Kalmeks Engineering Manufacturing Workshop

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Business Type Private
LocationGotera 300mt in front of Pepsi factory near grace school, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryManufacturing Machineries
Kalmeks Engineering Manufacturing Workshop

Kalmeks Engineering Manufacturing Workshop is an Ethiopian engineering company engaged in the design and fabrication of different types of machines, including coffee machinery and water pump coupling.

Established in 2006, Kalmeks Engineering Manufacturing Workshop has developed unique skill which are manifested in design and manufacture of pumps especially engineering to suit all condition in every aspect of our business. We have excellent after sales services including maintenance, repairs and spare part supply.

Products and Services

  1. Coupling of different pump from 2” up to 16”
  2. Pump accessory
    • 16” water pump6202
    • Impeller
    • Automatic star delta starter -making different size of flange
    • Phase control board
    • Pump mechanical seal conversion -foot valve 8”-16”
    • pump installation
    • pump shaft manufacturing
    • mechanical coupling
    • making different size of flange
    • water pipe & long curve elbow
    • foot valve 8”-16”

3. Hammer Mill Machine

Hammer mill machine is used for grinding maize, wheat, shero, beso, rice etc. This machine is especially designed for small 6205& medium commercial purposes. An innovative and versatiel grinder that gives high output & its cool product will be on the cyclone out late.

  • Advantages of the machine
    • Low power consumption
    • High power output
    • It grinds anything in the house, or in the laboratory, farm
    • It can be operated by electric or diesel
  • Technical specification
    • Model-KEHS
    • Output-3000kg/hr
    • Power-4Kw
    • Voltage-380/220v
    • Dimension-60cmLX40cmWX90cmH
    • Weight-110 Kg

4.Wood Cutter and Logger (Splitter) 

  • Power -5kw6207
  • Capacity- 2tone/hr



5. Wood Chipper Machine 

This machine is designed to crash waste green wood materials to reduce the size to handle in small place for animal feeding process, for biomass industry, for sugar factory, farm etc. 

  • Features of the machine
    • It has chopping blade
    • It has blower blade on one shaft
    • Feeder motor with feeder teeth
    • It has hopper and outlet duct
    • The machine can operate by electric or diesel motor
  • Specification of the machine
    • Model-KESC
    • Brand name- Kalmeks Engineering
    • Power- 7.5Kw
    • Capacity-2 ton/hr
    • Voltage-380
    • Feeder motor 1Kw
    • Dimension- 1.5mLX.7mWX1.9mH
    • Weight- 220Kg

6. Coffee Machinery

Wet coffee pulper machine with complete unit            IMG 0445

 5 disc pulper

  • Capacity -4000kg/hr
  • Power - 7.5kw        

Min pulper

    • Capacity -700kg/hr
    • Power -2.2kw

7. Coffee Huller Machine

This machine is designed to hull parchment coffee or dried cherry coffee to sample beans for small scale coffee processors industry, roasters, and for coffee laboratories as well. Machine is simple, handy and also very efficient.

  • Main features of the machine
    • Huller with electric motor
    • Air blower with dust collector & cyclone
    • Hopper and bean trey
  • Specification
    • Capacity-2kg/min
    • Power-2.5 Kw
    • Voltage -220v
    • Current -14
    • Weight- 180kg
    • Volume -80cmx80cmx90cm

7. Mini laboratory coffee huller

    • Capacity -2kg/min
    • Power -2.5kw

8. Coffee roasting machine

Our approach in designing takes into account shop roasters & end users, as well as the unique need of small business owners which rely on our roasters in developing their business. 

  • Technical specifications 
    • Product name-commercial coffee roaster
    • Model-RER8
    • Brand name -Kalmeks engineering
    • Power - 4kw
    • Voltage -220v
    • Dimensions -1.6mLx.6mWx 1.7mH
    • Place of origin- Ethiopia
    • Beach capacity- 5-8kg of green coffee
    • Roasting cycle- 12-15 min for full batch/heat
    • Roasting output-30kg-40kg/hr
    • Heating- gas Lpg cylinder
    • Cooling- using blower and mixer
    • Weight- 300kg

9. Roasted Coffee Grinder Machine

This machine especially designed for hotels, roasters, cafe, and coffee laboratories which use a lot of roasted beans. The machine has heavy duty electric motor, & the grinding disc on the machine is tampered with ferrous metal. 

  • Advantage of the machine
    • Low power consumption
    • Low noise
    • All material is manufactured in our workshop
  • Specification
    • Model kercg 220
    • Output- 8-10 kg/hr
    • Power-2.2kw
    • Voltage-220v
    • Dimension-60cmx25cmx70cm
    • Weight-35kg

10. Sugarcane Crusher

Sugar cane crusher is a simple machine which can crash the cane between two roller shafts to extract sugar cane juice.

  • Features of the machine
    • Easy operation
    • High output
    • Low power consumption
    • Low noise
    • Compact structure
  • Specification
    • Model-kescc220
    • Brand -Kalmeks Engineering
    • Power- 3KW

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