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NITA Color Center

NITA COLOR CENTER is a privately owned business established in 2004 and registered under the License Number AKK/AA/1/1000816/2004 by the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry. NITA COLOR CENTER is currently engaged in the manufacturing of acrylic modified high-quality architectural paints with shades of a wide range. Apart from this, Nita Color Center is the sole manufacturer of artist-grade oil and acrylic paints in the country.

Nita color center is owned and managed by Getahun Heramo (a chemical engineer), with a total of 23 years of experience in the field of paint and color technology. The owner has worked previously in various state and privately owned paint factories as head of quality control department, paint ink formulation expert, and project manager. Moreover, he has been actively participating in the establishment of new paint factories from feasibility study up to turnkey level.

Import substitution researches are his main area of concern and visit the link Awards for viewing the list of awards offered to him for successful import substitution projects.


1. Acrylic modified water based paints:

Points of differences

  •  Acrylic modified binder system

Nita Color center uses self-cross-linking and convertible acrylics to modify the water resistance of dry paint films. Most conventional paints incorporate only PVA (polyvinyl acetate) copolymer as the principal binder. Paints based on PVA-type binders are non-self cross-linking and hence do have inferior water permeability resistance.

  • Very limited use of tinting pastes

Uncontrolled use of tinters dose in the paint recipe is one of the reasons for the early failure of paint film due to water and ultra violet rays. Nita color center encourages the use of direct dry pigment to match the shade of colors. If tinting pastes are to be used the amount should be as small as possible. However it is to be noted that shade variations can be achieved even without adding any colorants by varying the other attributes of color other than hue.

  • Easy color selection

Nita color Center has been engaged in the study of the color preference test of some of the targeted customers (over 500) of Addis Ababa for the past 10 years. The main objective of the research was to scientifically discover the native color taste of the customers instead of forcing them to accept the imported shades of foreign companies. Based on this, the center has launched a new color scheme categorized under various interior spaces.


Color Codes




Living rooms, dining spaces, family rooms



Hallways/ corridors



Master bedrooms



Boys room



Girls room



Guest room

The recommended colors fit best buildings intended for rent and real state houses ready for sale as Nita color Center has found out that the colors are the most loved shades by the potential clients. However, the Center has other wide custom made color options for residential and commercial buildings. Some buildings intended for defined services such as hospitals, schools and industry require a close up color shade decision aided by the recent developments in color psychology and environmental sciences.

- Introducing the notion of Color Trend and dynamism

Nita Color center believes that the color shift trend in Ethiopian architectural color shades is too static and sometimes prevailing for over 30 years. Here one can mention the famous broken white color 117, which has controlled the interior spaces of Ethiopian architecture for the past 35 years. If any color shift is made, it simply revolves around the off white creams. Why? Is it because the paint industries can no more provide other options for the market or our society is color-phobic! This might cal for another research.

The very static nature of Ethiopian architectural colors has motivated Nita Color Center to bring an end for the reign of a single shade over years. Chromatic study of color and vision disclose that there are about 17 million color shades out of which one with the normal sight can discriminate 10 million. Out of this about 4,000 colors are in use in architecture for the past thousands of years.

Hence Nita Color Center has a plan to shift the shades of the center’s shades of architectural colors every six years based on the feedback from the public and other social-political and cultural influences.

2. Artist Grade paints:

Currently, Nita Color Center manufactures oil and acrylic artist grade paints. Significant research was done on the manufacturing of water color after making an intensive research on the Arabic gum of Sidamo, Humera and Harar acacia tree. This paint will be included in the product mix in the near future.


Just as it is briefly presented in our motto, Nita Color Center extends its mission beyond manufacturing! Color consultancy, computer aided color design, site visit (for big projects), conventional and faux finish application services automatically follow the manufacturing.

Nita Color Center has over 20 amateur painters and 3 professional artists to apply and decorate the architectural interior and exterior.


“Beyond Manufacturing " is the motto of Nita color center. It is just like saying "We manufacture the piano and then play it" Our brand story also states that: It is true that we manufacture high quality acrylic modified paints.

It is also true that we are pioneers to manufacture artist grade paints locally, for which we have been crowned by the world Intellectual property office (WIPO, Geneva) in 2004 and the world Bank in 2007. But the whole story doesn’t stop there.

We take you up to the end by making use of recent developments in color psychology, color philosophy and color phenomenology! Much more than manufacturing!


No one is careless in going out! However, this doesn’t seem to work with our buildings. We enforce them to wear the ugliest clothe and display themselves in the midst of the overall environmental context where competition is intense.

Architectural buildings attain their involuntarily or voluntarily attention from visitors primarily due to their color. Here, it sounds better to mention the lion’s share impact of color on the textile market.

Researches indicate that 60% buying decision of clothing is made due to the color of the fabric. This is also true with respect to the image of a building. You may like or dislike a building because of its color.

Nita Color Center consults and designs colors for the exterior of buildings. The intended function of the building, the nearby physical environment (context), the clients color preference and in the strictest sense the architectural style of the architecture are the primary inputs to make the exterior color decision.

From the technical point of view, the light fastness property of the pigment in the paint recipe also plays a central role as the dried paint film is expected to last for a considerable time without fading. True beauty bits the test of time!


The main difference between designing the interior and exterior color is the context. Public spaces in the exterior are replaced by personal spaces while planning the interior colors though this is specially the case for the residential spaces (commercial interiors do consider the public tastes!).

In the case of residential interior color planning the purpose of the rooms, personal color preferences of the clients, the light condition, the interior architectural details and the color of the furnishings are the leading variables.

Nita Color center has been designing and consulting on the interior colors for the past ten years. The design step incorporates not only the aesthetic concept but also the technical aspect with respect to the quality of the paint. Mere decoration devoid of the technical skill is the main source of the client’s complaint in the name of high maintenance costs.


Nita Color Center not only supplies artist grade paints for the Ethiopian artists but also creates the convincing art market for the emerging young artist. We believe that the strength of our customers is directly linked with ours. Practically, the center promotes the painting market in two directions.

The first one is consulting the owners of a building to purchase paintings after finishing painting the interior. "Say No to Blank Walls" is our motto in this respect. In doing so we don’t require any commission from the business. We simply facilitate the building owners to directly contact the artists of their choice.

The other direction that we use to create the art market is a direct one. Nita Color Center has been collecting paintings from the Ethiopian artists for the past 10 years. The Paintings are made by using art paints manufactured by the center.

Currently the center owns around 200 paintings and all are the Centre’s collection and are not for resale! We have had an art exhibition of the collection in Ale school of Fine Arts and design (Addis Ababa University) recently from June 5, 2014-June 20, 2014.


The owner and manager of Nita Color Center has won three awards namely


conferred by the Ethiopian Society of Chemical Engineers (ESCHE) for the successful import substitution research on the local manufacturing of offset, letterpress and web offset printing inks.


From the World Bank for the successful import substitution research on the local manufacturing of artist grade paints and water based flexographic printing inks.

conferred by the Ethiopian Society of Chemical Engineers (ESCHE) for the successful import substitution research on the local manufacturing of offset, letterpress and web offset printing inks.


Award from the World Intellectual Property Office (Geneva) for the successful import substitution research on the local manufacturing of offset, letterpress and web offset printing inks. The award was delivered by the vice president of WIPO and handed over by the then President of Ethiopia, Germa W/giorgise.

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