF Station
  • German Squire TAF Station
  • Mekanisa 2 TAF Station
  • Semit-Goro TAF Station

Others ( Afar , Somalia, Beneshengul, Gambella and   Dredawa)

  • Awash TAF Station
  • Chefera TAF Station
  • Mille TAF Station
  • Serdo TAF Station
  • Semera TAF Station
  • Semera 2 TAF Station
  • Assosa TAF station
  • Degehabur TAF station
  • Dredawa TAF Station
  • Gambela TAF station
  • Jigijiga TAF Station 

Fuel Stations Under Construction

[In addition to the above mentioned operational stations, TAF oil is constructing about 23 new stations which are summarized below.


  • Adola TAF Station
  • Bore TAF Station
  • Dayra TAF Station
  • Hirna TAF Station
  • Nekemt TAF Station
  • Wolega(Bumeji Bila) TAF Station


  • Halaba TAF Station
  • Hosaena TAF Station
  • Yabelo TAF Station
  • Yabelo 2 TAF Station


  • Addis Zemen (Buranist) TAF Station
  • Andabet (Garagedo) TAF Station
  • Bullen TAF Station TAF Station
  • Debremarkos (yejube)
  • Jawi TAF Station
  • North Gondar TAF Station
  • Southern Wolo(Degolo) TAF Station
  • Woldiya TAF Station


  • Hagerselam TAF Station

Addis Ababa

  • Goro TA Station
  • Tulidimtu TAF Station

Others(Afar, Somalia, Beneshengul, Gambella Dredawa and Harar)

  • Adere TAF Station
  • Dir dawa 2 TAF Station

Aviation Class of Market

TAF oil joins the aviation fueling business in 2019 by fulfilling all the necessary administrative and operational requirements as well as the international quality standards. The company is the 4th oil company to operate the aviation fuel business in Ethiopia. TAF plans to be one of the prominent jet fuel suppliers in the country by starting with 20 % uplift from the overall jet fuel demand of Ethiopian airlines which is equivalent to 123,750 MC annually.

The aviation fuel project aims to create a sustainable business in the aviation class of market by launching a well-organized jet fuel supply for Ethiopian airlines as well as other Int’l commercial customers and the military sector like Kenya Airways, China air, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi, & Lufthansa Airlines, by joining the aviation business, the company shall play an important role in meeting the ever growing demand of the aviation fuel.


Depots to be constructed

This project aims to establish a blending plant, depot and fuel station in the Akaki Kality Sub city area on an estimated 40,000 square meter plot area with estimated project cost of Birr 79.5 million. This depot will have a storage capacity of 3,650,000 liters of fuels, 800,000 liters of ethanol and 500,000 Kgs of LPG at a time, and fuel station with its facilities as per petroleum Industry standards .i.e. Operational, safety and environmental standards. The project will also include constructing and installing vehicle inspection machineries and weight checking terminal. Besides these, it is believed this project will contribute its part in fulfilling government plans regarding quality control by serving as center for Lubricant Quality Control Laboratory.

Suppliers profile and product description

Emirates Lube Oil Co. Ltd. (ELCO), based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, is an ISO 9002. ISO 14001 company which commenced operations in 1972. ELCO is one of the largest lubricants manufacturing and marketing companies in the Middle East. Its flagship brand “National lube”, comprising of automotive and industrial lubricants, besides greases, marine lubricants and specially, products is available in over 70 nations across the globe. “National Lube” products are blended in accordance with International Standards and Specifications.



SpeedX Platinum – SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40

SpeedX Platinum is highly shear-stable, fully synthetic multigrade oil for petrol engines, including turbocharged and multi-valve engines. It is recommended for most severe driving conditions (racing, motorways and dense city traffic). This oil is formulated from selected fully-synthetic base-oils and the latest additive technology to ensure outstanding stability, improved flow properties and excellent performance

SpeedX Magnum Gold – SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40

National SpeedX Gold is highly shear-stable, fully-synthetic multigrade oil for petrol engines, including turbocharged and multi-valve engines. It is recommended for most severe driving conditions (racing, motorways and dense city traffic). This oil is formulated from selected fully-synthetic base-oils and the latest additive technology to ensure outstanding stability, improved flow properties and excellent performance.

SpeedX Supreme – SAE 10W-30 and 10W-40

 National SpeedX Supreme is semi-synthetic high-performance multigrade motor oil, formulated from a special blend of selected mineral oils, synthetic base fluids and proven additive technology. It is recommended for use in passenger cars and light-commercial petrol engines, and passenger-car diesel engines under all operating conditions.

