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Africa Riding Adventures Tours

Africa Riding Adventures Tours provides exclusive motorbike tours and riding adventures all over Ethiopia and also in Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. Africa Riding Adventures Tours was formed in early 2004 by experienced rider and well traveled Flavio Bonaiuti, who has spent the better part of 2003 exploring and mapping hidden trails and far-off corners of Ethiopia.

All of our motorcycle tours have been studied in depth, in order to provide each adventurer the maximum riding experience in a safe and comfortable environment whether riding on or off-road. Whether you are looking for an adventure ride or a more relaxing holiday trip we have something that is just right for you, from leisurely day and weekend rides to enduro rides on off-the-beaten-road tracks which will test your skills and stamina.

africa-riding 22Whether you choose a calendar, custom made, weekend or day tour or prefer to bring your own bike in one of our guided tours, we can promise you will never forget your motorcycle experience in Ethiopia. If you prefer to ride independently we also provide support to independent travelers.

Welcome to Africa Riding Adventures Tours, is located in Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. As the only motorbike tour operator in Ethiopia we provide you with the unique opportunity to experience the vastness, wilderness, culture and history of the beautiful Ethiopia, all of that on top of a state of the art KTM motorcycles.

But we don't stop here! If you would like to combine your Ethiopia Bike Adventure with a trip to Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania or Kenya we can also organize it for you!

We provide tours mainly during the dry season (mid-September to mid-June) and that is why we introduced the 5 African Countries since 3 years, which has been very successful!! 

Independent Travelers Support 

In the last few years we have been witnessing more and more bikers traveling through Africa and making Ethiopia one of their main stops. If you need any help organizing your Ethiopia leg of the trip, storage for your bike whilst you go home to recharge your batteries or mechanical, support we can help. Contact us and we will do our best to help you organizing your Ethiopian or African adventure.

In addition we are also official KTM importers for Ethiopia and KTM dealers. If you are riding a KTM we can also provide you with spare parts and service. If possible get in touch beforehand (as our shop will be open soon!!) and have a limited stock of parts available. If you are riding any other make of bike and would like us to service it for you no problem. Whatever your bike's make we will provide you with a great service!

Motorcycle Rental

If you prefer to travel through Ethiopia’s stunning scenery independently we have decided to re-start renting following a 3-year resting period. This time we will be renting KTM 640 LC4 enduro. Please read our terms and conditions for the full detail of our rental policy. KTM 640 LC4 Enduro are very strong bikes, very well maintained and expertly serviced in our workshop after each ride. We offer you unlimited mileage and if you don’t have your protection gear with you and, depending on size, we can also rent helmets, goggles, jackets, pants, boots, gloves and kidney belts. Contact us for more information.

Rental Period


Day rental

€ 120

Weekend/ 2 day rental

€ 240

1 week (7 days)

€ 805


€ 115/day

2 weeks (14 days)

€ 1,540


€ 110/day

3 weeks (21 days)

€ 2,205


€ 105/day

4 weeks (28 days)

€ 2,800


€ 100/day

Tour Bikes 

Africa Riding Adventures offers four models of motorcycles in its tours: KTM 640 LC4 Enduro, KTM 690 LC4 Enduro, KMT 690R LC4 Enduro, and KTM 500EXC. All motorcycles undergo thorough & rigorous maintenance and check-ups after each trip, guaranteeing you a safe bike and ride every time. In addition tires are adapted to each tour depending on the kind of terrain and each motorcycle has been adapted for altitude, thus ensuring a consistent performance and a worry free ride. 

  • KTM 500EXC

ktm-excEnough is never enough! For all those who are forever seeking a little bit more, KTM has created the KTM 500 EXC. The 500 EXC's new bodywork with the very slim seat and spoiler lines, plus excellent contact points, perfects the bike's ergonomics, making handling even simpler and more precise. Perfectly controllable power in extravagant proportions, low weight and an unsurpassed chassis characterize an enduro of remarkable versatility: a sensational fighting machine! 

  • KTM 690 ENDURO R

ktm 690RA hard working bike than never quits, the KTM 690 Enduro R offers amazing off-road technology and tough thoroughbred chassis. Great for on and off-road adventure, the 690 Enduro R delivers unbeatable power, thanks to its single-cylinder, four-stroke, 654 cc engine. Lightweight and solid, this KTM dirt bike always gives riders maximum performance and high reliability. 

  • KTM 690 ENDURO

690 enduroFor anyone looking for the ultimate all-rounder, the KTM 690 Enduro is the right choice. Rough riding in rugged terrain is just as easily mastered in the saddle of the new LC4-Enduro as long-range asphalt riding. It masters trails reserved otherwise only for EXC bikes, and is equally suitable for a trip to Morocco, travelling there by motorway. So this elaborately constructed and very lightweight, four-valve single offers you a range of capabilities that is broader than ever before. From the widest variety of roads to adventurous pistes to demanding off-road trails – the 690 Enduro is at home everywhere!

Don't forget to reserve your choice of motorbike at the time of booking!

Where to find us:

We are located behind the Hilton Hotel, in the building in front of the Presidential House, between the ECA (Economic Commission for Africa) and the Development Bank, 1st floor right.

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