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Limay Electrical Trading

LIMAY ELECTRIC is a Private Company engaged in the Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Electromechanical Equipment, Plants, and also in Electromechanical Services & Value added Trading in Ethiopia.

Background of the organization

Our company, Limay Electric is a company Established in 2007 G.C. With the general objectives of supplying and manufacturing electric and power related products. The details of its operations are as follows;

• Sales of electric equipment, Import and Export, 
• Supply of electrical materials for buildings and industries
• Assembly and installation of industrial control panel boards (DOL, Star-delta, Impedance motor starter, and others)
• Supply of power sector capacitors
• Supply of transformers and generators

In general the company is involved in the following sectors:

• Contracting, (building and industrial Power, fire system, security system and data system Projects)
• Electromechanical Services, (supply and installation of diesel generators, supply of transformers and other related electromechanical services) 
• Assembly & Partial Manufacturing of Value Added system Units. (electrical distribution panel boards, and industrial control boards)

Our company, Limay Electric Is becoming profitable company year after year by; providing Quality products & Services to Customers, employing motivated & satisfied workforce, maintaining mutually beneficial relationship with its suppliers and customers, and by respecting International and national rules of environmental and social commitments, thereby participating in the Country's development by generating employment opportunity and paying taxes.

To maintain the current strengths and to intensify them, our company is carrying out the following activities;

• Data collection and need assessment studies in the Countries large volume Electromechanical Construction & Contracting works.
• Update all employees with modern and proper training. 
• Increase the capabilities of Technical Department to prepare the technical drawings & Documents for each project.
• Increase the Capabilities of Project Management System with the newest Project Management Techniques & trainings.


Our Vision is to the best supplier and producer of electric and related products in the country that can be exemplary by the quality of products and services to other companies.


By Feeling the gap in demand for quality electrical products by producing and supplying quality products and services and saving foreign currency, to generate profit to the owners of the business and to create extra jobs in the economy.

Work Scope

  • Construction, Installation, Test & Commissioning of Electrical Power Generation Plant of Diesel Power.
  • Erection & Installation of Industrial Electrical Power System.
  • Design, Engineering, Manufacture & Supply of System units, Renovation & integration Services.
  • Preparation of Value Engineering Studies, assembly & partial manufacturing of system units like Submersible and surface pump started boards, Generator Automatic Transfer Switch boards.
  • Installation of fire and security (CCTV & Access control).
  • Nurse calling system and Networking.
  • Fire Pumps, Hydrants and pillar type hydrants
  • Design, Electromechanical Construction, Testing & Commissioning of Water supply & sewerage systems, Irrigation system, Firefighting hydrant system, Fuel Station etc.

Brands we Supply

  • ABB
  • MAY
  • Moeller: an Eaton Brand
  • Schneider Electric
  • Everlux
  • Telemecanique
  • Merlin Gerin
  • Philips

Tools and Machinery

1. Workshop Tools.

To accomplish its objectives Limay Electric has got a Workshop equipped with:

• Grinding machines 
• Drilling machines 
• Steel cutting machines 
• Welding machines 
• Pulley lift with stand (2-12 tone) 
• Heavy-duty hydraulic jack (20 tone) 
• Hydraulic press machine 
• Set of Mechanic's and Electrician's tools 
• Generator sets(30KVA)
• Hydraulic Crimping Machine
• Mechanical Machinery
• Electrical Machinery
• Equipment & Tools for Electrical works (for mobile services)
• Equipment & Tools for Mechanical works (for mobile services)

2.   Mobile Tools / Equipment 

For Contracting and Service jobs outside the Workshop Limay Electric workshop possess:-

• Electrical measuring instruments
• Set of Electrical toolkit
• Set of Mechanical toolkit
• Diesel Generator maintenance toolkit
• Mobile generators (5 & 10 KVA )
• Insulation tester 1KV
• Harmonic analyzer
• Earth tester

Building Facilities

• Electrical and Mechanical Systems Workshop.
• General Office Buildings.
• Sales outlet and show room

Financial Status

• Authorized capital of ETB 500,000.00

Quality Management System

The company has realized the need to develop and implement quality management system and have started working towards it to achieve certification of ISO 9001:2008 within the coming two years. Due to the strong competition, the need to continually satisfy customers, interested parties, and to run successful business we are dealing with consultant that will assist our efforts towards the implement of this QMS.

