Nuru Social Enterprises Ethiopia (USA)

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Nuru Social Enterprises Ethiopia (USA)

Nuru Social Enterprise (NSE) is a for-profit company under establishment in Ethiopia. NSE is owned by private social investors from USA. In its business operation model, NSE would focus mainly on businesses which will serve social purpose in addition to generating profit. While doing business addressing social problems, transferring technologies, and creation of job are key components of its objectives.

Currently the company is performing multiple preparatory tasks to launch its business. Among other:

  • Recruiting focal person to run establishment of the company and perform representation.
  • Carrying out research and develop business plan for multiple lines (with the help of foreign business consultant).
  • Fulfilling legal requirements to be registered as foreign investor in Ethiopia (by the help of local and international legal advisors)

Where are we at?

  • Coordination office opened in Addis Ababa at Bole sub-city near civil service collage
  • About four business ideas identifies, researched and Business plans developed accordingly.
  • Identification of potential business partners is under way by publicizing through appropriate plat forms
  • Registration for the company by appropriate government authorities in underway and will be concluded soon.

Implementation modality

As its implementation model, Nuru Social Enterprise would like to see the possibility of partnering with the existing local entrepreneurs’ business as opposed to fully own and run a new business by its own. 

The partnership should be built based on in depth analysis on the potential parties with regards to current status in a particular business; experience on the specific business line; access to existing networks; local knowledge of the business environment; access to technology and expertise and financial capacity.

In verifying the above considerations Nuru social enterprise may take subsequent meetings with the potential business partner often with a number of question from both sides to understand well each other. Besides detailed company profile of the potential partners will be reviewed for better understanding of their businesses.

The aim of the partnership is to take the existing business into higher level to meet the new vision to be crafted by the partners jointly. The size of operation, investment scale, customer base and envisaged profit size should be revised accordingly. The contribution of each party in the partnership should also be itemized to determine shareholding. Existing business assets of each party will also be valuated before including into the new ownership arrangement.

Implementation strategies:

As its prime potential to run social business, Nuru Social Enterprise has the following comparative strength:

  • International network to reach foreign market for export products and import of capital goods.
  • Access to the state of the art expertise on specific social business lines
  • Financial resource for investment in foreign currency
  • High level management skill to upgrade and sustain the business
  • Committed to investing in Ethiopia and therefore open to certain levels of risk

Why partnership or Joint Venture ?

  • For local entrepreneurs:
    • It will scale up the existing business of local entrepreneurs to higher level to maximize profit through scaling up operation.
    • It gives access to the local entrepreneurs’ business; technology, capital, expertise, foreign market and management skill which are in short supply locally at the moment.
  • For Nuru Social Enterprise:
    • Nuru can engage in the social business operation quickly by expanding existing social businesses instead of starting new by its own.
    • Can build up its social business based on the existing business experience and local knowledge of local entrepreneurs.
    • Could share existing investment facilities of local entrepreneurs to minimize initial cost.

Business line tentatively under considerationin priority order (Business plan developed for all)

  • Agiculture or honey or beekeeping
  • Mango juice production
  • Water bottling
  • Plastics recycling

Our Team

 Asrat Tadesse, Social Enterprises Director (NSE Ethiopia)

Asrat earned a MA in Development Studies from the Kimmage Development Studies Center in Ireland and studied Water Resource Engineering in his undergraduate studies at Arba Minch University. In addition, he earned an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation in association with Fordham University. Asrat has worked for more than two decades managing and implementing rural development projects in the southern part of Ethiopia. Asrat joined Nuru International from its inception in Ethiopia – beginning as a Senior Advisor to help register Nuru as an international NGO in Ethiopia. In February 2013 he assumed the role of the Social Enterprises Director.

Wilson Kao, Business Consultant

Wilson was born in Taiwan and grew up in Canada. He earned a B.A. at Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario and an MBA at Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. He joins Nuru with over 4 years of international accounting and finance experience from Deloitte and Unilever. Having worked in Europe, North America and Asia, Wilson is thrilled about diverse cultures and thoroughly enjoys blending in with the locals. 

Temesgen Gabriel, Business Manager (NSE Ethiopia)

Temesgen has worked for various non-governmental organization in areas of local community development, income generation and resources mobilization. He Served as Resource Mobilization Coordinator for Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Program Officer for Thousand Stars Music Festival and Action Aid Ethiopia. With wide experiences and exposure to the social and local business practices of Ethiopia, he earned BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University and is currently studying Sociology. He loves reading self-help, entrepreneurship and biographies books. 


Call for partners/joint venturehip!

Any interested business owner of the respective business line is welcome to approach Nuru social enterprise for possible partnership considerations. 
As part of the application please enclose;

  • Letter of interest
  • Your Company profile (with detailed status report and future vison)
  • Conditions for partnership, if any
  • Suggestion for meeting and visit


  • As part of the applicant’s company profile it is very important and helpful for NSEE to get an accurate assessment of costs and profit margins of the respective businesses in the last 2-3 years. In doing so we need to meet potential partners looking for some data and we are willing to share ours in a return. But we will never require partners to divulge information they are not comfortable sharing.
  • The applicant shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its application and time for discussion and visit of its premises regardless of the outcome of the selection process.

If interested, please contact 0939593990 or email at

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