SpeedX Optima – SAE 15W-40 and 20W-50

SpeedX Optima is a superior grade, highly shear-stable, multigrade petrol-engine oil formulated for passenger cars and light commercial engines requiring API SL performance under all operating conditions. This oil is formulated with highviscosity index mineral oil, the latest additive technology, shear stable polymer and efficient detergent additive package to provide reliable engine protection under extremely severe operating conditions.


Diesel Oils

PERFOMAX GOLD Plus 10W40 and 15W-40

PERFOMAX Gold Plus oil is a premium performance, heavy-duty diesel engine oil offering exceptional protection under the most severe conditions. Formulated to meet the stringent requirements of latest low-emission and high-performance engines from European, North American and Japanese engine makers. Suitable for electronically- controlled diesel engines, including EGR-equipped engines.


PERFOMAX Gold is an extra high-performance diesel engine oil. Recommended for naturally aspirated and turbo-diesel powered equipment from leading Japanese,European and American manufacturers, mixed fleets, on-highway light and heavyduty trucking, and off-highway industries including construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture.

Perfoma X Silver – SAE 15W-40

Perfoma X Silver is a quality shear-stable multigrade premium performance crankcase oil designed to meet the requirements of most highly-powered turbocharged engines of European and Japanese origin. Recommended for use in mixed fleets, commercial road transport and offroad vehicles and plants.

Perfoma X Ultra Diesel Superior – SAE 15W-40

Perfoma X Ultra Diesel Superior is a high-performance, shear-stable multigrade diesel engine oil formulated using high-quality paraffinic base-oil with selected additives. For a mixed fleet operating under severe service conditions.

Perfoma X Excel Monograde – SAE 30, 40 & 50

Perfoma X Excel is a high-performance premium monograde oil designed for mixed fleets.
Formulated using high-quality paraffinic base oils with selected additives. For all turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines operating under severe service conditions.


Automotive Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid Dexron-VI

Dexron-VI is the product designedfor use in all passenger cars and commercial vehicles equipped with transmission and hydraulic systems for Model Year 2006 and beyond. It is the latest generation technology approved for use by General Motors in automatic transmissions and automatic transaxles where a DEXRON®-VI fluid is specified. It is also back serviceable in transmissions calling for DEXRON®-III or DEXRON®-II fluids

Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III

Dexron III is designed for use in all passenger cars and commercial vehicles equipped with automatic transmission and hydraulic systems.
This grade is made from highly-refined paraffinic base stocks, shear-stable viscosity index improver and other quality additives.

Automatic Transmission Fluid LE 95

Designed for passenger and commercial vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

HT Fluid T0-4

Specifically designed for Caterpillar heavy-duty power-shift transmissions and final drives requiring T0-4 fluids.

Universal Tractor Fluid

Multipurpose fluid for use in farm, off-road construction equipment and industrial tractors. For transmission, hydraulic and power steering system.

Gearlube Mp Gl-5

Gearlube MP GL-5 is superior quality gear oil for automotive use meeting the stringent requirements of hypoid, bevel and spiral gear units, axles and final drives operating under severe conditions and over a wide range of temperatures.
These oils are blended from high quality paraffinic base oils and fortified with extreme-pressure additives. This oil meets the requirement of several automotive manufacturers for cars, vans and commercial vehicles.
SAE: LS90, LS140, 80W90, 85W90, 85W140.

Gearlube Ep Gl-4

Gearlube EP GL-4 is formulated for use in wide range of gear units with normal bevel and helical gear designs, including synchromesh manual gearboxes, transmissions and axles under moderately severe load and pressure conditions.
These oils meet the requirements of many automotive manufacturers for cars, vans and commercial vehicles.
SAE: 90, 140, 80W90, 85W90, 85W140.


Brake Fluid  and Brake


DOT-3 is a heavy-duty brake fluid. This fluid is suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake systems operating under severe conditions. It can also be used as hydraulic clutch-release fluid.


DOT-4 is a heavy-duty, high-boiling point, superior-quality synthetic brake and hydraulic clutch-release fluid. This fluid is suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake systems under most strenuous conditions.



Extreme Pressure Grease

These products are multi-functional extreme-pressure lithium-soap greases manufactured from high viscosity index base-oils and fortified, carefully-selected extreme pressure additives. They are recommended for gearboxes, heavily loaded anti-friction and plain bearings on industrial and automotive equipment.
NLGI Grade: 0, 1, 2, 3

Multi Purpose Grease

A premium-quality grease and is recommended for variety of greasing application in automotive, agriculture, construction and industrial application.
It is recommended for lubrication of wheel bearing, chassis, nipple steering linkages, universal joints etc.
This grease provides maximum protection by adhering well to the lubricated bearing surfaces sealing them from dirt and abrasive contaminants.
NLGI Grade: 0, 1, 2, 3

Lithium Moly Grease

National Moly Grease is a black lithium base fortified with extreme pressure additives grease containing
molybdenum disulphide


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