Universal Printing Press

Phone +251 11 1575325
Phone 2 +251 11 1551253
Phone 3 +251 11 1551491
Mobile +251 91 1204412
Sub City Kirkos
Business Type Private
LocationWello Sefer, infront of Nib Bank, Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPrinting
Universal Printing Press

Universal Printing Press is a company providing different printing services, such as designing and printing books, flyers, magazines, posters, vouchers, labels, postcards, stamps, letterheads, calendars, brochures and much more.

The employees of the company have been working efficiently for the success of the organization by updating their technical and administrative knowledge which greatly contributed to our customer's satisfaction and thus in turn has captured big number of customers.

In response to current increasing demand for printing papers, paper products and with the new favorable investment policy in the country, Universal Printing Press has imported latest printing machinery as part of capacity building and to offer quality and efficient service to the customers.

The machineries are installed at Wollo Sefer, where our main branch is located, are fully operational since 2004 and increased the industry's output and provided additional employment opportunities. Furthermore, you are cordially invited to make a visit to our printing press at Wollo Sefer main branch. 

The management of Universal Printing Press would like to take this opportunity to announce to our esteemed customers and also for those who wish to get rid of their printing problems that, Universal Printing Press has opened a branch in Wollo Sefer which is equipped with latest printing machines in addition to the one located near lion pharmacy.

The staff of Universal Printing Press ardently believes that the customers are the most important ingredient for our business success and we will try everything possible to make you happy and comfortable with our service.

Mak Internationla PLC is a company mainly engaged in importing and distribution of all types of printing papers, printing machineries, Trodat self inking rubber stamp from Austria and other printing related materials in Ethiopia. Mak International PLC is highly committed to develop the importing and distribution business in Ethiopia. Hence, In view of the above activity, Mak International PLC strongly believes that your company would consider us your agent to distribute your product to all over Ethiopia. 


Since we have professional production team, our printing efficiency is a high quality, which would immensely satisfy your printing needs. Hence, please come and visit us or give us a call if you need quality printing services. You will surely be satisfied.


Our creative design studio which is located at Wollo Sefer junction, on the way to Dandii Boru School would provide you remarkable Graphic and Layout Design. The Printing Machines that we have recently installed at Wollo Sefer Branch are latest and fast which would enable us to manage our appointment time efficiently.


Apparently, since our staff are highly experienced and trained in the printing profession, the delivery of the printing orders would be at your doorsteps punctually beyond your expectations. Therefore, in the event you have a printing work which is urgent the solution would be to pop in and visit our office or call us we will be very happy to serve you.


Design and print
• Books
• Flyers
• Magazines
• Posters
• Vouchers
• Labels
• Postcards
• Stamps
• Letterheads
• Calendars
• Brochures
• and much more


  1. Ethiopian Airlines
  2. UNFPA
  4. IPAS Ethiopia
  5. Inter Africa Group
  6. National Bank of Ethiopia
  7. Awash International Bank S.C
  8. United Bank S.C.
  9. Abyssinia Bank S.C.
  10. Wegagen Bank S.C.
  11. NIB International Bank S.C.
  12. Dashen Bank S. C.
  13. Lion International Bank S C
  14. Bunna Bank S.C.
  15. Oromia International Bank S.c
  16. ASMI Industry PLC
  17. St. Gabriel Hospital PLC
  18. Brook Medical Services PLC
  19. Drug Administration & Control Authority
  20. Ministry of Agriculture
  21. AIDS Resource Center
  22. HIV/AIDS Secretariat
  23. Ras Amba Hotel
  24. Friend Ship Shopping Center
  25. The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia (Cardiac Center - Ethiopia)
  26. Management Science Health (MSH)
  27. Center for International Programs Inc. and more

We sincerely hope that your company would consider Universal Printing Press to participate in future printing works and we also greatly appreciate if you kindly join the above few mentioned companies for our cost effective, efficient and quality printing services.

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