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Primary CategoryEthiopian Service Providers

Realizing the growth of the demand for brand, quality product & service in Ethiopia, particularly by the private sector, B and S Engineering PLC (Base PLC) is established under the laws of Ethiopia, fully licensed to carry out import, distribute, resale, install, test, commissioning and after sales service of electrical and electro-mechanical equipments in Ethiopia. B and S Engineering PLC (Base PLC), is currently supplying many product from brand manufacturers from Italy, UK, Spain, Germany, UAE, Turkey, China and India. We are also working with highly recognized manufactures and suppliers to meet the current demand of quality product and services in Ethiopia.

Our Main Activities 

1.  Electro-mechanical Works

We are Contracting different Electrical and electro-mechanical Project on turnkey basis or Sub-contractor including site survey, engineering design, supply/procurement, installation, testing and commissioning. We are contracting international projects with our international partners.

1.1 Erection of Power Transmission and Telecommunication Towers

      • More than 32 rural towns and villages were electrified by B and S Engineering PLC. In total 300km 33kv medium voltage and 400km low voltage was done.
      • Erection of High voltage (132-400KV) Power transmission towers, Medium & low voltage (33-0.4KV) poles.
      • Base PLC erected more than 80 different size (from 25-80meter high) of mobile and TV towers.

1.2 Substation and Power Distribution

      • More 5 compact substations were installed.
      • We installed rectifier cabinet at 5 stations for Addis Ababa rail way project.
      • Installation of AC and DC Panels.
      • B and S Engineering plc have installed different panels for Addis Ababa light railway project.
      • Low voltage power Cabinets Installation.
      • More than 40 low voltages were installed at different station.
      • Installation of outdoor substation switchgear.
      • Battery Installation.

1.3 Erection of Power Generator and Transformer

      • Power Generator Erection.
      • We installed up to 600KVA Diesel Generator
      • Installation of Power
      • Generator Control Panel
      • Power Transformer Erection.
      • Rectifier Transformer Erection & Installation.
      • 5 Rectifier transformers were installed. Each rectifier transformer was10 ton weight.

1.4 Power and Optical Fiber Cable Installation

      • When digging the trench, we care for our cables even, the stones don’t stop us
      • 65km fiber optical cable was layed.
      • When laying the Cables, we see that the bedding is properly done not to damage the cables
      • Installation of overhead cable and Cable duct
      • Installation of underground cable and cable tray
      • High voltage cable termination

2. Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Equipment Supply

    • Distribution and Power Transformers 
    • Generator Automatic transfer switch, ATS
    • Compact Substation
    • A source for Breakers, distribution board, switch and sockets
    • Consumer Lighting
    • Commercial and Industrial Lighting
    • Wires, Cables and Conductors
    • Cables and overhead line accessories
    • Air Conditioning and Solar systems

3. Agent/Consulting

    • We acting as an agent for importation of various mechanical/electrical products, import and acquisition of technology
    • We are supplying many products from brand manufacturers from Italy, UK, Spain, Germany, UAE, Turkey, China and India.


The fundamental objective of the company is to be locally and internationally recognized as high quality and service giving organization in the field of electrical and electromechanical and become leading partner to our clients in their developments.
In order to achieve these objectives the company is committed to:

    • Study, Design and execute Electromechanical Construction, Installation and maintenance works.
    • Provide high quality and practical support on electromechanical works.
    • Supply high quality and brand products
    • Give reliable after sales services.
    • Ensure the availability of sufficient and genuine spare parts for the equipment supplied.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Mindfulness
  • Cooperation & team work

Our Customers

Government and Private Offices, Different industries, Mining and Energy, agriculture, public utility, health sectors, complete turnkey industrial plants, housing projects of various standards.
Base is one of the few local contracts who are participating on the realization of the Addis Ababa light rail way project. We participating on the project for the following activities; 

    • Substation works (Panel installation, cable and cable tray installation, electrical grounding works)
    • Heat release joint welding.
    • Erection of light mast

Man Power

The owners of the company are professional engineers with many years of relevant Experience. They are part and parcel of the reliable working force. In addition Base has 3 professional engineers on permanent basis, 10 highly qualified Electro-mechanical technicians for its routine day-to-day activities. This work force is further assisted by other permanent employees:-administrator, accountants, secretaries, clerks, etc.
Furthermore, depending on the volume of work and prevailing situations, the company can easily mobilize its affiliated highly qualified manpower resources. The Company maintains its record of consultant and engineers and gives priority to this work force when considering permanent employment and expansion of Base activities.
Base Plc is a Company assured of high-level technical skills and its customers very well know that the project it handles is being managed in the highest level of professional excellence .Its members with their wide experience can deliver services in all relevant fields from inception up to realization.

Environment and Safety

As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work.
We also care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off.


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