CES General Trading PLC

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Sub City Kirkos
Kebele 02
House Number 542117, Tegene Building
Business Type Private
LocationSub City: Kirkos Kebele: 02 House No.542117, Tegene Building, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryConstruction and Engineering
CES General Trading PLC

CES (Construction & Engineering Solutions) General Trading PLC is the leading construction chemicals supplier in Ethiopia. The company engaged and successfully completed various industrial flooring projects, different building floorings for commercial and public uses, also undertaking water proofing works and other civil infrastructure projects in Ethiopia.

CES was founded in the year 1995 hopping to fill the gap between the supplies of construction materials and booming market for infrastructure construction nationwide. The inspiring and dedicated effort of the founder coupled with the given favorable conditions from government, has resulted in the rapid growth of the company to become one of the leading construction chemicals supplier and applicator.

The development of CES (Construction & Engineering Solutions) General Trading business activity is based on a well defined corporate culture highlighted by the following values:

  • More than 10 years of experience in the Supply and application of Construction chemicals
  • A firm commitment to profitability with the aim of ensuring the company’s future
  • The confidence of its customers won as a result of the company’s commitment to guaranteeing their satisfaction with the quality acquired
  • The conviction that all its activities must be based on the respect for the environment and the sustainable development of society
  • The commitment to fill the gap between the supplies of construction chemicals/materials and booming market for infrastructure construction all over the country with active participation of team of dedicated skilled professionals.

The Company is inspired by the vision and value set forth by its aim which forms the foundation of its business fabric. It is guided by the principle to uphold the highest degree of integrity and be keen to provide it clients with the best possible service.

Business Values 


Meet the challenge in providing fully end-to-end solutions, and deliver value-added services to clients. "To establish ourselves as a world class Outsourced Interaction Center through customer delight, employee involvement, technological excellence and market leadership in our chosen area of business operations."


Is to provide our Customers' with service, offerings built on solid management principles, service initiatives and solutions faster and better than our competitors through a superior understanding of our Customers' needs and business objectives.


  • Banica Roof Tiles


BANICA roof tile is "Roman" type Resin-bonded roof tile which is long lasting and the roofing material of

years waranty

the XXI century.

Basic distingushing features and advantages:

  • Light weight
  • Long life
  • Easy to fit
  • Resistance to aggressive environment
  • Resistance to UV (ultra violet) rays
  • High frost resistance
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Excellent noice insulation
  • High water resistance
  • Fungus and Mildew resistance
  • Low heat/thermal conductivity
  • Variations in design and wide color spectrum
  • Excellent design
  • A precision product
  • A minimum of maintainance and repair
  • Attractive appearance
  • An ecollogically sound product

Legal Status

C.E.S (Construction & Engineering Solutions) General Trading P.L.C is private business company engaged in the Manufacturing, Importation and distribution of goods which are required for the different sector of the economy. It is renowned for its efficient performance in the supply and application of construction chemicals/materials on different Industrial Floorings, Commercial buildings, Hospitals and other civil works. Major information about its legal status is outlined as follows.

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