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Investment in Ethiopia has never been as welcoming as now. The government is working hard to create a conducive investment environment. website is established to facilitate the investment activities for investors and the government so as to improve the investment environment. is dedicated to supporting all investors operating in Ethiopia. We offer different services which are explained under the services section. is established and owned by Sewit PLC. Sewit PLC. is a full service investment advisory and trade auxiliary company that strives to drive business improvement through an understanding of joint venture, partnership, and public relations. It also hold insurance agency license from the United Insurance Company to sell non-life insurance. We offer an integrated communications solution, providing clients with a convenient one-stop shop for all of their multi-disciplinary investment needs. As a private limited company, which has earned high reputation in professional and ethical mannerism with great proficiency. As being connected with several Ethiopian societies, Sewit PLC. has organized several communication platforms by designing its objective to meet the needs of investors. Sewit PLC. is also equally known for event organizing, logistic and representation. Sewit PLC. is therefore a company of status that has built prosperous relationships with different communities through hard work, creation of common grounds, transparency and effective employment of communication skills.


  • Customer focused
  • Active communication
  • Responsiveness



  • We envision Ethiopia to become one of the most investment friendly countries in the world.


  • To serve investors diligently and with urgency, putting communication and fast action at the heart of our operation


  • serves as an active bridge with fast communication. We can be reached by any means of communication and provide the actual ground service to investors that are within the country and outside. The figure below illustrates our strategy.












  • Our partners are emerging investors who work in that serve us do the job.
  • We have the technical capacity and connections to solve almost any problem related to investment
  • We are the ideal communication company as we are always connected to the internet.
  • We take your concept and ideas, and convert them into a compelling consumer-targeted piece and deliver on time and on budget


1. Setting Up Company

  • Identify Potential areas
  • Procedures of legal and other requirement
  • Getting you an office and a place to live
  • Getting you the Right licenses
  • Setting up your financial structure
  • Tax and regulatory compliance advice

2. Financial Solutions

  •  Debt Advisory Services
    • Identify and connect potential lenders
    • Provide an overview of options available to the client
    • Review loan documentation and financial covenants
    • Create a competitive process and lead negotiations to ensure the best terms are achieved for the client
  • Equity Fundraising
    • We manage an equity fundraising if there is a funding gap
    • We raise funds from local and foreign sources.

3. Legal Services

    • We provide legal advice on any corporate and commercial legal services with the direct involvement of our partners and our experienced staffs.

4. Joint Venture Arrangement

This is our matchmaking service where we; 

    • Connect project with finance
    • Connect finance with project

5. Representation

  • We represent foreign firms in Ethiopia in various sectors of the economy. We serve in;
    • Identifying opportunity
    • Assisting the client during negotiations or negotiating on its behalf with government agencies, UN agencies, non -government organizations and companies
    • Assisting clients in carrying out strategic reviews
    • Structuring the transaction/ Transactional Advisory Services

6. Logistics

Our logistic service includes Inland transport, distribution and packaging

  • Inland Transport
    • From Port of Djibouti to Ethiopia and from Ethiopia to Port of Djibouti or to different part of the country
  • Distribution
    • We will be handling distributing of your products in different part of the country
  • Customs clearance
    • We provide custom clearance at different custom point with the assistance of our partner company

7. Product Sourcing

  • We source agriculture output and manufacturing raw materials to destination of your choice
  • Product quality is our priority and it is shared by our partners who are the direct exporters

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