Occupational Safety & Health

Realizing the need for Occupational Safety & Health Policy in order to build the company’s image, gives high priority for safety rules and prepared the necessary manuals on safety and handle a continuously follow up to ascertain implementation. 

Legal Status

LIMAY ELECTRIC has fulfilled the requirements in accordance with the 1960 Commercial Code of Ethiopia. The company holds the following business licenses.
1. Electrical installation License for Electromechanical services
2. VAT Registered
3. Ministry of finance and Economy license

Reference Project

1. Gad Construction Plc.- Approves and supply of all electrical material at airport site
2. Impact Engineering Plc.-Supply of all electrical material for real estate at Bahirdar
3. Satcon Construction Plc.- Approves and supply of all electrical materials for Bahirdar university management building, Fire pumps
4. Giga Construction plc:- Fire Alarm ,nurse call system
5. Dashen Bank – Fire alarm system
6. Yoteck Construction plc CCTV and fire alarm
7. A.A Fire and emergency Agency- pillar fire hydrant
8. Defense construction Enterprise – Fire extinguishers
9. Yayehyerad Building- Partial manufacturing and assembly of 60KVA Automatic Transfer Switch and Diesel generator and Mains supply interface board for ground plus five building.
10. Awash International Bank- Installation test and commissioning of (22-35) KVA diesel generators and Partial manufacturing and assembly of Automatic Transfer Switch and Diesel generator and Mains supply         interface board for different branches of the bank located in Addis Ababa and around Addis Ababa. Manufacturing of Sound proof canopy for the above mentioned diesel generators. Breakdown call                       maintenance and scheduled maintenance service of Diesel Power generator for different branches located in the country.
11. Awash Winery S.C.- Assembly and Partial manufacturing of Main distribution board for the factory by renovating the electrical installation of the board.
12. DLM Plc.- Spinning and knitting machinery maintenance and installation
13. Dil Oil Factory Plc.- Oil extracting and processing machinery installation maintenance and breakdown maintenance
14. East African Bottling SC. (Coca-Cola)- Supply and Installation of soft starter and power factor corrector 
15. Labora International Plc.- Engine overhauling, maintenance, Installation, test and commissioning of 12KVa Diesel generator for the company head office. Supply and Installation test and commissioning of 32         KVA diesel generator for the newly located head office of the company. Including construction of Generator house.
16. Wuhan Telecommunication Engineering Co. Ltd- Installation of Microwave Antenna, BTS antenna, DC power supply, AC power supply, MDF and DDF rack, Tower erection and laying of transmition cable.
17. Leorada Electromechanical- Assembling and Partial manufacturing of distribution board main circuit breaker ranging from 125 Amp to 1200Amp.
18. Addis Ababa Exhibition Center- Breakdown call maintenance and scheduled maintenance service of Diesel Power generator 
19. DMC Construction- Installation, Test and commissioning of 20, 40 and 120KVA UPS
20. Acere Construction- Installation, Test and commissioning of 20, 40 and 120KVA UPS
21. Grace Construction- Installation, Test and commissioning of 100KVA UPS
22. Rama Construction- Installation, Test and commissioning of 120KVA UPS
23. UNHCR- Installation, Test and commissioning of window type and Split type Air conditioner
24. GOH Import Export Plc- Assembling and Partial manufacturing of distribution board main circuit breaker ranging from 125 Amp to 1200Amp. Pump start board (Direct on line, Star delta and Soft start)
25. MAROCK Electromechanical Service- Installation test and commissioning of (80-250) KVA diesel generators and Partial manufacturing and assembly of Diesel generator extracting hood located in Addis               Ababa and Bahir Dar.

Future Management Plan

• To be ISO certified in 2 year time.
• Working to be effective and free of Occupational Health Hazards & Accidents by working on Occupational          Safety & Health programs.

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Exchange Rates

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