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Locationisiting Address: Bole Subcity, Gollagul Tower, Room #1101 Area: 22 Mazoria Registration Address: Arada Subcity, Woreda 2, Kebele 11, House number 785/21, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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About           is catered towards leading guests to what they want quickly. It provides one click menu, accommodation listing section and a search box. There are also useful information such as traveler info, glimpse of Addis.

The listing section gives chance for any accommodation to be listed in the home page of the website randomly. The most important part of the website is the search box that provides option for the guest to search accommodations, by type, location, rate, and name.

Once the guest finds accommodation that satisfies his/her basic requirements, he/she can click and open the accommodation provider’s webpage. Every accommodation page provides information such as description, room details, amenities, photos, location, and reservation. The reservation tab is where the guest can reserve a room type the guest has chosen, the duration of stay, arrival time, etc. A filled reservation form by a guest willing to stay in a certain accommodation will be directly sent to Ethiostay Reservations.

Strength of Ethiostay                              

Ethiostay has the following strengths. 

  • Gives greater online access to accommodations in Ethiopia.
  • Simplistic modern website design that is enables guests to access important areas with ease.
  • Providing a comprehensive and correct information to guests that paves the way for larger number of returning guests.
  • Aggressive and targeted online advertisement that promotes accommodations all over the world.
  • Connects guests in Ethiopia and the rest of the World with accommodation hustle free.


Ethiostay aspires to improve the quality of services provided by member accommodation providers. Thus, Ethiostay staff supports the accommodation in improving its customer services. In case problems and misunderstandings arise, guests can contact Ethiostay and report any problem they have faced and Ethiostay will do its best to solve problems and misunderstandings with the accommodation provider. Guests can also post ratings and comments on the accommodation they used on Ethiostay website.

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